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  1. There are a lot of ways to attract new customers. You can try to advertise your business online. To get started, create your own website that will reflect the face of your business. The website should contain information about your products, what kind of business you have and why it was created. It is important that the site itself is convenient and pleasant to use! Once you have a good website, you can start promoting it using Search Engine Optimization. It is important to choose such an SEO service so that the advertising is done efficiently. I can recommend a good service like ubuntu.link,
  2. Well, it all depends on what context you are going to display on your site. The imgur service is best suited for images, and for files, you can probably use google files or MediaFire.
  3. Have you ever thought about how really natural organic soaps, natural shampoos and other natural hygiene products are? Is it possible that the word natural product is just a label that has no meaning, existing solely to lure the buyer? And how in general can an ordinary buyer check the product for quality? Although it is written on many products that they are natural or made of useful substances, most often this is either a lie or partially true. But do not get upset right away, not every site or service is deceived. For example, soap from a similar service to https://mildsoaps.com/hypoallerge
  4. It's been almost three years, but I'm still very interested to know how you were able to solve your problem.I hope you don't mind sharing your little story, because I would love to listen. It would also be very nice to know if such a problem with sewage appears only in a certain type of boats or does such a problem appear in all boats over time? In about 2 months I plan to buy my own boat, but I'm afraid I'll choose a boat with a bad sewer system.Although I am an engineer by profession, for the most part I am a programmer, so I definitely won't be able to cope with sewer drain repair on my own
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