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  1. I will have mine medium rare, please. brick
  2. Agreed. I would have run your boat for more than 15 minutes... brick
  3. We all know about opinions.,. brick
  4. Looking good.,. brick
  5. The issue is lateral force applied when the tube swings out wide. New Dimension says you can pull a tube, up to a 300 lb weight limit. But you do need to be smart on how you pull the tube. You can break anything if you try hard enough. We pull a 2-person tube from the tower without any problems, but my big 4-person tube is pulled off of the ski-tow. brick
  6. I can't say enough regarding the quality and durability of the New Dimension Tower on my boat. This is our 13th season with this boat/tower, and I regularly pull (carefully) a two-person tube. brick
  7. If it is a Volvo XDP drive, run and run fast. Check this site for numerous threads regarding this defective drive. brick
  8. I have an aftermarket tower from New Dimension Towers on my 2005 220SSi. brick
  9. Sounds like the brake shoes are out of adjustment. Surge/ drums are very simple and should provide good stopping power without grabbing. Maybe the small shop by the cottage is not up to the task. brick
  10. Drums or disc? brick
  11. Welcome brick
  12. Welcome. Good looking boat. brick
  13. Restricted water flow due to clogged manifold. brick
  14. Check your RPM @ WOT to confirm it is within the recommended WOT range. If it is, you are good to go. Glad they found the issue, and sounds like they looked after you. My 1st (of 4) Chaparral had an issue with water in the gas tank. It took my dealer several attempts before the cause was discovered and fixed. No issues after that. Happy boating brick