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  1. Thanks, will attack this after vacation. I will try to take some pictures.
  2. Can you confirm if it is on the Cedar closet side or on the side that has the little cabinet with a garbage. I did notice a little access panel in the cabinet with the garbage but it was very small.
  3. Has anyone needed to access the ac unit on a 327? I know it's under the steps in the cabin. I am at a loss for how to remove the steps to get access. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I still have the boat thanks for the compliments. She is hibernating in the driveway now. I wish I lived south were I could get more use but will take what I can get for now. I am committed to taking more pictures next season. I always love seeing peoples pictures so I will try to contribute more myself.
  5. Out#ed


    I have it on my 327ssx with 6.2’s. It takes a little practice before you get used to it. It’s still a boat and not a video game, which I quickly found out. After half a season I was sold on it, there is no more stress for the wife around the dock. She was always worried about what she had to do. Now we know it’s under control wind, current, tight dock spaces she can relax and that’s most important. I have heard some say the Volvo setup is better but I didn’t think to try both. I was just looking at mercury and AXIS came with 6.2s otherwise may have gone with 8.1s and Volvo. The thing is with the 327ssx the move up to AXIS wasn’t as much because the base package already had DTS so you’re about half way there already. Well there my opinion, wish you luck looks like your shopping.
  6. I have the merc 6.2/320hp with axius and am very happy with my choice. I run 30mph (gps) at 3500 rpm burning 10 gallons per engine. She will hit 50 very light which is never the case with me. I am happy but would love to hear some numbers from guys with big blocks as far as fuel/rpm/mph. I’m just curious.
  7. See pictures in post #24 you can see that is in five sections. When you take them down they are flat. They have some flexibility but if you were to roll them up maybe you could get them about a two foot diameter roll. I thought I would have the problem most are describing. Where to store them when not in use, the funny thing is I have never taken them down. I only take out the middle section so as not to get too hot. They come with their own storage bag so they would probably fit down in the floor locker standing up vertically off to one side. If I ever try this I will let everyone know.
  8. I have the lexan also. I have not taken it off I like it so much. I just pull out the middle piece to let the wind blow through. On the cavitation I also get it seems related to the small block configuration. It is better if the drive is trimmed all the way down when getting on plan. I am wondering. If there's an adjustment to make the trim down a bit more. I will ask the dealer next week when she goes in for 20 hour service. Other than that, very happy with the boat so far. The kids (5 girls and 1 boy) have been taking advantage of the cabin to change to dry clothes after a day out. This allows me to get going why they are doing their thing. With the 276 I would have to wait until everyone was changed before getting on plane and heading home. With five kids that would take a while. The other thing that has been great is the joystick. In the beginning I thought I had wasted my money, didn't like it at all. As with most things it takes some time and practice. Now I find it allows some things that would be very digital without it. I was backing into the beach last weekend with about fifty feet gap between boats. There was a stiff crosswind so with the joystick I was able to let down my front anchor set it back in to the space componsating for the sideways wind and throw out the back anchor and tighten them both up and hold my position. I am not trying to brag because the most seasoned boaters know that sometimes those types of spots are tricky. I was just impressed with how the joystick gave me the ability to make it a fairly easy maneuver. Other than that I wonder if anyone has an opinion on the cabin door handle. The kids find it hard to open from inside the cabin. Oh by the way now you guys will understand the name "Out#ed" with the four girls and my wife, but finally my son came along so now it's five to two.
  9. I have the generator and have not had any problems starts right up. How about your reception on the radio? I just have the standard radio that came with the boat. I guess these things really are more handmade than we thing not like a car coming of an assembly line. I will watch out for that breaker, thanks.
  10. I will chime in with my experiences for delaney and DCBiker97. For delaney I have filed up my water twice no problems. For DCBiker97 I have filed the gases tanks about 50 gallons twice and have not experienced any problems. I know that’s not very helpful but maybe will help find your problem knowing it’s not all 327’s. I have a few questions for the 327 owners myself. 1. Radio reception is terrible not close with what I was getting in my 276 how about others? 2. The sprayer at the transom is a hot/cold and comes out in a dribble. The one at the wet bar comes out fine with good force. I told the dealer and he said he has tried two replacements on another boat and the fixture chaparral is using is just junk and that’s how it works. Is anybody also have this problem? I don’t want to seem like I am being a cry baby but for the price of this boat as far as I am concerned nothing should work at a level less than my 276ssx. So much like delany and DCBiker97 these problems may be specific only to my boat. Maybe it’s only a loose connection on the antena and who knows with the sprayer. Also in some other post someone asked what grill came with my boat. It is a Coleman Shoreside, not great but pretty good.
  11. Here is my contribution to the 327ssx club. I have the sister ship to mwhiton52, merc 6.2s/axius instead of the volvo’s also no stripe on the side. I still have a lot to learn about the boat moving up from a 276ssx. There are so many systems with the electric, generator and hot water heater. I better understand the cost of the boat now that I own it and see all the extra stuff. To make you feel better mwhiton52 the best memories I have as a child was the time spend with family and friends boating. I am trying to pass that on to my children, so yeah I think I’m crazy to spend so much on a boat but were making great memories. As a side note to follow up a previous post some may have seen, once the props were changed the boat performed exactly as expected. Chaparral and my dealer have always been outstanding. I will try to attach some pictures.The guy with the hat is my dad.
  12. I will test this for you next time I am on my boat. I have the same gps with a chip. I will see if I can take some screen shots also. It probably won't be until next weekend.
  13. Oh, well I have basically the same as you but merc. 6.2s/320hp joystick. Is your speed gps or speedometer? I would be very happy with your numbers. That's good info thanks.
  14. What motors are in yours, you are making me regret not getting the 8.2s. If I can get the numbers listed in Shepherds post I can be happy. I am going to the dealer tomorrow with all this good info.
  15. Packman, looks like we both moved up from the 276ssx. Congrats on your new boat also. I am still digesting all there is to the boat, learning the joystick, electrical systems, gps. I will give a better report in a few week when all the bugs are worked out and I have some pictures.
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