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  1. yup, all true, the water is thinner too, your boat sits slightly deeper since the SW boat does not change but the SW from the water does, If you add salt to water, {saltwater versus fresh water} the water is heavier, thus your boat floats higher and has to push less water out of the way to move, besides that props have a better grip in heavier water too. For everyone thinking i'm joking, click the link http://www.infoplease.com/cig/science-fair-projects/objects-float-better-salt-water-fresh-water.html
  2. martin1959

    285 SSI question

    i have a 285 ssi, twin volvo's, i wouldn't want a different layout, the u shape seating in the back is awesome, the v-berth, is big, i mean it's really big, and the main reason i bought it, we camp on it regularly, just the 2 of us, and it's roomy enough for that, i think chaparral builds solid boats, this is something you cannot see from the outside, but it's there.
  3. martin1959

    Volvo Fuel Pump issues

    One cannot get to all locations on the pump, plus one does not know what paint solvent does to seals etc, be really careful with using paintsolvent, mostlikely it will void your warranty as well, {if you still have warranty,} believe me, i have thought about your idea too.
  4. martin1959

    Time for a new engine

    Any indication as to what caused the rocker arm assembly to break into 2 pieces? anyone? IMO it would be a good idea to change the valve assembly too anyway, it could be slightly misformed and cause problems down the road.
  5. martin1959

    Transporting a boat 1000 miles.

    All above advise is to personal preferences, what i missed is, i also strap my leg up, the bouncing of the heavy leg assembly could take it's toll on the transom, the strap helps with minimizing the affect from this. Also it is a good idea to cover your window glass, flying rocks can put a star in it, same like with any vehicle.
  6. martin1959

    Volvo Fuel Pump issues

    SAVE your pump. just reading all the Quote's, yes i went through a few pumps too, In my opinion it's the added ethanol {alcohol } which causes the paint to come loose, and wreck your pump, it's in boats, my machinerie, my neighbors machinerie who has a different fuel supplier etc etc, the manufacturers should know there should be NO paint inside the pumps, but that would end their lucrative little pump selling business. Anyway, i want to add this info, at putting on your new fuelfilter, fill the filter up with gas before you mount it, so your pump does not run dry for a few moments, this truly extends the life of your pumps, in my case, where the boat gets used for 2 weeks, and sits for 50 weeks, now i even take off the pump assembly, empty them and store them dry, to prevent the paint dissolving, anyone who has his/her boat sitting for an extended period of time { winter } would be smart to do this too. it's a 5 minute job to take them off { mark all connections with color, so you know which hose goes where in the spring } mounting back takes 15 minutes at most.
  7. martin1959

    Time for a new engine

    Curious as to what the outcome will be, keep me posted. reading it all, the irregular popping sound indicates an irregular port {valve, rocker} problem, same as when you go see the dentist, take it apart, and everything looks good, put it back together and ouch, there it is again. The zero % compression can almost only be caused by the ports, A piston even with a small hole in it,usually still shows some compression, this is because of the slow movement of air {air mixture}.
  8. martin1959

    Winterize Boat - 210 SSi

    If you're not familiar with it, spend the money, have it done right, PLUS any isseus showing up with it, will be fixed over the winter instead of your day planned on the water. I'm a life time mechanic, {Not marine thoug} and i take way more steps as needed just to be sure, there is knowledge, tricks and experience which you will never find all in books or forums. if the costs are an isseu, tell the mechanic to keep costs down as much as possible, so they do only the really needed drainage and inspection.
  9. martin1959

    Swuswap Lake - 2011-07-24 to 31

    for over 20 years on the shuswap 1 or 2 weeks towards end of july, blind bay area, how comes i've never seen you guys,
  10. martin1959

    Any Chap owners in Western Canada?

    same thing here, ab but boating in bc, usually on the shuswap
  11. martin1959

    My first winter season as a boat

    why is everyone forgettting the calender here?
  12. martin1959

    I would like to ask everyones opinion,

    The number of boats requiring service has been growing faster as the available mechanic/service people, so yes it is always a good idea to double check that nothing got overlooked. As for the mechanics reading this; the job has to be done 100%, this differs you from an ordinary guy who does it 99%, and if you do delagate certain work, you are still required to check it, don't expect anyone born with the knowledge. those are my 2 cents i put in after several mishaps with several boatserviceshops, i think there is a responsibility/oppertunity up for grabs by mercruiser and volvo.
  13. martin1959

    I know I have never heard of this

    no tip here for you , however the ones dealing with the fill/level plug on outdrives without the seperate oilreservoir it helps to put the fill/level plug back in first before one takes the fillerpump of and tries to quickly put the drainplug back in. and heating up oil helps with ALL thick viscosity oil-applications however too warm makes it really thin too.
  14. martin1959

    Where do you boat?We mainly boat

    Darn summer is over as it looks like, i asume you found your spot, if not let me know otherwise and i'll give you half a dozen places with phonenumbers, campground with lake acces or marina? we usually dock in blind bay area, and camp on the boat. p.s it's way easier to find a boatlaunch in shuswap area as to find a gravelroad.
  15. martin1959

    Hey everyone !!! In

    There is paint specially made for painting fabrics, i do not know how they stand up, just that it is available. A better choice would be, take off the ceiling board al together, and any upholstery place can put a new covering on it. a third choice might be, to see if chaparral still has a replacement available, you can find this out through the parts forum where huge files are for a lot of boats. Good luck.