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  1. Waters a bit chilly .... 5-6 degrees C .... so .... roughly 36 -38 F -ish
  2. Hiya my Chappy Friends ! Been a while ! Just wanted to share a video of some fun freediving we did a few weeks ago with some playful Stellar Sealions I hope the link works .... https://www.facebook.com/cjorca/posts/10154502310485180
  3. Cause we live in Vancouver and only ended up on Shuswap with this big baby the one time
  4. Looks amazing ! Nicely done
  5. Yes ! Was us ! We kept it when we sold our boat & will sell it if anyone is interested .... PM me
  6. we didn't - that's Castles' (our dog) sister - we were dog sitting for our friends who own her turns out she LOVES SUP'ing too !
  7. OP !!!! Miss ya too !!! I'll be at the 2016 Van Boat Show - hope to see ya !!!
  8. That's the exact flooring we did in our 270 ! looks sooooooo awesome !!!
  9. our 2008 Sig 270 - was actually 29ft LOA.... (single engine) earlier 270 had the wider beam & twin engines....(which I think was later designated the 280 ...) the 2010-2016 Sig 270 is actually 27ft (Which use to be the older Sig 250/260) ... even clearer mud right ?!
  10. ya - the Silvertons are nice too - lots of them up here to choose from. Really miss chatting with you all I'll pop back on from time to time Cheers !!!
  11. Learning to Surf - Tofino, British Columbia Chillin with the dogs at the lake... On the Beach - Oregon
  12. Old Failthful - Yellowstone National Park Some of the Wildlife in Yellowstone this man holding up traffic...
  13. Hiking to the Top of the Inferno Cone Volcano - Craters of the Moon National Park More Caving in Craters of the Moon National Park (Idaho) The Exit/Entrance to one of the Cave Systems - Boyscout was a Little tight for the guys (as our friend Mike here demonstrates trying to get back OUT)
  14. We've been looking at the Meridians - 341 & 391 ..... Love the Look of the Cruisers Yachts 420 Express & 3870 Express (our friend has the 3780)
  15. Tough Mudder Whistler 2015 Bonfire on the Beach - Oregon Grand Prismatic Spring - Yellowstone National Park Cave Spelunking in Craters of the Moon National Park - Idaho