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  1. Hi All! Went out for a sunset ride last night and all was going ok and all of a sudden all my helm switches went dead. Radio, Nav lights, bildge, etc don't work. I checked the fuses out back by the battery dials as well as under the dash and none stick out as burnt out. Any suggestions on where to look are greatly appreciated? Thanks Again, Big Rich
  2. Thanks All! I will be sure to give it a shot, I looked under the helm and I saw fuses for everything but the navigation lights. I pused the button under the switch and nothing happened. I am going to replace the bulb again and maybe buy a new stern pole light. It may be shot, I've had it for 4 season and the kids have tossed around some. I will be sure to post some pics, love my boat. It only has about 200 hours on it and I clean it every time, keeps up great! Ideally I would like to get my hands on a 256 SSI, love the look of it. Great forum, thanks for the help!
  3. Hi! Can someone please help me find the fuse location for my navigation light switch? Both my stern light and front navigation lights are out, the switch itself lights up? Any help, I'm hitting a blank wall. Boat is 2004 Signature 240. Mercruiser Bravo 3. Thanks Rich
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