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  1. All, My final Update - Once my props were re-pitched to "F4", the boat performance change is kinda shocking. I plane in under 8 sec. Top at around 47/48 mph and 4800/4900 RPM. I had 7 abord over the weekend, full tank of fuel and 10 gal of fresh water and she went right on plane. I am sure I got the wrong props back when they were serviced two years ago. I am fairly sure the variability was weight. Add a few adults, some ballast and full tanks, and I just did not have the HP to get the F5's to get me on plane. I wish I did not fight it for the past 2 years, but hey - all is good now. Thanks for all the help - I never even considered the props I got back were not the ones I sent out, but that is the only plausible cause. MARK YOUR PROPS WHEN YOU SEND THEM FOR SERVICE!!!
  2. UPDATE; Well, The props are back and the shop just called. They hit 4900 RPM and 49MPH with a 3/4 tank of gas!!! That has never happened before - I can't wait for the weekend!!! Nor can I believe it took me 4 years to find this! I'll post a final update once I get out this weekend - Looking forward to seeing what change it has on the hole shot.
  3. Brick, Thanks! I am more anxious to get on the water, than to save a few deer. Do you see a problem re-pitching F5's to F4's? The shop says no problem and I can be on the water by the weekend. I could go new F4's and sell the F5's and be in the same ballpark cost - thoughts? (I live in upstate NY and we get a short season as it is - I have only 2 or 3 good weekends left as sad as it it - don't wanna miss one!
  4. Soldier, I think you have this wrong - According to the charts I have seen from Volvo, a F5 would give better top speed, worse hole shot - However, you only get the better top speed if you can hit the RPM, and my 5.0 can not, therefor I tend to lose it on both sides. At least this is my thoughts - Other opinions? I am fairly sure the F4 will give better hole shot than F5 - At least I want it too!!!
  5. To all that have posted / helped and read - New development! I just learned that my boat was speced with F4's as has been discussed. But now she seems to have F5's. I have owned her since new, so either it was built wrong, Swapped by the selling dealer or some other mistry. It does not explain the variability - I am now thinking it has to do with load. Full tank of gas and ballast and 4 adults and some scum on the hull is enough to keep her from getting on plane, run the tank down and ditch an adult or two, clean the hull and she runs acceptably, just not great. So next question; my shop says new F4's are 1500 large, they can re-pitch F5's to F4's for $200. Thoughts?? seems like a bad idea, but the shop did not seam concerned - appreciate any input
  6. So I just found this thread and my profile are for sure timed wrong since I had them off over a year ago. Anyone know what the problems are and why timing is important? I am very interested. Thanks
  7. Cyclops, Would you think trying F3's is I can find some to borrow is worth a shot?
  8. They are F4's - do not know the specs other than I am out around 1500 deer if I get new ones. May try some F3's and see what happens
  9. Agree - thanks - however, Props can not give me a "variable" problem nor rob power from the hole shot as well as the top end can they? if I had a pitch issue, I would think I shoot out of the hole and over rev, or have a poor hole shot and a high top end speed?
  10. I will check compression - There is a problem for sure. Friday it would not even plan with 4 people. Not much of a wake boat! However, the problem seems to come and go a bit - but she is always lacking a bit of power. I have had her since new (165hrs ago / 3 season). It used to jump out of the hole and now it is a dog. So I am used to the boat - just no so in love with it any longer.
  11. All I have is GPS speed - Both units read the same (zero-off and the sonar). Friday was 4 adults and a full tank of gas and she would not plane. yesterday, with 3/4 tank and two people, it ran much better.
  12. Thanks - Hull was just done and waxed. Given it was terrible on Friday, and yesterday was way better, I was thinking compression is unlikely - I am thinking maybe an injector, or air fuel mix issue. I will pour some sea foam through her next - cant hurt. Not sure it really cleans injectors, but worth a try
  13. All, Thanks for the help so far. My new info is: Yes - they are "Repaired" F4 props (I folded them two seasons ago) New plugs and wires Fuel is new / and fuel pressure is a constant 60psi Last night she ran way better - slow out of the hole still but managed to reach 45mph and 4500RPM. Still a bit sluggish IMHO. Chap has said that engine should hit 5000RPM. since the problem seems to vary a bit, I think ruling out compression makes sense (yes?). Also, props do not seem like the root as the problem seems to vary a bit over time. Plus, I seem low on power at both hole shots and top end, so it seems more a power issue than a prop issue (yea??) So I am now wondering about an o2 sensor and a mix issue or maybe plugged injectors? Would love any other ideas. I am so glad I have two boats - I am starting to spend so much time fishing, I dont have time to fix the wake boat!
  14. a good summer to forget......I guess if I am to have boat problems - this is the summer. Too much water to boat - seems odd for sure. my marina is in the bay which is no-wake now - makes the lake an hour away! Fishing is good though - and I topped off the fleet with a pair of old wave runners - makes five vessels with haul id's. Have I lost my mind?
  15. Dave - That is what I have always thought - since I have neither hole shot or top end, Props seem like the wrong place to start. I am having a fuel flow test tomorrow and will go from there - This really sucks. I bought a new boat to avoid just this!! First world problems I guess!