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  1. I had that done 18 months ago, the mechanic said they looked great and replaced the gaskets. Had another mechanic do some other work 12 months ago and told me he never takes them off to look and replace gaskets, always replaces everything and that he thinks the previous mechanic only replaced one gasket and never touched the other one (he said it looks like the bolts and paint have never been touched on the port side one but that he could tell starboard had been opened up). I think I can go another 12+ months but have always heard horror stories about waiting too long to replace everything.
  2. What is the generally accepted timeline for replacing the newer dry joint style exhausts run in saltwater? I have a 2008 Mercruiser 350mag and flush the motor with fresh water for 5-10 minutes after every use. I have just over 200 hours and I know it would be time (overdue, probably) with older wet joint risers but haven't seen anything definitive on the newer style dry joints. Any guidelines?
  3. When I press the active alarms, is says "engine sensor" and "1 of 1" above and to the right of the "engine sensor". I just didn't know if there was a combination of buttons to push to see which code it is on the list. I'm assuming 1 of 1 doesn't necessarily mean cam sensor problem, which is number 1 on the list.
  4. Is there a way to tell which code it is off the digital display or does one have to hook up a computer to tell which code it is? My boat barely idles when cold, sometimes I even have to give it a little throttle (in neutral, of course) to get her to start right away, this all makes me wonder if it is the IAC since it seems to run fine when warmed up.
  5. Tolson37, any update? I'm having a very similar issue with mine...
  6. Great list, thanks Wingnut. Should make troubleshooting a little easier now. I always learn new stuff here, this place is great.
  7. Sort of having the same issue...2008 Mercruiser 350 Magnum with Smartcraft package. Throws "engine sensor" code usually on first cold start, beeps a few times then stops, especially if I warm it up a little then turn the motor off for a few seconds then start it back up. Last time out, it just kept beeping every 3 minutes or so and no way to shut it off. Everything seems normal, engine runs fine. Any ideas??? I do have someone coming out with a laptop to look at it and should know more after that but any guesses for now??? Thanks as always for the great advice on this site, you guys are
  8. Just out of curiosity, why do some replacement pumps have air fittings and others don't? I'm looking at part # 862914T10 or T11 (I think that's the right part for motor with serial numbers in the 1A05XXX range).
  9. I like Sheps idea as well. OEM pumps are more expensive and (possibly) of lesser quality. Gonna get a second opinion and possibly get the pump shep pointed out, thanks guys!!,
  10. Previous 2 times out on the boat, for about 45 minutes each, I noticed a little rust on all of the pulleys on the serpentine belt and the engine was running rough until it had "warmed up" for about 5-10 minutes, strange but once running normally, all gauges showed temps, etc in limits. Mechanic was changing the fluids last week and he told me the raw water pump had sprung a leak and was spraying salt water onto the belt which was making the pulley rusted. It's a 2008 256SSx with the Mercruiser 350 Mag and it has 153 hours on it, has anyone heard of this before, is it a common thing?!? I'm n
  11. A friend with a 256ssi with a 350 volvo said it might be a distributor cap, I'll look into that as well...thanks for all the suggestions so far.
  12. It's a 350 Merc Magnum with B3 drive. I'm pretty sure it makes all the beeps on startup, the gauges all do the gyration then settle down like normal. I will check all the things listed above. I pushed in the center button on the throttle/shifter and set it to about 1/3 throttle, it started and caught for about 2 seconds on that one but then died right after. I didn't want to push that technique too hard, didn't know if it would cause some damage.
  13. Went to the corner store and bought 5 gallons of fresh 93 octane and even put in a little ethanol inhibitor just in case there was some water in there, still didn't work. I did try cranking it for about 10-15 seconds on 2 occasions and as soon as I stop cranking, it just dies. I don't normally let it go below 1/4 of a tank but I live right near a marina and we were headed there to fill up. It's a 2008 Mercruiser 350 Mag but I don't know which kind of pump it is.
  14. Took my 2008 256ssx out on Tues, ran like a champ. Started it up Sunday, backed out of the slip, put it in drive and it slowly sputtered then died. Engine will turn over and catch for a half a second, then just die. It shows about 1/8 of a tank of gas so I put in 5 gallons from a can just to make sure it had gas in it, same thing. It's got 2 new batteries and she turns over just fine but it will only catch for less then a second (if at all), then it dies. I was thinking fuel filter/water separator but that was replaced 7 months ago and I only use ethanol free gas so I think maybe fuel pum
  15. Thanks guys, it worked! I charged 2 new batteries, including a new deep cycle house battery, took out the old ones and installed the new ones...she cranked for about 5 seconds then fired right up and purred like a kitten. You guys saved me some major headaches, I appreciate the help. Just an FYI, that is some tight working quarters down there taking those 2 batteries out. It took about 30 minutes total to remove 2 and install 2 but it was tight, I wish I had a chinese acrobat to help me. Many thanks again guys!
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