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  1. Love the feedback. RaftUp is not intended to be another form for commercial A.I.S. systems. It's a social boating platform and it costs $0 to use as it can install on a mobile phone and be used anywhere there is a cell signal. A.I.S. systems are expensive and there are apps that have A.I.S. data in which they charge a subscription. Also - RaftUp is intended everyone in the boat and not just the captain. There are some wonderful overly complicated navigation apps out there and we do not want any part of that market.
  2. Sam, Thank you for helping us map out Lake Sebago in Maine and your continued feedback on how we can improve. Cheers, Corey
  3. You are most welcome! Thank you for joining and helping us. Cheers!
  4. We decided to not plaster advertisement all over the application as we are looking to a Subscription model. We noted the pricing details on our website as well. At the moment we do not have a way to limit usage to the states in which we are starting. (Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Florida, and Louisiana.) Free Access to map to view points of interest (for those users in areas that have point of interest information) Submit an SOS notification to share location with nearby users Paid Free features plus Add friends Create Points of
  5. Hey Brick, Have you check out our website or the knowledge base? 1. Communiy - You can add boating friends to your community and always keep up on their location on the water. (Note) There are privacy settings in the Gear icon so that you can be invisible, visible to your friends, or visible to anyone. 2. Points of interest - at the moment we have populated marine points of interest in 7 States - Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Florida. (Note) - we would grow into other states as soon as we started to learn where users would like it to grow. In you
  6. We are building for Android at the moment. Email me at corey@raftup.com and I can give you a free yr membership. Hudson River area is now on the hot list. Cheers! Corey
  7. Good to hear it. Yes, very new app. We have Android and a web portal coming soon. We are releasing new features in a couple of weeks. Don't hesitate to pm me with feedback. Cheers, Corey
  8. Love it! I have your email. I would like to catch up with you. Please email me at corey@raftup.com Thank You!
  9. BoatingSam, Did you fill out the password twice? We have found that some phones have to scroll down to fill out the password twice and then fill out their username/handle. Please email me at corey@raftup.com I can help resolve the account signup immediately. Thank You, Corey
  10. Mid summer. Email us at contact@raftup.com and we can add you to our list of 100 first Android users who can get RaftUp for free. Cheers
  11. We utilize google maps and all bodies of water available via two map settings for free. Points of Interest - the plan is to grow to the entire US as quickly as possible with points of interest. The real benefit that we have seen from early user input is the socialization of help and being able to see a community of "Rafters" as that can save time for everyone by not playing cat and mouse while on the water. What's an hour worth to you if you are not waiting or driving around looking for friends, family, or that place while on the water? The app is free to download and a user
  12. Will do! Thanks That's one thing I have noticed, there could be 100's of facebook pages for one body of water.
  13. Yes, We will edit and add the lake. I believe we may have it mapped as "Trinity", sorry about that we don't pay our interns much.. Fuel Prices - Rodger that! Yes - users and add Points of Interest at the moment all user generated points are public. We will be adding group privilages and private privilages soon. Thanks!
  14. Thanks! TUBER - Do you earn points for staying on longer?
  15. Hello Fellow Chappy Fans and Owners, It's been a very long time since last I posted on the Chaparral Forum and for good reason. I have been busy building a startup "RaftUp" and namesake app for recreational boaters could use to keep in touch and potentially add some safety. I am a big Chaparral Boating fan and ex-owner "I sold my boat for my startup", a big portion of what drove me to build this technology was inspired by my long experience with all things boating, boat ownership of a 2008 Chaparral 276 SSX and the Chaparral Community. I know that there are several wonderful navigati
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