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  1. Thanks Mike. I'll take a look at that. Please do let me know what you think.
  2. If so. Tell me about it. Where did you get it? The admirial is interested and I don't know much about them. I have looked at Overton's, Bass Pro etc.looking for real life experience. Thanks. Brian
  3. prd2hnt

    Wake boards...

    We have one board that our 24 year-old son uses and our friend's 15 and 16 year-old girls use as well. They just tighen the bindings up and go for it. I see that, like me, you don't have a tower. While our boats (I have a '03 183) aren't wakeboard boats, getting some height to the rope helps. I picked up an Insanity pylon. We have been very happy with it. Check it out. (I don't work for them, no assocation) http://www.insanityp...products00.html Brian
  4. We got the 183 2 years ago. We had a pontoon we put on craig's list. We were looking for a small bowrider and ended up with a trade and cash deal from the previous owner who had the 183 on C'list as well. Original post Brian
  5. We own the boat Shep posted the link to. We love it. It works great for us. We have the 4.3l, carbed motor. Pulls skiers, boarders, tubes with ease. Fair amount of storage for a boat this size. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. We gave 13.5 "deer" for ours. Brian
  6. Feet anyway Getting these made before our week at the lake. It'll be interesting to see the "viewed" count on this topic... Brian
  7. For what it's worth, we looked at towers and decided to go the pylon route. I didn't want to deal with a tower, especially when the kids stop boarding. We went the Insanity route. Appropriate according to many. Insanity We love it. My 23 year old son boards behind our 183 with it. No problems. Brian
  8. I am waiting for a pad for my 183 SS. I had been told it used the same one as the 210. I called Seadek and asked them to send me the template for the 210. It fit perfectly. They also sent color samples. Only charged shipping. Unfortunately my pad won't arrive before our trip next week. Darn procrastinators (me...) Brian
  9. prd2hnt


    Or post a link to photobucket or something similar. Night out Brian
  10. Got out for a couple of hours last night. Met the kids at a local lake. Got in a couple hours of wakeboarding/skiing. The swim platform was great. Now just waiting on vacation. Hopefully Lewis and Clark Lake will be OK. Boating advisory now because of the flooding. Just curious, we have folks from all over on this board. How many of you know about the flooding happening here in the midwest? 2011 Flooding It's going to get much worse before it gets better. 2 weeks until vacation and counting. Brian
  11. I use Goo Gone to remove adhesives. Small amount. Soft rag. Brian
  12. Thanks. The pretty part is the neighbors. Mine is a work in progress. Making the switch from cropland to native grasses. Everyone says to be patient. Not my best attribute. Brian
  13. So it has taken a while, with a few starts and stops, but it is done. Well almost. The swim platform is on. My error is covered up. I only have to get it in to have the trim spacers installed. 2 week wait. I may be slow, but I get there. (be nice) The Seadek pad has been ordered. Going with white over black based on the pix of Roy's boat. Anything else seemed like we were trying to match colors and not quite making it. Hoping it gets in before our trip to Lewis & Clark Lake at Yankton SD. Hopefully the flooding won't mess with those plans. 99 here to day. 40+ mph winds. No test run toni
  14. I am sure this has been posted before, but I can't help myself. Neat video of 5 hours at the Lake Tahoe ramp in a 4 minute video. Lot's of nice boats. Only a couple of pinheads. Brian
  15. prd2hnt

    ESP project

    Yup. I agree with you pops. It just pi$$es me off to make a stupid mistake. And as others have said, that 3M adhesive/sealant is STICKY stuff. Brian
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