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  1. brick

    How big is my gas tank? 2017 250 Suncoast

    Bigger than my wallet...
  2. brick

    Hour meter adjustment - showing 800000

    That’s about 13,000 hours (if in minutes) or 233 hours ( if in seconds)
  3. brick

    233 Sunesta Bimini Top Part

    Find a marine canvas shop. They can make replacement frame parts. The original part on your boat was likely stainless, not aluminum.
  4. brick

    Bow and Cockpit Covers

    A local canvas shop can make one for you, and divide a perfect fit.
  5. The 220SSi is a great boat. The 5.0 will do just fine. Prop down if needed.
  6. brick

    Adding a wake tower

    The two companies were pretty much across the street from one another. Very similar lines. I have been pleased with mine, after 25 summer seasons on use.
  7. brick

    Portable Battery Pack

    Cables are very hard to use on the water. And you have to find another boat to jump you. Carry a jumpbox that includes a tire inflator and 120V outlet. Comes in handy now and then...
  8. brick

    Portable Battery Pack

    I carry a jumpbox, in addition to my dual battery set-up. Belt and suspenders... it is mostly used for jumping other boats that are dead-in-the-water with a single battery( jumper cables on the water are a challenge) Have also used it at the launch ramp when the battery failed in my truck. Get a good, name brand box.
  9. brick

    Adding a wake tower

    Check out the Chaparral boats on the New Dimension website. The yellow 220 SSi is my boat.
  10. brick

    Adding a wake tower

    No, New Dimension did not. Their focus is more on aftermarket. I believe early towers were provided by Xtreme ( who now owns Monster Tower). But the owner of New Dimension was involved with Xtreme before starting New Dimension.
  11. brick

    Adding a wake tower

    I had a tower from New Dimension Towers added to my 2005 220 SSi. Best addition to the boat. New Dimension is located near Knoxville, and they can do the installation if required. Call the owner, Wayne Hartford for more information.
  12. brick

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    Assume you have a 2.2 drive ratio. The 24’s should be golden with the 5.0 motor. My experience has been that Chaparral overpropped the 220 SSi until 2006.
  13. brick

    tow point

    The leverage it would apply would be substantial. Not advisable.
  14. brick

    Towing one boat with another

    I have never taken payment for towing someone.
  15. brick

    Towing one boat with another

    The only problem with a side raft-up tow is the potential to scratch up your boat. I prefer to tow by rope.