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  1. Anything done to the drive or boat recently? brick
  2. No knock on my outdrive. Something is not right if you hear/feel a clunk. brick
  3. Yup. Two on the pump housing if you have a B3 drive. Access is by feel only, or by holding a small child by the feet... brick
  4. Sounds like air voids. Common in fiberglass to some degree, but sounds like yours is excessive. Air voids are not a difficult fix, and when done properly, cannot be detected, and will not affect long term durability of the boat. It is unfortunate, but I expect Chaparral will do a nice job fixing it up. brick
  5. I think it is reasonable to ask what the repair plan is. When I got my boat back, it was better than new - clean, buffed, even the broken speaker grills were replaced. And my boat was 5 years old at the time. I was so impressed with the service that I bought a new 1930SST. Ask your dealer what the plan is... brick
  6. And if your boat has a problem, best option is to let the factory handle it. If the issue is the hull, I suspect Chaparral may simply install the deck and engine onto a factory fresh hull. brick
  7. I have owned four Chaparral boats, all purchased from the same dealer, over 25+ years. My first boat, a 1991 1600SL/90Merc developed a soft spot in the floor around the ski locker. Dealer arranged for Chaparral to repair at the factory, in Nashville GA. I towed the boat to Chaparral over the fall off-season. Turn around time was about three months. Came back perfect. Hitch your boat up, and head to GA. brick
  8. Assume you are working through your dealer? What does your dealer say? brick
  9. There is never enough garage space... brick
  10. Unfortunately, we put the boat up for the winter. We are primarily water sports, so the season is April to October. Winterizing by early November is a wise move - you can count on a freeze by late November or early December, and then everyone is scrambling to have their boat serviced. I keep my boat in a garage, so I could probably get away without winterizing, but I sleep better when it is ready for it's winter nap. We are going out Thursday. High 80's and plants of sunshine. So the season is not quite over yet... brick
  11. You can find a service manual for the engine/drive from Merc or Volvo. Doubt you will find a Chaparral owners manual, but they tend to be very generic, and don't cover the engine. brick
  12. What's an "off-season"??? time to move south... brick
  13. By comparison, On my 220SSi, I run 24's with a 350 MAG/MPI 2.0 ratio B3 drive and see 4800 RPM on a heavy loaded boat and 5000 RPM with a light load. I think 22's are your starting point. brick
  14. From your numbers, I think the 22's. What is the WOT RPM range for the new motor? I like to run to the upper end of the range. brick
  15. You should carry a barrel on board... brick