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  1. I used http://www.snapincarpet.com/ last year and agree with above. Very happy with results. I rented the snap install tool from them ($35?).
  2. Bought my 2004 SSi 220 in 2009 - it came with an anchor that fits the locker no problem. Don't know the size, and of course I'm not at the lake now. Standard Danforth style, holds fine in lake Hartwell (but never tried to hold in a big wind or storm). I'll try to remmeber to measure it next time I'm there.
  3. Hi, I'm just thinking about boats again now that its spring, and just saw your post. Hartwell was coming back up a bit, but now not so much. Local meteorolgist just said drought in the area is increasing, so may not have good water this year. But there will still be places to boat, it's a big lake, just have to be careful where you go. When the water is low, you can tell if a lake lot has good water (or not!), so this is not a bad time to shop for lakefront property. And the lake will be full again - just need more rain.
  4. I did just that in 2010, description here: http://forum.chaparr...nt&fromsearch=1 Someone suggested clearcoat and I did add that, I think the following weekend (rustoleum clearcoat, I believe). To my suprise, it has held up fine - still looks like new. The boat is used in fresh water and stays on a lift. Oh, the black paint on the prop didn't last at all (since replaced with a Mercury Enertia SS).
  5. I doubt its the fuel injection pump; I guess to check I could unplug its electrical connection. Anything to watch out for when doing that? The depth finder sounds more likely (I do leave it on when stopped), but never noticed it before. That will be easy to check next time, thanks.
  6. Has anyone ever experienced this, or have any idea what it is? Several times now, after cruising about 15 to 20 minutes, with engine shut off and boat drifting or anchored, swimming around the boat and noticed a sharp rapid ticking sound in the water. Its frequency is about 2 ticks per second. It's most noticible underwater, especially when back aft near the drive. I climbed out of the water and could still hear it much more faintly. Opened engine compartment and could again it hear more clearly. It stops when I turn off the battery. Starts back several minutes after turning batteries back on. Occuring on both battery one and two. I have only noticed this after running engine a bit, but have not actually checked if it does it with batteries on before starting. First noticed several weeks ago. The ticking sound is sharp and rapid and sounds like the electronic ignitor on a gas grill (or a jet engine). BTW, the engine starts and runs fine, all gauges normal, batteries strong. Any help would be appreciated. Dave
  7. Very cool, its good you were able to assist. Glad to hear bald eagles seem to be expanding their range; I've seen several on Lake Hartwell the last couple of years.
  8. I found my boat on craigslist (free to list). Book values at nadaguides.com to geta an idea of asking price.
  9. This site has brochures for previous year Chaparral models. Here's the 1980: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/publications/brochures/1980.pdf. I see 187 (depends on closed or open deck and IO or OB) and 198 (47gal for OB), but no 194.
  10. +1 Confirm Mercury Flo-Torq II 835270Q1 Volvo Hub Kit used to adapt Mercury Enertia to Volvo SX. Kit includes a Mercury thrust washer. I'd think you could get just the thrust washer for less, but sorry, I don't have that part number.
  11. I paid nadaguide book value for my 2004 in 2009. 24.5k deer back then, and it was 5 years old. I found mine on craigslist; boattrader.com is another good source.
  12. davcs

    220 SSI questions

    The flashing hour glass just means the hr meter is running. If you think the displayed hrs are not correct, I understand that you can get the true hrs read from the engine computer (service center/dealer with code reader?). I paid 129 deer for my Smart Tabs SX about a year ago, and installed over July 4th last year Smart Tabs Install. They've been well worth the price and trouble. Use the search feature and you'll find MANY pages of info on Smart Tabs. Welcome, and post some pics of your boat!
  13. This question has been asked several times, and Chaparral (and most boat manufacturers) don't publish specs on fuel burn. When researching boats, I discovered that Four Winns does publish fuel burn data, and even has the data for their previous models online http://www.fourwinns.com/past_product/specs. So you can get a rough idea of expected fuel burn by looking up the data for a Four Winns model of about the same size/weight/configuration to yours. For example, the 2004 4W 220H seems similar to my 2004 220 SSi, and the published fuel burn for my engine/drive combo at 3000rpm/30mph is 9gph. The way to be sure, short of a fuel flow meter, is to record your hours and galllons at every fill up and calculate the average. Doing this, I've recorded anywhere from about 5.5 to 10 gph. Average lately is 7.25 to 7.5gph. Of course it will vary with speed, load, water aand weather conditions. I've been using a cool iPhone app, Road Trip to ease keeping fuel/time records. It allows multiple vehicles and does mi/gal or gal/hr. Hope this helps.
  14. The 5.0 GXi is rated at 270hp.
  15. davcs

    215 at 100 hrs

    Hi, good information; could you post a photo of your engine hatch weather stripping application? I might do that on my 220. It's not really too loud, but if it was quieter at cruise it would be nice. I've had a similar situation with my prop. The 19P stainless viper that came with the boat was too high a pitch, the OEM Volvo aluminum 3blade was better but not great, and I'm now quite happy with the performace of the Mercury Enertia 18P I'm currently using. Smart Tabs SX help as well. Dave
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