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  1. brick

    4/3 blade bravo props

    Buy new props, sell your old 26’s. brick
  2. brick

    4/3 blade bravo props

    Your WOT RPM’s will increase with a set of 24 inch pitch 4/3’s. If I was purchasing new props for my 220, I would try the Hill Marine 4/4. Call them and discuss your performance numbers. You will be pleased with the results of any set of 24’s. brick
  3. brick

    B3 gear ratio

    With a heavy load 48 to 50 mph (GPS). Fall day, light load, I have hit 54 (must have been downhill). But it’s a 50 mph boat most days. I can hold plane at 14 mph... brick
  4. brick

    B3 gear ratio

    I would reprop to 24’s, as you have the 5.0. That boat will only pull 26’s with a 2.2 ratio (2006 and newer) with a 350 MAG or the 377 320 HP motor. Your WOT will increase by about 400 RPM. Top speed will likely stay about the same, as the higher RPM’s are offset by the lower pitch propset. What you will notice is a significant improvement in hole shot, and the boat will hold plane at a slower speed. I am running 24’s with a 2.0 ratio (2005 spec) with a 350 MAG/MPI and see 4800 to 5000 RPM, depending on load. brick
  5. brick

    Towing Survey/Question

    Wow! Nice boat and truck! Once you go diesel, you never go back! Congrats! brick
  6. brick

    Towing Survey/Question

    Watch your payload. It is listed on the door sticker. You may be surprised how little weight carrying capacity a Tahoe or Suburban has. Thats why my trusty 2016 Expedition became a 2018 F250 diesel... brick
  7. brick


    I hit a submerged object on my three-boats-ago 1930SST. No damage to the SS prop, but prop shaft was bent. Insurance (State Farm) covered it, no questions asked. brick
  8. brick

    GMC Yukon pull a 236 SSI?

    My smaller 230 SSi and tandem axle steel trailer weighs 6000 lbs loaded for the lake. Your will probably weigh around 6600 lbs. You should be fine, but make sure your drawbar and hitchball are rated high enough. brick
  9. brick


    I have a baseball bat you can borrow... brick
  10. brick


    You likely hit something. Call your insurance company. brick
  11. brick

    Towing Survey/Question

    Go for the diesel. You will not regret it. Try a new Ford F-250 before crossing it off of your list. GN’s Duramax is a great truck, too. brick
  12. brick

    New upholstery estimate

    Chaparral no longer offers skins for older boats. So a local shop is your only option. My guess is you are looking around $5K for the complete boat. brick
  13. Why would you want to run WOT RPM at no load? brick
  14. brick

    Bravo 3, replace 26P with 28P prop?

    If the props were damaged that bad, I suspect the outdrive sustained damage as well. Do not mix pitches. If the 26’s allowed you to reach correct WOT RPM’s, then stay with 26’s. My experience is that a 350 will not pull 28’s. brick
  15. brick

    High five props

    If you try a 4-blade, probably an 18 inch pitch to keep the low end hole-shot, or maybe a 19 inch pitch for cruising. Whatever you go with, make sure your WOT RPM’s are in the recommended range for your motor. brick