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  1. Thanks and good to know. I had a similar issue with my bayliner. Switched to the 4 blade prop and helped tremendously out of the hole but killed me top speed. For me, wasn't an issue (top speed) but definitely an underpowered boat. I'll keep searching through the two boats. Thanks for the feedback. PS: Was a "nice" 290 but not had the care that I like to see in a used boat. I'm still looking based on what I saw.
  2. All, Recently joined the forum and I lam looking forward to learning as much as possible. The Admiral and I sold a 26 foot Bayliner (cruiser) a couple years ago when she was pregnant with our first. Now a couple years later and we are ready to jump back in. We are in the hunt for a 30 foot range used 2003-2006 cruiser. I really like both the 290 and the 310. I have also looked at (sorry) the sundancer(s). Not looking for a SR verses Chap conversation but I am curious for everyone's thoughts on the 290 and the 310. I did a few searches and really didn't find much other than the the leaks issue (top by arch) for 2005 and older models. What else? Boating history: I grew up boating in lake erie (fishing). Had a boat most of my life. My last boat as mentioned was the bayliner ciera 26. Good little boat but ready to move up in size and fit/finish. I'm a decent wrench but prefer a professional. I am a decent captin but have a lot to learn. Taken a few courses but have just cut the surface. How we use the boat: I (we) don't do much entertaining. Very seldom we will have another couple join us an cruise "downtown" (annapolis) and find a moring ball. Never overnight with another couple (never had the space or desire). Typically it is just my wife and I so I assume it will now be my wife, myself, and my 2 year old son. We like to travel to a "destination" and stay on a hook. I have always had some sort of dinghy that I have used for fishing and to get to shore as needed/desired (west marine roll up before). We boat exclusively on the bay but I would like to make a longer trip down to virginia beach if we get a bigger boat. What I think are on my "must have" list: Genset Windless AC/Heat So now my questions (minus price): 310 verses 290? Opinions given the above mentioned use? Options? What should be on my "must have" list and why?i Engines? (I don't pull people and typically just "cruise" (20-25 MPH in old boat) to destination Props/outdrives to get it out of the water? Just a note: love the chaps and looks like a great group of folks/forum. I am excited to learn more and will be doing some searches. Sorry if i post to some old topics but it's my way of learning. Thanks in advance for the responses. Look forward to getting some opinions. PS: going to go look at a 290 tomorrow so very interested in everyone's opinions.
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