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  1. RichMarionOhio

    Redneck A/C unit

    A couple of years back, there was a discussion about building or buying a portable a/c system to cool cabins on boats that did not have factory air. It was jokingly called "the Red Neck" air conditioner. I found this unit available on Wayfair which, although a little pricy, might fill the bill, https://www.wayfair.com/outdoor/pdp/icybreeze-38-qt-portable-air-conditioner-cooler-without-battery-icyb1002.html?source=gateway
  2. RichMarionOhio

    Testing photo hosting

    Found a new (to me) FREE picture hosting site and it's very user friendly. www.picturetrail.com VERY simple uploading and it provides you with clickable links to attach your picture to our forum pages. Simply select "Image URLs" at the top of the page, then select "Direct Image Link" from the menu below the picture you want to post. Click this link (it highlights in blue, Copy it and paste it to your post on the forum. Easy - Peezy.
  3. RichMarionOhio

    Dual Battery Upgrade for a 215 SSi Cuddy

    I've never had a starting battery fail (knock on wood) but I have always kept a set of jumper cables on board. That way, rather than mess around switching batteries or cables, I would be able to just jump from my twin house batteries.
  4. Hey Yogi, You might try Trailer Parts Superstore (Eastern Marine) online. Unknown if the ship to Canada but I highly recommend them. http://www.easternmarine.com/
  5. RichMarionOhio


    Check out this discussion thread. There are several FREE options
  6. RichMarionOhio

    Photobucket demise - What to do now?

    Testing, One, Two, Three....Test....Test..... This is using Microsoft One Drive Edit: Ahhhh, you have to use the "Insert Other Media" link in the lower right hand corner of THIS page and the paste the embed link info from the One Drive page there.
  7. RichMarionOhio

    Photobucket demise - What to do now?

    Well, their (Google) system doesn't work. All it does is post the address of the photo as a shareable link like this.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxEezWHN2JhbMjkxdVRPdkx5b28/view?usp=sharing and not the actual photo. I had to upload an attachment photo to my profile to get my signature photo to show. Any ideas how to get linked photos to show? Or am I to use another service? Thanks!
  8. RichMarionOhio

    Photobucket demise - What to do now?

    Well, I bid Photobucket a not-so-fond farewell today. Downloaded all my content and cancelled the account. I'm now using Google My Drive. Question is this..... Over the years I've shared lots of project photos, several manual PDF's, etc. Do I need to revisit each and every post and insert the new shared address or do I just forget it for now. Of course, I'll update the profile links but what are the the other members leaning towards?
  9. RichMarionOhio

    Bimini windshield mount

    Here are the photos of my TaylorMade bimini mounts. These were Chaparral factory installs. The ends of the tubing are shaped such that the tapered end fits down into the slot then turns to lock it in place.
  10. RichMarionOhio

    Bimini windshield mount

    Mine are plastic from the factory. Boat is covered up right now but I'll get a picture of it and post it tomorrow. Entirely different than the one that Brick has pictured.
  11. RichMarionOhio

    canvas enclosure

    Hi and welcome to the Chaparral forum! Yes, prices for full enclosures are ridiculous. For that reason, I'm going to fabricate my own. WWW.Sailrite.com offers all the materials and many, very helpful and detailed videos for the do-it-yourselfer.
  12. RichMarionOhio

    1993 chaparral 1900 sl engine/sterndrive?

    Take it from a guy that did a complete restoration on a Mercury equipped boat. Before I acquired that boat, I researched a couple others, namely a Volvo setup and a Yamaha setup. There were little to no parts listed on eBay for either of those two brands but for the Mercury/Mercruiser, there were literally TONS of options. So in my opinion, if you are a DIY guy, stay away from anything other than Mercury/Mercruiser.....unless you are prepared to pay top price at the local marine dealership for the parts you need. Not saying that one brand is better than another but that parts availability is certainly an issue you should consider.
  13. RichMarionOhio

    Build Quality

  14. RichMarionOhio

    Quicksilver Throttle 1989

    I don't *think* there was any slack but it's been a couple years since I had my unit apart. I do remember that threading the wires around inside the unit was tight.
  15. RichMarionOhio

    FARMER 51

    Yes sir. On the inside of the hull right at the clamp. The new stainless steel one that I got from Wholesale Marine also had a brass screen in it to keep bugs out.