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  1. brick

    I'd like to replace some snaps on my boat cover

    If you want the snaps to be installed correctly, get a quality set of snap pliers. Google Hoover snap pliers. They are expensive, but worth it. Don’t bother with the cheap kits that give you a punch to hammer the snaps together.
  2. brick

    1995 2330ss Aniversary Edition Teal Carpet

    You may need to update to a more modern color.
  3. brick

    Upholstery 2003 183ss removal

    Yup, it can be very difficult to get to some of the bolt heads. Sometimes you have to get creative. There can be a lot of fiberglas shards, so gloves really help. The upholstery was installed before the top cap and hull were mated
  4. brick

    220ssi interior

  5. brick

    Engine Overheating

    My guess (without knowing more about the history and maintenance) is that you have a worn water pump or blocked exhaust manifolds/risers. Running without a thermostat will damage the engine over time.
  6. brick

    220ssi interior

    You can easily confirm the year of manufacture from the HIN number stamped into the hull, upper starboard side of the transom. The last two numbers are the year of manufacture. If the boat has the optional ESP look in the starboard stern lifting ring cutout of the ESP. The 220SSi is a highly sought after boat. Likely not a mistake... brick
  7. brick

    220ssi interior

    I think it is a 216SSi with “standard” seating. Same hull as a 220 SSi, but different cockpit layout, without the stern walk-thru. brick
  8. brick

    Update and Batteries

    So you went out in the ocean, knowing that you had just done engine repairs and had battery problems...
  9. brick

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    Nice Mother’s Day gift! ;)
  10. brick

    2008 ssi or new (2016) H2O for surf shop?

    How many souls will you be taking out? Are we talking out in the ocean? An 18 foot bow rider is a very small boat. You might also want to check out the license requirements as a “Captain”. I think you will need your 6-pack.
  11. brick

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    Let us know what you decide to do, and how it works out. brick
  12. brick

    MPC 1st Quarter Sales

    It tells you that small, entry level boats are not as profitable. Product mix makes or breaks your bottom line. brick
  13. brick

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    A Sunesta 243 is bigger and heavier than a 220 SSi, so the 22’s make sense. When I tried the 22’s on my boat the hole-shot was great, but it felt like it was in first gear - revs were too high at any given speed. If the OP goes with 24’s, he will have 10% less prop pitch than my boat, due to the drive ratio difference. And the 5.0 has 10 % less HP and torque, so so think it will be a good match. brick
  14. brick

    2000 235ssi seat material required

    We are doing great! But spending more time on the Airstream than the boat. Hope to correct that this boating season...
  15. brick

    2000 235ssi seat material required

    Chaparral does not make replacement skins for older boats. Your only option is to find a canvas shop to make you a set. They typically will use the old skins for a template. You will not likely find the exact same vinyl, but you should come close. Maybe consider redoing the complete interior? Only limited by the size of your pocketbook...