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  1. There sure was (some Shepherd in there)!! Shepherd gave me the part numbers to use for the starter and ESPECIALLY the bolts. He saved me a lot of grief and aggravatation because I would have never thought the bolts might be different with the new starter. Good luck!!
  2. Check PM's, pull starboard exhaust manifold, and you'll have all the room you need......Just did this myself... Edit: haha, saw you PM'd me already....check for my answer, gave you all the info. Rich
  3. Wonder how much to do this conversion...... I'll never look at my engine the same again......sniff sniff http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1974149793883446677&q=boat+racing#
  4. Same here, I use to fly, but it just got too expensive to own and operate an aircraft, then I moved to renting, and it still was too expensive. Thank you lawyers.... Same with healthcare, 3 doctors in my family make less and less every year due to malpractice premiums... Thank you lawyers I dont' know who's worse, the lawyer, or the jury, how can anyone on a jury, let alone a bunch of them in the same jury, blame the boat/engine manufacturer? Of course, I am not lumpin all lawyers in this, just the idiots who bring this kind of stuff on.... This country needs Tort Reform more than anything else. Take the idiot lawyers/plantiffs out of the equation, and everything else settles down to commonsense.....
  5. OMG that was funny....I had my wife read it just so she knows she's not alone, and that there are others like me...
  6. Yeah, if I had her, I'd do whatever it took to fix it. That is one classy ride...
  7. Great job there CPM_Seattle...looks fantastic....mine came out nice, but not as shiny as yours. I think I have to do a full three part polish next time, I tried using Meguiars 1-step process to cheat a little. How do all you 2350/2550/2750 people anchor? It's such a pain not having a bow storage box or windlass, that I stern anchor all the time now. I know it's not safe in open water, but here on the lakes, where we anchor in coves, it's not that big a deal.
  8. Just wanted to say Thanks to Shepherd, your part numbers worked great (I would have never thought of different bolts) that would have really pissed me off to find the old ones wouldn't work). Just removed the starboard exhaust manifold, and there was plenty of room. Finally got around to doing it this weekend since it's warming up nicely here in GA. Even polished/waxed the hull today since I was so motivated...
  9. Oh I agree..... My point is, is that the states (or any govt) do not force you to buy the car. That choice is made by us, that if we buy a car, then we know, that by excersising that right and privelage, then I do so knowing I need to aquire and keep insurance on that car. However, the current health care bill, forces everyone to have insurance (Which again, I believe everyone should have) however, I am against, the govt forcing that behavior (having to have to have insurance) on the populace. So a law requiring auto insurance on a car you may or may not buy is different then having to have it regardless if you want the car. And you are correct, if a state wants to do it, at least I would maintain the right to move out but stilll live in this country.
  10. To answer the OP's question, I am against health care reform as it's currently packaged for the following reasons: 1. At no time, should our govt be allowed to introduce legislation that forces an behavior on the populace. People say "well, what about car insurance?" And I say, yes, that is true, but no one is forcing me to buy a car. This bill will force people to buy insurance (Which I believe everyone should have, but like I said, the gov't should not force us into a behavior) However, if I do choose to purchase a car, then that applies and I understand that. Here, the govt wants to levee penalties on someone that does not have insurance. You let them get away with that, and it's the end of democracy as we know it. Maybe not right now, but in the future once they realize they can do it. 2. I do not think that the same govt that runs Social security, Fema, military procurement, Medicare, energy policy, etc…. has the intelligence to run national health care 3. I do not believe that you can reform health care without Tort reform (for those that do not know, Tort Reform is to prevent people from suing over everything possible thing for 100's of millions of dollars in damages) 4. I am currently a member of a govt run healthcare plan, it's called the VA. I had a terrible accident while in the Navy, that left me with serious leg/knee issues. I literally feel pain with every step I take. I have had 12 surgeries on each leg. After a few years with the VA (as the Navy pays all my medical expenses due to me being a disabled veteran) I decided to get the best care, I would pay out of my own pocket and use private doctors. Since I made that choice, I am now able to play with my children. The VA system is HORRIBLE just ask any veteran. 5. I believe that rich people/small business owners provide more jobs to our populace than the Fortune 500. 6. I believe that you are what you make yourself to be. I do not believe that people who are successful in life, should become the "evil rich" person and have to finance health care reform. The only thing that will accomplish is the small business owners not being able to hire someone, or keep someone, or plan that infrastructure upgrade that will provide work for another business, or anything else. Sooner or later, the money will come from the middle class. 7. I know if I lost my job today, I may be shoveling crap on a farm for pennies a day, but I would be doing SOMETHING. If I do go on Welfare, I would work my butt off every day to get off of it. I do not believe that most people on welfare today feel the same way and have the same motivations as I do. 8. I am not able to see one program, one, that the govt runs that shows a profit, or is financed the way they originally said it would be. 9. I believe that govt is the PROBLEM not the SOLUTION I do not know one liberal, Pelosi, Reid, Gore, Michael Moore, that live the way they want everyone else to live. If you feel that society has an obligation to the "less fortunate" among us, then sell your mansions, give up your private planes, give up your millions, and give away your assets to families in your area to help them and make a difference in their lives. If you do not do that, you have no right to tell us to do the same by increasing our taxes disproportionally, and calling "the rich" evil. I GUARANTEE YOU that those same people do whatever they can do to get tax deductions to maximize their earnings. Not give away most of their money to finance causes they believe in. They expect US to do that through higher taxes. Or as Obama put it "by spreading the wealth around" For instance, I have a co-worker Paul, who is a diehard liberal. He said in front of everyone at a corp dinner that he thinks when you die, your children should not get any assets. They should automatically go to the spouse (who assuming, was right there to support the other spouse in working hard), and if the spouse is not alive, everything should go to the govt. We debated over that statement for over 30 minutes. I finally boxed him in by saying "Paul do you have a will that provides for your children". Of course he does. I told him he was just another liberal who wants people to "Do as I say, not as I do" that if he really believed what he was saying, he would give his entire estate to the federal govt. So while I know there are people reading this thread that support health care reform as it is currently written, I just hope you make this decision on being informed about the issue and truly believe it will work. Not just because Obama says it's the right thing to do. Anytime you put govt in control of anything means less freedom for the populace. Simple as that. The founding fathers must be turning in their graves looking at what happened to the govt they strove so hard to create.
  11. Even though my beloved Jets are in, I know they won't win since I'm still alive. So I picked the Chargers, whom I believe is the hottest team right now. Hard to believe my Jets have the #1 defense, #1 run offense and they are only 9-7, but I guess rookie quaterback with 20 int's is a big reason for that.....sigh....
  12. wow, thank God no one was hurt and no damage to boot!! Lucky!!
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