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  1. brick

    New H2O sport

    I have owned 4 Chaparral boats, and they have all been great. Only minor stuff that the dealer and chaparral looked after. Keeping your boat in a garage will minimize issues with the upholstery and general wear and tear. Boats that are stored outside tend to take a beating. brick
  2. brick

    Adding speakers to tower

    Spring for an added amp. brick
  3. brick

    220 ssi with Bravo 3 high altitude

    I believe the change to a 2.2 drive ratio was made by Chaparral in 2006. 26’s with a 2.2 ratio is the same “net pitch” as 24’s with a 2.0 ratio. brick
  4. brick


    You won’t drop it 18 inches. That’s a lot... brick
  5. A gel coat crack is cosmetic. Not covered on a 4.5 year old boat No big deal to have fixed. brick
  6. brick


    Depending on how much extra clearance you need, consider 12 inch rims and a drop shank for your hitch. Drop the tongue as low as it will go, which will drop the windshield header. That said, my 220SSi will not fit under a 7 ft door unless I back up really fast... brick
  7. brick

    220 ssi with Bravo 3 high altitude

    My first 220 SSi was a 2002, with a 5.7 EFI B3/2.0. It came with 28’s, which was probably a mistake. I swapped to 24’s. My current 220 SSi is a 2005, 350 MAG with 24’s brick
  8. brick

    220 ssi with Bravo 3 high altitude

    My boat came with 26’s. It runs much better with 24’s. Quicker to plane, lower minimum plane speed (14 mph ) and it just feels better. I boat at 635 ft ASL. brick
  9. brick

    220 ssi with Bravo 3 high altitude

    Hill Marine offers a very nice set of 4-blade B3 props in your choice of pitch for around $1K. And they are polished... brick
  10. brick

    220 ssi with Bravo 3 high altitude

    I also use 24’s on my 2005 220 SSi 350MAG-B3/2.0. In 2001, Chaparral typically used a 2.0 drive ratio. Check yours. You are on the lower end of the WOT RPM range with the 26’s. At a minimum, drop to 24’s. I would drop to 22’s for the higher elevation. brick
  11. I use a Metro brand 12 volt inflator for the initial fill- it gets it 90% done. I also have a 5 gallon compressed air tank on-board, and use it for the final fill. brick
  12. brick

    XDP Drives

    That may be why he was selling it. Got the drives cheap, and hoped the buyer does not know the truth about XDP drives... brick
  13. brick

    Freezing temps, help

    Non-marine rated space heaters and light bulbs in the bilge are not a smart choice. They are not spark protected. brick
  14. brick

    Can I tow it? PLEASE HELP

    You can, but not recommended. You will be over the rated tow capacity of the Jeep. My 220SSi weighs 6000lbs, including the trailer and full fuel, so a Sunesta 26 is likely at least 1000 lbs more. Towing is one thing. Stopping is another... brick
  15. brick

    VP DP- s banging/clanking

    Don’t run it unless you want to replace the complete drive. My guess is u-joints. brick