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  1. You likely have a ground wire disconnected.
  2. Try unplugging the remote from the head unit.
  3. I have a 2005 220 SSi with a New Dimension tower. Speaker wires are internal through the tower leg / fitting where the tower attaches to the boat. brick
  4. Hope you folks are doing OK! brick
  5. Yes you have. My boat! Has three racks: wakeboard, ski and knee board. Only works on compression molded (thinner) kneeboards. Rack holds one kneeboard. Came from New Dimension Towers in 2005.
  6. Welcome. How long is the wait? brick
  7. brick

    Engine Hatch

    Check whatever you install. Will it take the heat and is it suitable for marine engine rooms?
  8. Yup. From inside.
  9. brick

    Engine Hatch

    I would not remove it. One option you could consider is to put a hoist on the sun pad, and remove the struts. This would allow you to lift the lid higher than it normally goes. As mentioned above, the sunpad is heavy and awkward. brick
  10. This is a trip down memory lane. Good advice then, still good advice today... brick
  11. Have you tried Taylor Made? they have a rebuild service. Not cheap. brick
  12. brick

    Ski Tower for Sunesta

    Check out New Dimension Towers.
  13. Sometimes bigger is better. I swapped my Expedition for an F250 diesel. Towing is effortless. brick
  14. Welcome back! I am still here, but we don’t boat as much as in the past. Kids are grown and moved out, and we spent about 60 nights in our new Airstream last year (but 30 nights were at the lake!). Retirement is on the near horizon. Starting to think about selling the 220SSi... brick
  15. My 2005 220 SSi weighs 6000 lbs on a tandem axle steel trailer, with full fuel. brick
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