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  1. I need to bring a cable up the hardtop. Seems like the pad on the arch as a hinge at the bottom. What is holding the top? Can i just wedge something and pry? or i'll break that pad? The speaker as a ring at the back that will come off if i remove the speaker.
  2. Check if water is coming out of exhaust. If so, change plug, if not change impeller or coupling driving the impeller. If you change impeller make sure to close valve at water inlet port, so you don't sink you boat, ;-)
  3. There is a breaker on the generator that might be turned off
  4. I have a 300. our boat weight 10,500 - 11,000 #. Not sure those boat are that much heavier. the Sign 300 was almost 32' LOA I have 5.0Gi with SX drive. cruise rpm is 3600 rpm at 30 mph and top also at 46-48 mph.
  5. I dont feel like removing all of them. If i'm lucky and find a L i'll replace that one for now. When the C goes i'll call you ;-)
  6. This is what i need
  7. I'm lolling for the "L" I'll pay good money for it $$. Pm me
  8. Figure it out, looking at the back of the gauge, top right and low center studs are the one you need to check, with ignition off. I have now two new trim sensor!
  9. On my 2000 signature 300, There is a sticker and the bottom of the 4 in 1 gauge, but its worn out and cant figure out which are for the trim sensor resistance? I want to adjust the trim sender and check the ohms. The connector on the engine is far being and wanted to read ohms at the back of the gauge. So which studs or wire i need to check. I have the wiring diragram but only thing i can figure out is that 6 wires are connected to the 4 i n1; lt blu, tan, br/w, pur, yel, blu
  10. I have a 2000 Signature 300. with volvo sx drive. On the control i have the 2 small button that i beleive to be for trailer trim. But, unless i do not know how it work, those 2 buttons do nothing. When i trim up the drive using the up down button on the throttle levers, the drive do not seem to go all they up way up to the maximum stroke of the cylinder. But you can clearly hear the pump change in sound when you seem to mechanicly reach the max. Now i'm wondering, are the 2 buttons dummies that are there but not wired and that my boat simply does not have trailer trim? AND some kind of bushing are installer on the cylinder rod to shorten the stroke? If i trim down and up and measure the stroke on the rod and compare it to the length of the cylinder housing, it is clear that it is not completely out something seem to mechanicly preventing it to go any further? I'd love to be able to raise my drive all the way up, i would be able to anchor closer to the beach.
  11. Yeah, I started it on heat and as soon as i heard the pump start i stopped it. Thanks
  12. Boat is out of the water, does the heating need water like the A/C does? Can i run heater without water? A/C Unit i have is a Cruisair.
  13. What are the advantage of those arm that goes inside to the floor of the dinghy compare to clued davits? easy to swing on the side?
  14. Just did mine on my sig 300, pretty easy, pop the cover off, be gentle if you don't know how. And tighten the screw next to the lever. But the operating manuel of your engine will explain how to do that.
  15. Thanks i was looking for a answer from someone with experience. Never had issue packing in marinas? Pictures with dinghy on the swim plateform? co_driver at hotmail.com