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  1. Yes, I did. I did not reinstalled mounts yet. Engine alignment http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alpha-Bravo-OMC-Engine-Alignment-Tool-For-Mercruiser-boat-Marine-USA-made-/272753189761?epid=655240415&hash=item3f815b6381:m:mgf6EcqwbmGO00A-LwDZyYw&vxp=mtr bellows sleeve tool 91-818162 I made by myself. For exhaust bellows: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mercruiser-Alpha-One-Gen-II-Bravo-Exhaust-Bellows-Expander-Tool-91-45497A1-/112161039534?hash=item1a1d51a4ae:g:wPYAAOSwJcZWeBh7&vxp=mtr one I made by myself first didn't work well. for the bearing extraction I've used slide hammer bearing puller from next auto store. for bearing installation - old bearing aluminium ring and piece of wood. OEM tools are more expensive, don't buy them.
  2. So, probably is it better to replace them then. Engine was removed once I purchased boat when it needed to replace rusted front cover (Previous owner had memory blackout and didn't mention oil is leaking from there). Mechanic did the job, and he did good job, but.. it wasn't his boat. I wouldn't be surprised if washers were not reinstalled back. Should I replace front rubber mount as well?
  3. It would be correct if opposite. http://www.ebasicpower.com/faq/alignio.htm Engine is pivoting around rear mounts, right? It works like seesaw.
  4. leonid

    boat not sitting fully on front rollers of trailer

    Do you have radial or bias-ply tires? When I've purchased boat, trailer had bias-ply and was very bumpy. I needed to replace them and I switched to radial - it was day and night difference.
  5. Perhaps I've described it wrong - top of the tool was hitting splines. So I needed to lower engine front to raise it on rear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86gUZXZYtWY I will check that, thanks. Visually it seems fine. In my 11 years of ownership it was dry. Previous owner was one who shouldn't allowed to have boat though:) I've replaced bearing this spring while replacing bellows - old bearing looked ok, no play. Misalignment is not critical, but it should be fixed.
  6. leonid

    boat not sitting fully on front rollers of trailer

    jackbronson, filming it with GoPro is very professional and creative approach! I love it! I'm going to do same with my boat on trailer just from curiosity.
  7. When I checked engine (1997 Merc 3.0L) alignment last time this Spring, I've lowered engine front all the way down, but engine alignment tool was tight on splines on its top. I was able to insert it and move it, but not by two fingers, as service manual directs. Is it time to replace rubber mounts (part# 99297A 1)? Should I replace front mount as well (part# 32833)? Something else to check?
  8. leonid

    Gas gauge stuck

    That's exclusive privilege of NJ and OR residents, you do not belong there, I guess. Rest of the World deal fine with gas and its derivatives.
  9. leonid

    Alpha One question-Shifting

    Does it happen when you change from fwd to reverse or back quickly? Shifter designg itself doesn't suggest smooth operations. If you shift quickly from one diirection to another, not from neutral, and prop is still spinning, its a lot of stress for shifter mechanism in lower unit and it might not engage. Also you might want to check and align your shifter cable and check if kill switch is operational. That's 5 min job. I might post service manual pages with instructions if you need.
  10. leonid

    exhaust shutter

    Inspect them and you will have precise answer. I've replaced mine when my water hose felt off and engine was overheated. Replace them if you have doubts. They are cheap and easy to replace.
  11. leonid

    Classic 1980s service and parts

    Boats are not like cars. Chaparral itself design boats, makes fiberglass hulls, cushions, trim. Then they take all the parts made by other vendors and install them on boat. I need to say good parts. But even if it says Chapartal on your gauge for instance, it is probably made by someone else. If you find who makes it, you will find where to buy it and price will be you like to pay.
  12. leonid

    H2O 19 SF Weight???

    You could go to truck weighting station, give them $10, and weight your boat on trailer.
  13. leonid

    Classic 1980s service and parts

    1980 chaparral probably has $20 teleflex fuel gauge rather than $88 thing on the link.