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  1. brick

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    A Sunesta 243 is bigger and heavier than a 220 SSi, so the 22’s make sense. When I tried the 22’s on my boat the hole-shot was great, but it felt like it was in first gear - revs were too high at any given speed. If the OP goes with 24’s, he will have 10% less prop pitch than my boat, due to the drive ratio difference. And the 5.0 has 10 % less HP and torque, so so think it will be a good match. brick
  2. brick

    2000 235ssi seat material required

    We are doing great! But spending more time on the Airstream than the boat. Hope to correct that this boating season...
  3. brick

    2000 235ssi seat material required

    Chaparral does not make replacement skins for older boats. Your only option is to find a canvas shop to make you a set. They typically will use the old skins for a template. You will not likely find the exact same vinyl, but you should come close. Maybe consider redoing the complete interior? Only limited by the size of your pocketbook...
  4. brick

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    My 2005 220SSi came with 26’s, and 2.0 drive ratio. It would only pull 4400 RPM @WOT. I tried 24’s and 22’s, and settled on the 24’s as the best all-around choice. In 2006, Chaparral changed to a 2.2 ratio for the 350/MAG, but stayed with 26’s. I suspect they finally realized it was overpropped. To my knowledge all 5 liter boats came standard (non high elevation) with a 2.2 drive ratio. It will run almost as fast as a 350MAG, except it suffers from lack of torque with a heavy load. Dropping pitch will help you compensate. I expect you will be very happy with the Hill Marine props. I have heard great things about them. If I was replacing props today, that is what I would go with. brick
  5. brick

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    I would be surprised if your gear ratio is not 2.2. That being the case, I would go with 24’s for your boat. I run 24’s on my 220 SSi, but with a 2.0 ratio (350MAG/MPI). i would only go with 22’s if you had a 2.0 ratio.
  6. brick

    My Tow Vehicle was DESTROYED! (Video and Photos)

    My boat lives in a garage, so no worries with it. But my new Airstream lives outside, so I am still trying to find convenient indoor storage for it. brick
  7. brick

    Dumb question #28

    Normal, as long as the beep turns off after the engine starts. You will hear the same sound if you have no oil pressure when the engine is running. brick
  8. brick

    Broken flip-up bolster replacement

    If you can buy the bolster now, buy it. These parts can be very hard to find. Another option is to buy two brand new seats. brick
  9. brick

    My Tow Vehicle was DESTROYED! (Video and Photos)

    Bummer. Hope the Chaparral is OK. brick
  10. brick

    Can this trailer be modified?

    What’s the boat? A 220SSi? 26ft 7 inches tip to stern. No 2-foot Otis for me! brick
  11. brick

    Engines -- on a 2004 220 ssi

    The 5.0 is OK in a 220SSi. You may need to drop to a lower pitch prop for water sports. The 350MAG has more torque. Top speed is almost the same, but the 350 MAG handles a larger crew.
  12. brick

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    Not sure what you mean regarding trim settings. The 220 with B3 drive likes very little positive trim. Maybe 1/4 up, at the most. Any boat can be improved with the addition of trim tabs, but not required to make a 220 run well. brick
  13. brick

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    With the 5.0, you will likely have the 2.2 drive ratio. It is stamped on the sticker at the top of the outdrive, along with the serial number. 24’s with a 2.2 would be a good choice for your boat. 22’s if you have a 2.0 ratio. brick
  14. brick

    Audio System Problem

    Unplug the remotes from the back of the head unit. brick
  15. brick

    Thanks for the add! Couple questions

    Boat stereos were not great back in 2004. You can spend a little or a lot. Quality marine grade will cost more, but will hold up better. Add speakers and a sub for solid sound. Wet Sounds, Polk, Clarion are welll know brands.