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  1. Wak'in

    Box Anchor

    Designed just for that, it will flip over and provide same exact hold in 180 degree wind change. Watch their videos, it’s called the Slide Box Anchor to determine if right for your circumstances. As with anything, it doesn’t work in every situation, but very nice and convenient where it does. The 2:1 rode to depth and no anchor chain is just the start.
  2. Wak'in

    Box Anchor

    I don’t break it down and put in the bag, it goes in/out opened up. No issue at all with damaging the locker walls and it sits on 100’ of 1/2” anchor line. The locker doesn’t have a finished gel coat like the exterior Hull, smooth, but not shiny. That said, I’m on an inland lake and don’t deal with 4-6’ waves. The baby box weighs 13lbs, not 8 (You must have looked at on Amazon, it’s a typo).
  3. Wak'in

    Box Anchor

    If needed, you can take up slack then tie off and power (idle) over it, it will flip over and come right up. No need to fight with it if stuck. I use the Baby size and it’s never drug or slipped on our 24’4”. Fits perfectly in the anchor locker. Specs say I should use the Small size, it wouldn’t fit in the anchor locker. You’re 2’ feet longer, but guessing the Baby would work just fine for you too. May be worth a try, could always use as a rear anchor.
  4. Wak'in

    What is the best boat lift on the market today?

    After researching lift options for our new boat house, we went with a Venture lift. Hydro Hoist is very good as well, but the solid stainless steel drive system, aluminum beams and completely sealed motor pushed us to Venture. They are designed for tough saltwater environments and made in Florida. We are freshwater boaters. Make sure to get a remote control (looks just like a car remote), makes dropping and picking up quite easy/convenient. Worth a look!
  5. Wak'in

    Anchor locker chain/rode question

    I believe we have a similar setup and I use the ladder rail openings to lay the rode so I can close the lid fully. If people are coming aboard from the front, you’ll need this fully closed and seated. Second, I do have an eye to tie off to in the locker, believe it attached to the backside of the bow lifting eye. I also converted to a box anchor (love it, holds like a spike, but comes up easy, 2:1 rode ratio to depth) as the factory anchor wouldn’t hold in the slightest puff of wind. Hope you are enjoying the new boat!!
  6. Wak'in

    Bellows - off brand

    +1, if it can sink me, it’s OEM all the way (peace of mind cost premium)
  7. Wak'in

    Determining Trailer Tongue Weight

    I purchased a “Weight Safe” drop hitch several years ago that has a built in scale gauge. A little expensive, but I tow several different trailers that require different heights and this makes life easy. Comes in 4-6-8” drops design, all billet aluminum and stainless steer with interchangeable ball sizes, sweet unit if you tow a fair amount or various trailers.
  8. Wak'in

    Drowning does not look like Drowning

    Awesome information/education, thank you!!
  9. Wak'in

    Boat ratchet straps to attach to trailer

    Boat Buckle is the primary brand and they make both transom and bow models. They are a wonder addition for anyone that trailers regularly. We don’t trailer the Chappy, but I installed their model BB2 on my 18’ Excel transom and bow, rated for 2500lbs each and have a 48” strap, very substantial design. Single or you can double bolt a 5/8” forged bolt to trailer, only a single comes in package. They make an adapter bracket if you need to adjust the angle of the buckle to meet your application.
  10. Wak'in

    2018 267SSX

    You will LOVE IT!! I’ve commented numerous times on this option and won’t own a boat without it going forward. So smooth, so reliable, so nice when docking, so.... the list goes on and on. 5 years with ours without a hiccup. Integrated with our Merc Smart Tow wake system and it’s a gem, holds mph (speed) within 0.1-2mph in most conditions (wind, boarder pull, etc.). This is true across the full range of tow sports (22mph boarding to 10mph surfing). Don’t use it, but hear good things about “eco mode” optimization at cruising speeds.
  11. Wak'in

    Something new

    Congrats brick, a new chapter deserves a new adventure. We are now empty nesters too and have a 32’ TT that I’ve hauled one time to a our hunt camp in MS. Have no plans of ever moving it again!! Hope you get good use and create great memories!!
  12. Wak'in

    2017 337 SSX

    Thanks for the update and glad it’s worked out to your satisfaction. Also glad you practiced a key rule of boating as mentioned by many folks on here; and that is, never approach any object (dock, shore, another boat, etc.) faster than you are willing to hit it!! As with any mechanical device (like a safety on a gun), it can fail so handle it appropriately. Looking forward to Spring!!
  13. Wak'in

    Trailer winch

    SO glad I don’t have to deal with a public ramp except when dropping the sea doos in April and picking them up in November. Not a high volume of pleasure boaters those times of year and the ramp is only 0.6 miles from my driveway. I do agree with the entertainment value!!
  14. Wak'in

    Trailer winch

    Interesting rule and news to me. wondering if it’s a region of the country thing. Any idea who or how it’s enforced (formal tickets or more self policing)? To your erosion point, that makes perfect sense and sound basis for rule. As to the danger, one of two things come to mind; 1) revocation of watercraft operating rights or 2) natural selection gene purge. Only exception would be risk of uncontrollable mechanical malfunction. Not trying to be argumentative at all, just an interesting learning on my part. Sorry to have hijacked the winch thread!!
  15. Wak'in

    Trailer winch

    I have always power loaded to the stop, unless on the rare occasion picking up at a shallow incline ramp. My rule of thumb was to stop the vehicle at the point my tail pipe got close to the waterline. I’ve never heard of a ramp that had a policy of no power loading. Bet the bass fisherman love that, those 2 man teams are by far the most efficient load/unload folks (like 30 seconds each way). In fact, most I see don’t even secure the tie down before pulling up the ramp (crazy risk in my PoV).