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  1. 7 seasons on our 244 and still content. 350 mag / B3 is a great combo for water sports, never a complaint or concern with power. Our prior Chappy was a 226 SSI, fine boat itself, but like the 244 much better. If your on bigger water, you will greatly benefit from the higher freeboard of the 244. Dead rise a couple degrees better on 226, but trim tab deployment on 244 will narrow the ride delta. Happy to answer any 244 or 226 specific questions you may have. Good luck in your decision!!
  2. Wak'in

    Boat Shipping Recommendation?

    +1 UShip.com, only used once for new Seadoo/trailer from Michigan to Georgia. Flawless experience and had plenty of direct phone communication in advance of pickup to ensure clear expectations and planning. I requested his insurance company specifically name and waive me with a hard copy certificate, think it cost me $25 administrative fee. Congrats on the new boat!!
  3. Wak'in

    New custom cover!

    Ditto on that, nice upgrade for us in just keeping her clean and ease of on/off. We don’t trailer, but I can see all the benefits of doing so with this ratchet system vs. straps. The vent system actually sucks the cover down to the boat versus blowing up (like a vacuum instead of a balloon).
  4. +1, they will likely have some approved appraisers that make the process more fluid. Although you have the right to pick your own, don’t let them tell differently!!
  5. I would think yes, but depends on cost and your policy deductible. If repair is only a little above your deductible, may just pony up and avoid the inevitable future premium increase. In your case, I bet the repair will far exceed even a high deductible. Good luck to you.
  6. Wak'in

    Mooring cover

    Just looked up their website as I remembered others using the OA logo name. Www.commercialsewing.com
  7. Wak'in

    Brand new Suncoast leaking

    Glad your issue got fixed, normally something easily identifiable and in your case, simple solution. Don't understand how this problem/easy fix could take all the fun of boating away for you and drive you to sell it. Hopefully you were just being sarcastic, if not, boating may not be your thing!
  8. Wak'in

    Mooring cover

    +1 on OEM cover, normally available for 5 years from production year. Alternatively, Outer Armor makes OEM covers for several manufacturers (Nautique, Malibu, Supra) Chap is one of them so check your specific boat model. I ordered one earlier this year and virtually identical to factory cover, awesome cover. Ratchet type, snug fit, vacuum system for trailering, no straps. Not cheap (1100 deer), but head and shoulders above all others I researched.
  9. Wak'in

    210 SS Capacity??

    +1 on that point, 14 on my boat is too many if all adult size. Headcount to max weight = 150lbs each. I would however make an exception if me + 13 <150lbs ladies. No Billy size riders allowed (only the long timers will understand this reference!!). Disclaimer: This is just a joke, not meant to offend anyone.
  10. Wak'in

    210 SS Capacity??

    Another comparative; there are 21’ wake boats (Nautique, Malibu, Supra) that carry 12 people, fuel plus 2,850lbs of ballast, all in a boat your size. I understand they are purpose designed/built to do this, but exact same LOA, beam and freeboard.
  11. Wak'in

    210 SS Capacity??

    I think about it this way, boat is rated for 14 people or 2100lbs. The boat will hold 58 gal of fuel, 400lbs of factory ballast and 10-15 gal of fresh water. When we run additional ballast bags of up to 950lbs, I deduct this value from the 2100lbs, but otherwise believe 2100lbs plus all fluids weight is the design max. Granted a huge variable here is the conditions and environment you are boating in; waves, wind and traffic should all be considered when evaluating safe operations. Design max is under perfect circumstances I would guess, no different than a truck towing scenario where mountainous terrain vs flat highway is being compared.
  12. Wak'in

    210 SS Capacity??

    +1 dealers answer
  13. Wak'in

    Shaping a surf wave

    In some states you are required to have 1) an observer or 2) a rear view mirror with minimum size dimensions.
  14. Wak'in

    Here we go again! Boat off trailer!

    I’ve seen a few front winch straps routed “over” the roller with folks traveling down the highway. This obviously serves of little value when hard stop is involved. Once the momentum gets moving forward, difficult to slow it down. Can’t imagine what it would be like to experience this event in the cab of that truck. Horrific no doubt. Glad no one seemingly was hurt.
  15. Wak'in

    Rearview mirror