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  1. I actually bought a 2008 Sig 330 in Lake St Clair and took it to Cheboygan, MI, about a 300 mile trip up Lake Huron. We ran a couple miles off shore and all was great until we got south of Saginaw Bay. At that point we ran into 5-6 footers. The ride obviously became a lot less comfortable, but we never had the feeling the waves were too much for the boat. I have no idea what it could have handled, but the boat did great in some pretty rough water. We always felt safe in the Chap. Greg
  2. I had the exact same problem. It turned out to be a dragging brake. If you have checked that, then I would re-pack all 8 bearings and I'll bet it is cured.
  3. Forgot one thing... Make sure you also flip the trim rams from the Bravo 3 position to the Bravo 1 position. There is a small celery stick looking metal piece where the ram connects to the out drive that needs to be flipped from front to back or back to front, sorry I don't remember which, but it gets the drive down another inch or so and will help with getting on plane. Greg
  4. I had the same issue on my 2008 330. Same engines, 24 pitch props, slow to plane with many people on board. I replaced all four props with four blade 22 pitch props from Hill Marine. Huge difference in shorter plane time. I was very happy with the outcome. They were not cheap but well worth it. I am not advertising for Hill Marine, but they will continue to swap out props until you find the pitch you want. After talking with them by phone and the issue I was having, they suggested lowering the pitch to 22. They got it right the first time as my WOT RPM was right in the middle of the Mer
  5. Just sold our 330 which we loved. We are weighing our options on what to get as a replacement. I find the 250 Suncoast very intriguing. Looks to be a great day boat and I love the outboard feature. I am tired of all the out drive Maintenance, pulling them, checking alignment, gimbal bearings, u-joints etc. Anyone have opinions on layout, performance handling of the Suncoast? Obviously just starting our search at this time, but info and opinions would be appreciated.
  6. Never again would I use surge brakes. In my opinion they tend to lag before kicking in, they don't release as well and I've had nothing but problems on two boat trailers with surge. On one, I had so many problems with that the trailer manufacturer made me a new trailer with straight electric which worked great, and the other I spent the money to convert to EoH. No comparison. I would go with the EoH to avoid surge no matter what the cost.
  7. Welcome to the forum!! I would try Joe at Cecil Marine in New Jersey. They are a Chaparral Dealer and are kind of the "go to" people for parts on this forum. Their website is cecilmarine.com good luck! Greg
  8. During the drive lube change sometimes there is an air pocket that works its way out. in the absence of a leak, that is probably the culprit. After a few more hours you should notice that you don't have to add much more. If you continue to have to add fluid, I would start looking for a leak somewhere.
  9. My filter went bad last year. After the sticker shock of how much a replacement costs, I started to look for alternatives and ran across the information similar to what is posted above. I made the new filter for twelve bucks and have enough charcoal left over for four more replacements. I was surprised that under the Sea Land label, the pipe was nothing more than a charcoal filled schedule 40, 2 inch pvc pipe. A couple fittings from Lowes, aquarium charcoal from a pet store and 30 minutes of time and I had a new filter. Still working great!
  10. Same thing happened to me out on the lake. Engine turned over but wouldn't fire up. I hate to even ask this because if it is the cause, you're going to be PO'd, but was the boat in neutral?? Mine was just a touch out, moved the gear shift and fired right up...
  11. Gregors

    Water tank

    We use the water tank all the time, drinking, washing flushing, etc. Same tank as in an RV and most people drink out of those I believe. I just disinfect with bleach, rinse and use.
  12. I sent you a Private message. Look closely at the SR and I think you will find the Chap to be a superior boat in terms of fit finish and overall quality. Sea Ray has a great name and the older boats IMO are higher quality than the new ones. I think when they affiliated with, acquired, bought or whatever they did with Bayliner, you would have thought the Bayliner quality would have come up, but unfortunately in my opinion, it took overall SR quality down. Good luck!! Greg
  13. Every day my father sent me to school with the phrase; "Study hard, get good grades and one day you'll have the good life." Our boat is named "The Good Life"
  14. You should have three batteries as you suggest and you should have four switches. One for port engine start, one for starboard engine start, one for house and one for emergency parallel. The batteries should still charge with all switches off. When on the hook, to be safe, shut off the engine batteries port and starboard to ensure you don't accidentally drain them in some way. You don't want to mix batteries of different ages when hooked together such as if you had two or more house batteries. Since your starting battery is just for one engine, you will be fine replace just that one. Pers
  15. Gregors

    CO Problems

    Not running the gennie and all other hatches are closed. Great info everyone! I will check the detectors and start running with the door closed. Thanks! Greg
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