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  1. 1997 manual might have schematics you are looking for.
  2. No, this is power button. Board is able to pair without button, as soon as you disconnect device it goes into pairing mode. I needed ABS board to cover the hole. This is pretty old board with BT 4.0. I used it for deck speakers at home but wasn't happy with range and replaced it. Range is not problem in 180, so I could reuse board. There are plenty of inexpensive amplifiers with BT on eBay.
  3. I did spliced them together. But I installed main switch , I didn't worry about draining of then battery when on shore. I replaced cassette player in 2007, then it was two more upgrades, last one with amplifier with bluetooth.
  4. When I bought my boat in 2006, it had cassette player and radio. I replaced it with Jensen marine CD player and Audio. It died a few years later, I replaced it with Clarion marine CD player and radio, capable playing mp3 disks and aux input. But all you need today - bluetooth capable audio system. Cost of the project: $20 INSMA Amplifier board $9.60 ABS Board $5 Waterproof LED pushbutton $8.50 I used an enclosure from old VoIP adapter.
  5. After fixing two problems above, issue was resolved. Thanks everyone for help.
  6. Is emergency cut off switch triggered on remote?
  7. To get it measurable, you can buy sound level meter for <$20 on ebay. Human's ear is not that accurate and perception depends on many factors. From my experience, when boat is planning, most of the noise is from exhaust from stern. You cannot do much about it. Then there is a noise from prop. If you have aluminum one, it will be louder.
  8. I get to the boat tonight and discovered two things: 1 power steering fluid was low. I lost some when removed engine and forgot to add it in the fall. Maybe I added it, but when system was out of bubbles, I needed more. 2 breather hose was not attached properly to the rocker cover vent. It was sitting on the top, slightly shifted to the side. This set up might work as a whistle. I started engine, warmed it up and briefly set 3200rpm. Haven't heard that high pitch sound. I will check it again on water.
  9. Good idea with belts. I will check it. I've checked alignment after installing engine back into boat. As I've mentioned, sterndrive is new. I do recall last year spinning alternator without belt produced some squeaking sound. It wasn't so important that time with major issueswith sterndrive, so I postponed alternator bearings replacement. Perhaps I should do it now.
  10. Is it diaphragm or filter? I will check if sound is originating from there. Also, is it possible alternatoe bearings are due to replace? Btw, there is nor indication of engine power goes down, overheating or anything else.
  11. As part of major Merc 3.0LX repair, I replaced engine mounts, manifold, belts, gimbal bearing/bellows, sterndrive (SEI). On the first run on the water I could hear high pitch sound in only in 3150-3350 RPM range. Not squeaking, just higher pitch sound. What it might be related to?
  12. I ended up going with SEI. It is cheaper than buying special tools and I saved a lot of time. Their 3 years "no question ask" warranty and $1595 price is a steal for 23 years old boat.
  13. I did it a while ago. I used Quiet Barrier foam. Spec said 30db, I've measured ~9db because I couldn't attach foam all the way around. As recomendation - foam should be heavy if you want it to work. Quiet Barrier has mass loaded vinyl layer. Otherwise it will suppress just HF, which only young people can hear generally. I was laughing seeing "soundproofing" of Yamaha boats - thin light foam. Good luck.
  14. Last few years I couldn't align engine properly, everything suggested I need new rear engine mounts. @Wingnut confirmed 100% they will fail on 3.0 litter 22 yo engine, and gave me some tips on replacement of them. Here how bad mouns look like: https://photos.app.goo.gl/hqK7LpCEBgPF6MVYA https://photos.app.goo.gl/sC9eXUguZ9UWzCbV9 One of them failed complitely. Lifting of engine was very quick and simple with $200 2 ton Harborfreight engine crain: https://photos.app.goo.gl/53zxXgyWbFr4Jt476 And I had a good chance to clean bildge nicely. https://photos.ap
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