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  1. The windlass was originally installed by Legendary Marine in Destin. It is powered from the house battery with the control relay located in the dry near the anchor rode storage area. The circuit breaker is located in the rear power panel where the battery switches are located (see pic) and the anchor rode is stored below the windlass in the original anchor storage area. I am using 15' chain with 150' rope through a Lewmar V700. I upgraded from the original windlass this past spring. Access to straighten out the rope can be made from above through the lid opening. I have never had issues
  2. Here is the windlass of our 276 SSX with the bow ladder removed to make it work. The windlass is a Lewmar V700.
  3. The corrosion is caused from using steel screws to mount the bimini brackets on an aluminum arch. Apply Tef Gel on the screws to prevent the corrosion.
  4. Just spoke to Liquid Lite and was told that enough orders had already been placed to get the 199.
  5. Put me on the list also please!
  6. ditto....we keep ours on a rack. Probably saves us a least an hour on the put in and take out.
  7. Please post some information about your trip up the intercostal to Destin. We hope to pull our boat to PCB this siummer and make the same trip to Destin. We'll probably keep the boat on a rack at St Andrews Treasure Island Marina. Have Fun!
  8. N2SUN


    What about Joe Wheeler State Park?
  9. N2SUN

    Blower LEDs

    Had the same problem with a blower led out. Radio Shack had the replacement leds and replaced both. Very easy fix.
  10. Lost an endcap last summer and ordered replacements direct from Windline. Got the customer service number from their website. They new just what I needed for my boat model and had them in hand within 3 or 4 days.
  11. I've got 3 with 16's and disc brakes.
  12. Previous owner had it installed @ Legendary Marine, Destin, Florida. Works GREAT, and worth every penny he paid for it!
  13. Here is what the windlass looks like on a 276ssx. The ladder has been removed.
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