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  1. The 14th miner just came up and his son joined him in the capsule to give him a hug that was 69 days in the making
  2. They now have 11 of the 33 above ground. Lots of work still to go but so far they all appear to be in good shape
  3. 69 days underground Miners are FREE They are bringing them to the surface now. Great sites to see God Bless each and everyone of them and their families. As well I want to Say H3ll Yeah to ALL that were involved with the rescue opperation I must say it brings tears to my eyes everytime aguy is brought to the surface
  4. For all you transformer fans out there, they had a little mistake today in DC while filming a scene. The DC. cop was not part of the script
  5. acr242004

    House Fire

    Lets see what everyons thoughts are on this one Rural Tennessee fire sparks conservative ideological debate Just about anything can be fodder for an ideological dispute these days. Just consider news of the recent fire at Gene Cranick's home in Obion County, Tenn. Here's the short version of what happened: In rural Obion County, homeowners must pay $75 annually for fire protection services from the nearby city of South Fulton. If they don't pay the fee and their home catches fire, tough luck -- even if firefighters are positioned just outside the home with hoses at the ready. Gene Cranick foun
  6. I laughed my butt off at the 47 sec. mark when the lady slammed into the pole
  7. it was being built to help out with the oil spill. now it is being sold as the ultimate party barge
  8. not sure what to say about this one And yes that is 2000 horsepower on the back
  9. I had to go to Charleston SC over the weekend to mourn the loss of a great friend. He loved being on and around the water. We had his service on the Air Force base on Sat. and many of us were going to sit at the boat ramp on the ICW. (gotta love boat ramp follies.) Well his Father asked us if we would take the wreath from the service and place it in the ICW which we did with honor. Well while we were there watching the boats a small boat from the US Coast Guard pulled up to the dock with a disabled boat in tow. I walked down and ask them if they would take the wreath out and place it in the wa
  10. Billy was your girl friend on the left side of the plane??
  11. was the bull ok. Someone may need to call the humane socity for animal crulity. LOL
  12. great video. I also want tosay THANKS to all our men and weomen in uniform.
  13. here is a great site that will track your fuel usage for you http://www.fuelly.com this site will show you graphs over time so you can see if you are droping mpgs over time here is a page from the site so you can see all the info it gives you and you can update with a text http://www.fuelly.com/driver/mathowie/x5 you can also use the site to look at other vehicles the same as yours to see if your MPGs are within the avg. of like vehicles
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