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  1. DJsChap

    Winterize Boat - 210 SSi

    Hi everyone, i have had my 210 SSi for a couple years now and am interested to find out if anyone out there has winterized their own boat and procedures on doing so? It's that time of year here and i'm a DIY kind of guy and always have been. It's a 2005 210SSi with a 5.0l volvo penta motor. I'd appreciate any information people could pass along or instructions on winterizing my boat. I know I have to drain the motor of all the water and change the bottom end oil, etc...but I haven't done this type of motor before (inboard that is) and want to make sure I get all the water out of the motor and drain the proper piping. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Well took the plunge and have been talking about a boat for a while so we finally got one. We feel we did pretty good for our first boat, a 2005 210 SSi, it's fully decked out with all options. We've been out twice with it so far, just recently this past weekend at WestHawke Lake in Manitoba, Canada. We had a blast, kids love swimming from it, the ladder is great! I've found it easy to drive and get used to right away. We did however have one problem on the weekend...it wouldn't start at the launch, tried and tried and tried to no avail...family was waiting so pulled it out and picked up new battery at marina down road. Came back, plopped in new battery and tried again...still wouldn't go. So after the third try a guy off the beach came over and looked at the motor then told me to put in neutral and give it some throttle. I told him it won't start in when you move throttle forward. He jumped in the boat and proceeded to show me how you can keep it in neutral with the push of the lower button on the throttle (didn't know that!) and sure enough it fired right up! I and family were very thankful. Before he jumped off the boat i asked him what he did and he proceeded to tell me he is a marine mechanic!! we all had a laugh at that point and he asked how long i had had the boat, i told him this was only our second time out and that i didn't know about that button! Needless to say he saved the day for me and family, especially what happened in the morning before we even left the house with the boat...we'll save that story for another day!...lol. So i have to give thanks to Kevin at AVO Marine in Winnipeg for all his help and knowledge. If he hadn't been there i'm not sure what i would have done and how upset i would have been at that point! after the day i had had up to that point i probably would have considered giving up boating! jk...:-) All in all it was a great day on the water and a learning experience to boot! and yes Kevin the bottle is on the way! Question, is it normal to have to do that and put in neutral, advance throttle to get boat started? also, does anyone know if you can swap out the wood panels/steering wheel for stainless steel ones like i see on some of the newer chaps? Thanks, Dean and June