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  1. The word filter is and always will be an ineffective way of stopping spam. It only takes to bot devs 5 minutes to identify what's being filtered and update the scripts, then they are back to spamming. It does nothing but punish players and is an arms race that deca will always lose. The best way to fix this problem in my opinion is a pmod system or something like it. A small group of trusted players (probably less than 10 is all it would take) to hop through the nexus and mute bots as they talk, even if its just a 24 hour mute it would shut them down. From other games like runescape we
  2. But in order to become a good doctor, you need to overcome a number of obstacles, and the very first of them is to enter a medical school, which has always been difficult. Alas, today one has to fight for a place in a medical school, since this profession is very popular. Therefore, without thinking twice, I found the nclex tutor service. So that they help me overcome such obstacles
  3. I just moved into a new home, so I am currently in the process of reconfiguring my cleaning products/tool arsenal. This got me wondering, what do other people consider as a must-have item or what are their favorite tools for the job.
  4. Novice kiteboarders usually ask the same question - how to choose a kite and a kitesurfing board for themselves? The choice is really difficult. But don't be nervous. Better to ask the professionals. They advised me to buy from https://easy-surfshop.com/do/cat/windsurfing-boards/Windsurf-Boards. There are quality boards
  5. Hey ladies and gents, I'm thinking about getting some lash extensions and am wondering if anyone has any experience with them. Why I want them: I am extremely lazy and don't like putting on makeup every day but mascara makes a HUGE difference in my appearance. When I do wear makeup it's typically mascara, tinted face lotion, blush, and brows, unless it's a night out and then I'll do eyeliner and shadow to spice it up. I love the idea of just rolling out of bed and having my lashes good to go. Why I think id be a good candidate: I never touch my eyes. Like, ever. I sleep on my back. I
  6. Hi all! Love this sub, have lurked for a long time and then made an account specifically for skin-related questions. Anyway, I was wondering if you guys also talk about natural makeup brands? Or is it just Skincare? I'm not sure if this is the right sub to post, I like MakeupAddiction but feel a bit intimidated in posting this there since anytime "natural" or "organic" is mentioned it's taken the wrong way... not always, but sometimes. What are your favorite brands, if any? I'd like to make a list of different brands, what they sell, price range, etc. Some that I know of bu
  7. For a translator, especially one that is positioned as a solution for fast translation, speed of work, an uncluttered interface and ease of calling are important. For all three parameters, it seems to me that https://www.translafy.com/en/ is unmatched. For me, a leader. Therefore, I only use it.
  8. I’m seeing more and more people do this recently. I was just at Cub Foods in White Bear and to my surprise a ton of their employees are wearing just a face shield with no mask at all. You don’t have to be a genius to realize those things are made for splatters. They don’t protect from COVID whatsoever. There’s a huge giant gap so of course air is going to excape and travel easily.
  9. Sometimes it is necessary to determine the location by phone online (parental control, tracking of elderly parents, as well as corporate control of field workers). In my case, this is employee tracking using free geolocation apps. I have my own food delivery and I need to control where my employees are. This is for their safety.
  10. First of all... You must have a laptop with one of the cracking softwares ( Tablet/Cellphone/Smartphone cracking softwares ) in it. If u have all this, just open and turn both the laptop and the device you want to hack on and use the laptop. You will then trigger an encounter where you have to choose which app or software u want to open. Choose the cracking software for that specific device you are hacking and, on the following encounter tab, select the device ( which needs to be "on" first ) and press "Ok" to finish the process... That's it... It will allow you to use and access the files ins
  11. As in https://knowledgehub.blog/2021/06/24/44-ideas-wholesale-or-retail-business/ says, the good thing about retail business is that you are able to determine how big your business is to be. Basically, if you are selling products from a company / brand and the item does not seem to be moving as fast as you would like, you can abandon it and choose another. The retail business offers room for flexibility.
  12. Fares

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    I am trying to make it so that when someone says the trigger that it pings the role, yet when I do this the bot doesn't actually ping the role but only does @ RoleName, without actually pinging. I am doing this through autoresponder
  13. Frontend-development is the work on creating the public part of the web-application, with which the user is directly in contact, and the functionality that is usually performed on the client side. That is, the frontend developer works to ensure that each button, icon, text and window on the site not only stand in its place, do not overlap each other and look coherent (this is a web layout), but that they perform their direct purpose - to produce some action (for example, that the "buy" button opens the cart and "play" - starts the playback of a movie or music).The frontend developer needs to c
  14. Among commercial organizations, custom software development has become the latest trend. The reason it calls is because this software is capable of solving the most specific business requests.
  15. The gadget market does not stand still. But there is not always money for new ones.
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