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  1. Hire a pro to move it now, giving you time to order a trailer. that is a big boat to move... brick
  2. Try the Facebook page for Chaparral owners. brick
  3. The 2330 cannot run 55mph all day long - it will run out of gas in about 2.5 hours... Pass on the 230. The 5.0 is marginal, at best. brick
  4. She has towed the boat, but prefers to be in charge of entertainment... brick
  5. I still have my old Expedition... brick
  6. +1 brick
  7. Nope. He who dies with the most toys wins...
  8. Does an Airstream count? April 12th ! brick
  9. Still have my 2005. Count me in. brick
  10. I had the same boat, and it came with 1.62 ratio. Leave it there. Why not fix your existing drive? brick
  11. Take out the cooler insert. brick
  12. Unless you are paying for a slip. Then it’s a 22... brick
  13. Update: our soon-to-be Airstream International Serenity 28 has an April 12 build date. Now I have to figure out how to double tow... brick
  14. Welcome to the group and boat ownership. Good advice regarding USCG training. Do you have a seasoned boating friend to tag along on your first few outings? brick
  15. Bazooka recommends facing the sub towards the outside of the hull. But you do want the sub front face several inches from the outside wall. I would snug the back end of the sub to the walk-thru wall, and it will be about right on the front speaker side. The fader for the mono sub amp came with a long cable. No extension was needed. But it’s a different brand than yours... i had a 10 inch sub first, replaced with the 8 inch to clear the door. brick