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  1. brick

    XDP Drives

    That may be why he was selling it. Got the drives cheap, and hoped the buyer does not know the truth about XDP drives... brick
  2. brick

    Freezing temps, help

    Non-marine rated space heaters and light bulbs in the bilge are not a smart choice. They are not spark protected. brick
  3. brick

    Can I tow it? PLEASE HELP

    You can, but not recommended. You will be over the rated tow capacity of the Jeep. My 220SSi weighs 6000lbs, including the trailer and full fuel, so a Sunesta 26 is likely at least 1000 lbs more. Towing is one thing. Stopping is another... brick
  4. brick

    VP DP- s banging/clanking

    Don’t run it unless you want to replace the complete drive. My guess is u-joints. brick
  5. Breaking a rod sounds like you may have been lugging the engine. What WOT RPM did you see? What prop pitch and drive ratio do you have? brick
  6. brick

    Snap-In carpet question

    Snaps need to be installed AFTER you get the new carpet back. You lay the carpet out in the boat, start installing snaps from one end to the other. Using a pro quality snap tool, like a Hoover, is critical for setting snaps. Use cardboard to template the missing section. brick
  7. brick

    small electric current in props

    Good to hear you found the source. ESD (electric shock drowning) is very real and often missed as the cause of death. brick
  8. brick

    Alpha or Bravo Drive

    They look different. Where is the raw water pump? Down low, under the starboard front of the engine? Then it’s a Bravo drive. Twin counter-rotating props? It’s a Bravo 3 drive. Google a picture of each easy to see the difference brick
  9. brick

    Hurricane Florence.

    Thanks for the concern. Yup, Peachtree City, GA is home. No storm impact for us ! Looks like the flooding in the Carolinas is really bad. Sad for those impacted. brick
  10. brick

    Bimini cover extension (visor connection)

    You might be better off having a marine upholstery shop custom make, to ensure a perfect fit. How you have your Bimini adjusted fore to aft affects the fit of the connector panels. So you may be happier with custom made panels. brick
  11. brick

    Duoprop for pulling skier

    A stainless prop will have less flex. Not sure if the blade geometry is the same. I would try them both, see which works best for you. brick
  12. brick

    Duoprop for pulling skier

    From memory B series were aluminum props. C series were stainless. The lower the number the lower the pitch, but Volvo does not list a pitch for their props. So the C5 will have more pitch, which is not as good for pulling up skiers compared to a B4. brick
  13. brick

    DuoProp Labbing

    I had my B3 props done by Bronson Hill Propellers 13 years ago ( they have since closed up shop). Included balancing and polishing. Picked up maybe 1 or 2 mph, biggest difference is how smooth the props were - no vibration. Polished B3 props look great... brick
  14. brick

    Prop Recommendation Thread

    If you only hit 3500 RPM at WOT, that could be the reason you had to rebuild the motor. For long engine life you need to be running in the recommended WOT RPM range. If not, you are “lugging” the engine, which will cause early failure. Too low RPM can be caused by too much prop pitch, a dirty hull bottom or other mechanical issues. Make sure your new motor turns faster than 3500. brick
  15. brick

    Yamaha F150 or F200?

    Get the 200. No regrets... brick