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  1. When reinstalling the Bimini after refinishing the arch have you guys used the existing holes or do you create new ones?
  2. When reinstalling the Bimini after refinishing the arch have you guys used the existing holes or do you create new ones?
  3. Excellent cold starting - explodes to life. When warm The engine quietly comes to life - no explosion. Haven't noticed erratic firings. Going out Thurs - will verify and also look at 3-5 second shut down. Will a little rev upon shut down help? I shouldn't have to do that though.
  4. When I turn the key I hear 3 beeps then a short whine. When the whine stops I start the engine. Thought the whine was the pumps priming.
  5. It is fi. Just replaced the fuel pump and o-rings due to the whining. Did I miss a step on the install? I did not replace the fuel pressure (sensor?) that's in-line atop the intake manifold.
  6. Why would my '07 VP 5.7 start immediately when cold but not when warmed up? It turns over more frequently before starting and doesn't 'ignite''.
  7. There hasn't been a recent post on this topic. Time to declare this forums fastest 256 thus far. Couple guys touched 60 however the honor goes to Wingnut with a reported 63mph. That's definitely teary eyed stuff - even with shades. Still waiting on weather - waves were 3-4 today.
  8. Might be a silly question but... Do trim tabs increase top end speed? I can see them aiding in getting some of the the hull out of the water however they're also creating drag.
  9. My 256 is bone stock. No trim tabs. I play with the outdrive trim switch to max out speed. 38 knots equates to 44 mph. The fuel pump was whining loudly and was hot to touch before replacing. Will see what I get now it's replaced.
  10. Was wondering what top end speed you get with the 496 set up? I have the VP 5.7 (330hp) and max out at 38 knots. Is that about where it should be? Just replaced fuel pump ($$$) and awaiting weather to take for test spin. Am also curious if that will add a knot or two.
  11. My '07 256 ssi came with 2 Starting batteries. Will replace them with a Starting battery on Perko switch location #1 and a Deep Cycle on #2. How do I identify which set of cables is 1 or 2? They're not marked niether is the back of the switch. Is it as easy as following the wire coming out of the side of the switch that is in #1 location?
  12. Could use some advice on replacing the vacuum pump for the head. At least I think it needs replacing. The pump makes noise when I turn on the switch however there is no suction. Could it be something else? How do I isolate the problem? Would like to replace/repair it myself and save the deer. I have an '07 256ssi vacu-flush w/ macerator. Any advice will be appreciated.
  13. The birds where I store my boat have been taking aim at the cockpit covers lately. Can I clean them in our washing machine? Has anyone done this? Researching prior threads didn't come up with much however I seem to remember the topic coming up.
  14. I've got an '07 256 ssi 350 VP with an extended warranty thru Nov. of this year. Volvo-Penta sent me an extended warranty offer - 18 large deer for 2 yrs and 26 large deer for 3 yrs. I've got 340 hrs on the boat and service it every 100 hrs. I'm located in S. Fl and boat year round. I'm thinking this might be a good idea in light of the XDP issues. I guess it comes down to comfort level with risk however anyone ever had a good or bad experience with this extension of warranty? Thank you in advance - always get good info on this site.
  15. I want to purchase a full canvas cover for the boat ('07 256 ssi) that goes below the rub rail. I found one in Overton's magazine reasonably priced however it says only fits the '04 / '05 model. Are the '04 / '05 models basically the same shape and dimensions as an '07?
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