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  1. I give as much room as practical and prudent to any other boat. If someone is fishing or pulling a skier I give them extra space. brick
  2. brick

    surge brakes

    Most drum brakes used on boat trailers are “free backing” and do not need a lockout solenoid. With “free backing” when rotating backwards, the shoes pivot away from the drum, so no brake effect. My disc brake trailer will not back up at all without the solenoid connected or a lockout pin in place.
  3. I would go with a 2.2 drive ratio, as it is a big, heavy boat and only a 5.7. Chevk your tach. 2600 RPM and 35 mph does not make sense, even with a 1.81 drive ratio.
  4. Try Cecil Marine. Unique parts for older boats is hit-or-miss.
  5. I had a New Dimension Tower with integrated Bimini added to my 2005 220SSi. Great addition to the boat.
  6. brick

    Diesel trucks

    I got the diesel for towing my 28 ft Airstream, as the Expedition suffered with lack of payload capacity. I have had 2 Expeditions and 2 Navigators over the years while we needed three rows of seats. They were great when the kids were small and we were taking them and their friends for a day of boating fun. But the diesel is simply on a different class for towing. Great mileage and effortless towing.
  7. Flip it and go bigger if you want an ocean going boat.
  8. brick

    I'am back!

    Good to see you back. Great boat!
  9. And why don’t car dealers torque lug nuts when they rotate tires?
  10. Typically you add an amp to run the added speakers. The existing amp will not have the capacity.
  11. Back in ‘98 a 350 4BBL would be 260 HP. it could have been replaced, but who knows now...
  12. brick

    Battery sizes

    My Merc 350 MAG/MPI requires 950 MCA. I use a group 24 that is rated 1000 MCA. The engine ECU needs to see sufficient voltage to start, so it is important to use a marine “starting” battery. A deep cycle Battery does not provide the short high amperage power required. Volvo engines are know to be very sensitive to correct voltage.
  13. I had a smaller version, 1930 SST, with the “Sport” (rear bench) seating. It had storage for the Bimini over the engine. Yours might, too.
  14. You can check with a local canvas shop, but I suspect you will still wait a few weeks or more.
  15. Due to the design, the sunpad does not extend over the back fiberglass, instead it swings open into the engine area, so any standing water runs down the back of the sunpad and onto the back of the motor.
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