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  1. We put a Venture Lift (made in Florida) in our new boathouse 3 years ago. Made for saltwater applications, but even though we are on a freshwater lake, liked the fully enclosed stainless drive system and rust free components. Not the cheapest for sure, but should out live us!!
  2. Welcome back S&S, awesome new boat you have there. Hope you enjoy the ride of her over your recent wake boats!
  3. Gotcha, sounds like a better all around fit for you. Congrats on the new boat and again, welcome back.
  4. Welcome back!! Curious why you left the Mastercraft/Malibu purpose built boat. I remember your excitement about getting a true watersport boat when you sold your chappy?
  5. Your winch setup looks fine and the slight bounce is not a big deal, likely not getting the bow all the way forward when loading at the ramp. +1 one the boat buckle recommendations all the way around.
  6. Looks identical to my throttle which is a DTS (digital throttle system) setup. No mechanical cables, all electronic controls. I’m sure there are mechanical components in the throttle itself, springs, locks, etc..., but guessing your issue is an electronic trigger/connector of some sort not functioning correctly. Please post the result of your dealers fix in case some of us encounter the same issue some day. Thanks
  7. +1 on all of this. You didn’t say if this was going into private boat house or community dock environment. Depending on which, you will have different options to consider. If you’re building a private boat house, happy to share our building experience on a phone call. If public facility, other on the forum can assist better than I. Things like winter removal due to ice have a significant influence on what you install as well.
  8. Thanks Hatem! She’s 100% factory original Xtreme model, no modification. We built the boathouse in 2017, love having her behind the house instead of in dry stack 20 minutes away.
  9. Actually a good point here. We always board while boat is lifted and occasionally upon return to the boat house, lift with people and ballast. We planned for this and installed a 10k lift, but could easily exceed a 6k lift if not careful / intentional in your actions.
  10. Assume you are asking about spacing between the bunks, not actual width of boards. Best practice is to measure your trailer spreads bow to stern and replicate. If you don’t have a trailer, maybe someone on the site can measure theirs for you.
  11. 7 seasons on our 244 and still content. 350 mag / B3 is a great combo for water sports, never a complaint or concern with power. Our prior Chappy was a 226 SSI, fine boat itself, but like the 244 much better. If your on bigger water, you will greatly benefit from the higher freeboard of the 244. Dead rise a couple degrees better on 226, but trim tab deployment on 244 will narrow the ride delta. Happy to answer any 244 or 226 specific questions you may have. Good luck in your decision!!
  12. +1 UShip.com, only used once for new Seadoo/trailer from Michigan to Georgia. Flawless experience and had plenty of direct phone communication in advance of pickup to ensure clear expectations and planning. I requested his insurance company specifically name and waive me with a hard copy certificate, think it cost me $25 administrative fee. Congrats on the new boat!!
  13. Ditto on that, nice upgrade for us in just keeping her clean and ease of on/off. We don’t trailer, but I can see all the benefits of doing so with this ratchet system vs. straps. The vent system actually sucks the cover down to the boat versus blowing up (like a vacuum instead of a balloon).
  14. +1, they will likely have some approved appraisers that make the process more fluid. Although you have the right to pick your own, don’t let them tell differently!!
  15. I would think yes, but depends on cost and your policy deductible. If repair is only a little above your deductible, may just pony up and avoid the inevitable future premium increase. In your case, I bet the repair will far exceed even a high deductible. Good luck to you.
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