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  1. In addition to checking that all system are working, make sure the engine runs up to the correct WOT RPM range for the Volvo power package. brick
  2. The “pre-install” really helped, but it was still difficult to make the final connections in the console. That’s one of the reasons I have not upgraded... brick
  3. The snap-in carpet makes my stereo sound better... To clean, I pull the carpet, lay it on the hood of my truck, and use a garden hose. I hang it to dry in the garage, which takes a few days, and leaves a few puddles. Once or twice a year is about all it takes to keep it clean. The rest of the time I hit it with a wet/dry shop vac. brick
  4. Yup, my “vintage” 2005 amps are huge by comparison to today’s (much improved) marine amps. But they have held up well, and it is so hard to work in the port console (8.5 inch wide door...) One of these days I will upgrade... brick
  5. +1 was wylie is the pro... brick
  6. I prefer to mount amps close to the headunit, and run dedicated pos and neg battery cables. A dry, ventilated location is required. I would not mount amps in the engine compartment. The below photo is how I mounted my amps, 13 years ago, in the port console. Still running strong. brick
  7. Good move. The Shift/Throttle is one of a boat’s most important systems. Time for an upgrade... brick
  8. Change your search from Chaparral to Volvo Penta. brick
  9. Beautiful boat... brick
  10. The stainless eyes on my boat are just outboard of the center opening section. brick
  11. Look for two small “loops”, attached to the top of the port and starboard front windshield frame. The straps on the front of the bimini attach there. OEM cockpit covers have a slit to go around the frame to boat connection. brick
  12. A google search shows your tank at 52 gallons. brick
  13. The original top would have all stainless steel tubing and hardware. Aluminum is cheaper, but not as strong. brick
  14. Happy Birthday! brick
  15. Yes and no. On a good weather day, no problem. On a bad weather day, who knows. I would travel in a group, regardless of boat size. brick