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  1. brick

    Replacement Seats

    And it is not cheap!
  2. brick

    Replacement Seats

    Other than learning upholstery skills, a marine upholstery shop is your only option. brick
  3. My 2005 220 SSi 350 MAG/MPI B3 (2.0 ratio) came with 26’s. WOT was only 4400. Switched to 24’s and now at 4800. These are full fuel, heavy load numbers. brick
  4. Prop shaft seal is compromised. It is pulling in water or air when hot.
  5. My Bimini goes up at the lake and cones down for trailering. Easy.
  6. brick

    Deck repair

    Is it a bolt on ESP?
  7. My Bimini has a tag on it that says max 35 mph. As this is a used boat, is it possible that the tower was removed at some point - maybe for storage- and not re-installed correctly? brick
  8. My cleats (and cup holders) have hoses attached to the bottom, and drain to the bilge.
  9. It was installed before the deck and hull were mated. Check for access through the anchor locker. Sometimes you can gain access by going through the hole for the speaker. Another option may be to remove the side upholstered panel ( which can also be challenging) and cut a 6 inch access hole behind the panel. helps to be a contortionist... brick
  10. Just make sure the defective XDP series outdrive was replaced...
  11. brick

    Diesel trucks

    I went from a 2016 Expedition ecoboost to a 2018 F250 diesel. Not going back to gas for towing.
  12. brick


    Leave it as-is. brick
  13. Check the tank sender and gasket.
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