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  1. Filled with foam. Bad idea to drill that area.
  2. brick

    Trailer TPMS

    I have a TST system. Almost 3 years old and on original batteries. Easy to replace batteries. Flawless.
  3. I think ( but not 100%) that it is simply a 12 volt MR16 Halogen lamp. These lamps have a 3 letter part number that identifies the wattage and beam spread. Something like “BAB” or “EXN”. I have not had to take mine apart, but there are screws on the bezel. Remember not to touch the halogen burner with your fingers. The outer reflector is OK to touch. Clean cotton gloves are a good choice when installing.
  4. Did you ever buy this boat? What is your fuel burn?
  5. That makes sense. Maybe ask the dealership why they include the warning?
  6. Why do you need to lower the boat to work on it?
  7. Probably. They let me in... brick
  8. On a Merc, the ECU does not fire if voltage drops below a threshold.
  9. What battery are you using? Merc 5.0 and 5.7 ECU ‘s require 950 MCA marine starting battery. My 350 MAG/MPI cranks a bunch if I forget to switch back from battery #2, which is a deep cycle. brick
  10. Buy the part for $300! Fast, before it is gone!! These parts are next to impossible to find. Your other option is a piece of King Starboard - there are some companies that will custom make you one, will likely cost more than $300. brick
  11. No, the FB group is a different group
  12. I am also a member of Chaparral Boat Owners Club on FaceBook. brick
  13. I still keep my old AOL account. I use it when I don’t want to give out my good account info. brick
  14. And what does “hard start” mean? 5 seconds of cranking or 5 minutes? What happens when it does start? brick
  15. Could also be an IAC going bad. Try advancing the throttle. If this allows it to start, then likely the IAC.
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