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  1. Slowhand

    Cavitation plate

  2. Slowhand

    Opinion on engine replacement

    Your tach should have a rotary switch on the back that changes it from 4 to six and 8 cylinders. With a screwdriver carefully move it around to all three positions several times. Then return it back to original position. This cleans the contacts and may fix your tach problem. Worked for me.
  3. Slowhand

    RPM Gauge

    On back of tach is a rotary switch. That is the selector for the number of cylinders. Make note of present switch position. With a small screwdriver, gently move switch all the way from max position to min position a few time and reset to original position. There is a wiper in there that will crap up over time. Moving it cleans it.
  4. Slowhand

    I'm Outa Here...

  5. Slowhand

    Audio System Problem

    If you disconnected your batteries for the winter you missed a wire when you reconnected them?
  6. Have you ever though of looking at used boats in Canada? The exchange rate is a great deal. I found my boat near Lake Simcoe ! The rate is 25%! 42 large deer in Canada is close to 32 large USA deer! 4 years ago we brought home a 2005 255 ssi 6.2 B3 with 97 hrs. on her for 32 large deer. There is no Canadian tax [NAFTA] NO fee at the border. The 224 with the 5.7 is not under powered!
  7. Slowhand

    Trim tabs for a 256 SSI

    Wingnut what is the size of your trim tabs? Thanks!
  8. Slowhand

    255 SSI

    We Love ours! Great place to take a nap with the Mrs.!
  9. Slowhand

    Correct battery switch position.

  10. Slowhand

    Correct battery switch position.

  11. Slowhand

    Protecting my Gel Coat from Sun Damage & Oxidation

    Go look up how to buff a boat on YouTube.
  12. Slowhand

    Styrofoam as bumper buoy

    You could nail carpet to your dock!
  13. Slowhand


  14. Slowhand

    Which one? 226 SSI vs 243 VRX

    Sorry, I do not like jet drives. The twin drive rotax engines are much louder at the helm than the 5.7. My kids did never hit the outdrive jumping off the back. The drive on 226 Chaparral is almost 2 1/2 feet back of your swim platform edge. As for fuel, the rotax engines Will consume a lot more than the 5.7. Down the road you can add a tower. If you are like most of us, will want a bigger boat in 3 to 5 years. Good Luck
  15. Slowhand

    210SSi oil change and Maintainance

    Sounds like a commercial for Mobil 1 at Walmart! lol That's what I use too.