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  1. CTSunsetter

    Late Start

    Back in the water for the 4th season with our 330 Sig. What a crappy spring we've had! She is listed with a broker but we'll keep enjoying her until she finds a new home. Great cruise down the Connecticut River back to homeport from winter storage.
  2. CTSunsetter

    Dash lights flicker while driving at night

    Update on old post... Well, I've figured out why the dimmer knob doesn't do anything (the green wires from that circular thing go the pot) - that blue wire is just hanging out (to short somewhere). This is going to take some work to sort out for sure...
  3. CTSunsetter

    Audio Zone Control - Fusion vs WetSounds WS-420BT

    As mentioned earlier in this post, I’m eating my words! I’ve installed a Fusion head unit (HU) and (one) remote! Backstory: the Clarion remote at the helm went bad on our boat. If the research I did is correct, replacement remotes do not work with the older Clarion units (like ours) so I would have had to replace the Clarion HU. I’ve got to believe it’s no coincidence that a Fusion remote fits neatly into a former Clarion remote location when Fusion sells a “Clarion Adapter Plate” that covers the mounting holes for the old HUs! As you can see from the picture below, I’ve got a little more work to do to make the Fusion HU plate and DVD plate line up. For now, over is working just fine! I love everything about the Fusion 750 except it’s Bluetooth coverage. I had previously installed a JL Bluetooth adapter and my Bluetooth coverage was all over the boat and beyond. However, now I can’t take my device any further from the helm and stay connected via Bluetooth. I might reinstall the JL adapter and lose the 3.5 connector but then I lose HU remote control of my Bluetooth device (which is an iPhone and I'm usually playing Pandora). Loss of Bluetooth also means loss of HU control from iPhone app (I’ve got to say it’s pretty cool that I can control any function of the HU from my iPhone). That can be fixed when I jig up wifi... For those who know, the TV in the Signatures are tied into the stereo (hence the TV/MP3 switch). The 750 has two inputs, so now I have the source switching on the HU. I’ve ordered a USB charging outlet that will fit in the space of that rocker. I’ll then convert the USB charger I installed prior as an external USB connector for the 750. I can’t decide if I will or won’t install a Fusion transom remote to replace the now useless Clarion remote. I’ve never used the Clarion transom remote so it just doesn’t seem to be a good place to put money right now. Maybe if I can pickup a remote cheaply down the road.... For now I’ve kept the Fusion NMEA2000 network separate from the Garmin network. I don’t need to control the 750 from my chartplotter because I have a remote right on the dash and I don’t have a need to display Garmin data on the Fusion remotes. I might give it a try later this season, after we spend two week’s vacation traveling on the boat. Not that I think there would be a problem, but I need the Garmin gear always working! I'm a firm believer in K.I.S.S. It wasn’t too bad running a NEMA cable from the dash to the HU. But, pay close attention to the male and female ends of a NEMA2000 cable, else you will be running the cable twice like I did! ;-) There is just something about having a real volume knob!
  4. I'm eating my own words... I just ordered a Fusion UD750. The Clarion remote at the helm died (ironically the one in the elements, the stern, still works fine). I went with Fusion 750 for a few reasons: two aux inputs, smartphone head unit control via BT or WiFi and NMEA2000 network. I'm going to get HU control via my Garmin and dump the MP3/TV rocker with the two inputs.
  5. I need the crews help identifying this connector type (see below). Our bow thruster is an after market install, wasn't given it's own AC charger and was just tied in to one of the engine alternators for charging. That worked fine, until this past weekend when the battery flat out died and stopped the thruster inconveniently while docking in some serious wind. I pulled the battery and it wouldn't take a charge at home. Fresh new battery installed with it's own NOCO Genius single bank charger. Now I would like to tie the NOCO into the AC panel, but I can't confirm the AMP part number I have is this connector. Thanks in advance for help.
  6. CTSunsetter

    The 2016 Season Is Underway

    Thank you. Pure luck we ended up with this one. It wasn't my favorite color until I saw it in person. Pictures don't do it justice!! I also like how it changes to gray in different light.
  7. CTSunsetter

    The 2016 Season Is Underway

    Launched on Thursday, got to take her out for the shakedown run today.
  8. CTSunsetter

    Got my Box Anchor today!!

    I've had one in the Malibu for 10 years now and it was the best investment ever. I bought it right after the last failure with a standard anchor where I had to go chasing the boat during a lightning storm when we were camping out. Man, did that suck! I also have one for the Chappy that I use for a stern anchor. While they get long when you fold them, I still find it's easier to find a place to sore it than a standard anchor.
  9. CTSunsetter

    Audio Zone Control - Fusion vs WetSounds WS-420BT

    I went with the JL Bluetooth MBT-RX. I’ve got one in the Malibu connected up to the WS420 and one in the Chappy. They work great and I think I got two for the price of one WS BT adapter.
  10. CTSunsetter

    Two Boats?

    We have two for very different uses. Love to ski. Love to explore. We are more likely to always have a ski boat, the cruiser will be the first to go. I also have a Sea-Doo for when the Ms. is traveling on biz. Plenty say we're crazy but no kids... Only you can truly answer this one for your situation!!
  11. CTSunsetter

    Northeast Rendezvous?

    No, no, you got it right to watch the show at Quonset!! Don't think the fly near block much.... Grill setup works great. It's one of those fish tables mount atop of the stock grill setup. We prefer the Weber for cooking over the stainless steel boat grills and they are a fraction of the cost. Our boat came with the SS grill and it's never been used!
  12. CTSunsetter

    Northeast Rendezvous?

    Hey T- We're on the CT river and head to Block a few times a year. Usually mid week and stay on the hook by dinghy beach. Have you thought about catching the National Guard air show by water? Last year the Blue Angels were there, this year the Thunderbirds will be there. It's June 11 and 12. We're planning on going this year. Terry
  13. CTSunsetter

    Audio Zone Control - Fusion vs WetSounds WS-420BT

    Exactly. ...feels like I'm on TMC and WW right now. Anyways, I just wanted to offer up an alternative.
  14. CTSunsetter

    Audio Zone Control - Fusion vs WetSounds WS-420BT

    I've had a WS 420 in my Malibu since '09. I upgraded to the WS 420 SQ three years ago for the ability to run the sub with just the tower speakers. It figures a few months later they came out with BT built in... Anyhow, I added a Bluetooth adapter connected to the AUX on the 420. My Malibu came with the (rubbish) JBL head unit and three remotes. I haven't used the JBL HU since I installed the WS and I don't miss the HU or the remotes one bit. The mic works so/so. It's hard to use it without getting it loud enough without feedback. The WS added a slight hisssss to my tower speakers (only) which is allegedly common. In general, the EQ is set and forget but once in a while I'll tweek it for a song or an artist. The knobs that get the most use are the main, boat/tower and sub. I'm very happy with the 420 and give it two thumbs up. Exile also makes an EQ with the same features, minus the mic.
  15. CTSunsetter

    New York boat show Jan 2016

    We usually go mid week but due to the lack of winter here in New England, we dropped in yesterday and it was packed. I can't believe the Cobalt 40 Coupe is more expensive than the Azimut Atlantis 43. Never got close to the Sea Rays as that line was the longest when there were no lines to other booths. I'm a Formula fan but their hardtops look after thought to me and fairly ugly (except their 40 coupe which is an amazing boat). A little disappointed there was just two of the larger Chapps there, but still love the boats. The Azimut 43 Atlantis was my favorite of the show. It has an amazing layout. I'll never be able to afford one though.