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  1. mikw

    Hello Brick!!

    Long time No See!

    Ive not been on the Chap site in a while - Lots been happening

    Moved a couple times

    sold lake house on Lake Martin


    cashed out on real estate we owned

    and now boating on Lake Guntersville (north alabama)


    hope all is well!!

    1. brick


      We will not be that far behind you! Both kids through college, moved away for jobs. Purchased an Airstream, have done lots of camping. We are camping at Shaefer Heard for the past 10 days, commuting back to PTC for work. 

      I am starting to consider selling the 220 SSi...

      Good to hear from you, enjoy your new lake!

      If you are on Facebook, I am Ted Brickenden. Friends call me brick...




  2. Walk. Too many other boats to pick from.
  3. It probably came with a 2.0 ratio and 24’s. But I think it will perform better with a 2.2 and 26’s, or 24’s if you tend to run with a heavy load. My opinion is Chaparral tended to over-prop some boats until about 2006. brick
  4. brick

    I’m back!!!

    When do you get the new boat?
  5. brick

    It is 8: 25 am.

    You, too! Feels like a 220SSi kind of weekend...
  6. brick

    It is 8: 25 am.

    About to have 9 days at the lake. I will be radio silent...
  7. brick

    prop pitch bravo 3

    Your boat is propped perfectly. Don’t change it. brick
  8. brick

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    Once my engine comes up to normal, the gauge does not move. Idle or WOT makes no difference. If your temp is a moving target, you have an issue somewhere.
  9. brick

    2013 206 SSI-getting to top end

    My 220SSi runs 5mph slower @ WOT with the wakeboard tower. Between the tower, boards and racks, speakers, bimini and mirror adds up to a lot of windage.
  10. brick

    220 ssi with Bravo 3 high altitude

    Good to hear it worked out for you! I still think the 220 SSi is one of the best boats from Chaparral!
  11. brick

    220 SSI Bravo 3 Props

    Changing the impeller is not that difficult. Getting to it is. You can replace the impeller with the pump in place - but you will be working blind. It may be easier to remove the pump, inspect/replace impeller on a workbench, then reinstall. Cool fuel module can be removed for easier access. Good luck!
  12. brick

    Fuel economy 2003 Signature 320 with 350 Mag

    You will be consuming 10 to 12 GPH per motor at 3000 RPM cruise, if the boat is correctly propped to achieve full recommended WOT. At WOT you will be gulping around 24 GPH per motor.
  13. brick

    Safety Lanyard

    Under Federal law, boats over 26 ft in length are not required to have a safety lanyard.
  14. brick

    Safety Lanyard

    Because your boat is too big...
  15. brick

    Repairing fiberglass?

    That looks a bit more severe to me - but certainly fixable.