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  1. we had a 2007 270 - had the 496 -8L (375hp) engine - was great for hole shot under heavy loads .... (personally I think get the highest hp available - as a just in case) our vessel fully fueled/full water/Tender & engine& all our stuff - I'd think it would have struggled a wee bit with the 6.2L engine ... but if it has trim tabs - you'd probably be ok .... they will help with hole-shot & trimming when underway with un-even loads (persons on board / water to black water ratio etc) Take her for a sea-trial & open her up - see how she feels
  2. You could install a Kicker/Aux o/b motor as a back up. there are mounts available (electric wont be powerful enough for your boat) depending on where you boat - there may be a Towing Service company in your area, you can call in event of such an event (here in the BC - we have C-Tow "the Auto Club of the Sea" Marine Assistance Towing Company) - https://c-tow.ca/ Some hail other boater in the area for a tow .... though not all will offer to do so.
  3. Towing a dingy is usually done by the slower Trawlers 8-10 knots .... if getting up on a plane - I wouldn't even consider towing a dingy. install a davit system on your swimgrid or lash it to the bow if this is going to be a 1 time trip with a Tender/dingy ......
  4. Yup - the Transients do that here all the time ! its crazy to see.... of you go on to Facebook & Follow Sooke Coastal Explorations https://www.facebook.com/sookewhalewatching/ - Paul sees this type of Feeding/Hunting techniques with the Transient Orca all the time and posts it Eagle Wing Whale Watching sees them too ... https://www.facebook.com/EagleWingTours/ http://orcazine.com/biggs-orcas-not-transient-anymore/?fbclid=IwAR36z3wjL7uuwQUxTdTCg7UCW5l3SMNAocRk1cWuCPteEhg07PD2eUbfsSE
  5. John, just an after though - if you do look at used boats, I feel I should warn you about the XDP Outdrives Volvo had available, as I'm STILL seeing some of them out there on used cruisers for sale. It was a Composite Outdrive, designed for Saltwater use (all Black) that unfortunately had SEVERAL ISSUES with Bellows ripping leading to Y-Pipes corrosion and a large PLETHORA of other problems. These out drives were available not only on Chaparrals - but on Sea Ray, Regal, Bayliner, Monteray - just about all Boat Manufacturers ... so please do your due diligence when searching If y
  6. 2 moths of record rainfall !? Wow - We've just had our 4th DRIEST October on record here - it has been an amazingly dry & warm October. (which is normally wet & gloomy) I hope you get everything done on your boat before the cold weather hits you guys
  7. cj-orca

    XDP Drives

    So - I was at a boat dealer a while back - they had a used Regal on their lot with XDP's on it. (I though for sure these were all gone by now) I casually asked the dealer if he knew the problems with the Volvo XDP drives and that its next to impossible to get parts for them WHEN they go ..... he just shrugged - said he hadn't but it wouldn't be his problem when they did - its a used boat .... ya - there's a dealer I'LL NEVER use & warn all my friends about. I sincerely hope everyone was able to get their XDP problems resolved with Volvo ???
  8. OMG ! I would have jumped in !!!!
  9. totally not worried about the Orca - this day we were in the water for the 4 hrs. The sun didn't actually rise over the horizon - so you have to take advantage of every drop of daylight. as the light was fading - I jumped on the paddle board to rest & then head back to boat when the orca came right up to me and I waved bye. I actually have underwater video of one going right up to my Hubby & checking him out ! was amazing !!!! http://arctic-freediving.com/ this is the company we dove with ! and Redbull had Video crew on the week we were there .... the video is awesome !
  10. US-FGBC0927C202 the last 2 numbers in the Hull serial # is the yr Hull manufactured so yours is a 2002
  11. fishing & and of course the usual critters around .... http:// http://
  12. Howdy Ya'll !! While we haven't really bought another cruiser - we did get a small 14ft RIB for exploring/diving/crabbing etc .... http:// and have been on some wonderful world adventures ... Went to Norway to freedive with the orca !!! http:// Mountain top overlooking the City of Tromso (Norway) http:// this was my last day with them - me saying goodbye ! and had some wonderfull fishing days here in BC !
  13. thank you totally forgot photobucket
  14. ok - its been a while since I've been on the forum. How do I add a photo ? I tried to drag, tried to Choose file (photo) to add .... nothing works it states only allowed to upload 10.24 kb - but my photos are under that ...
  15. http:// John, no haven't really - just a little 14ft RIB to bomb around diving & crabbing from .....
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