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  1. Wondering if anyone has had long term success with the E Clip fix? After thinking I fix my problem by cleaning the regulator screen 2 times, it happened again. Each time I have a rich situation and foul plugs. The boat sat all of last year after our 5 minute ride and 3rd problem. I have now put in the E Clip, took out the boat and seems to run better than ever till my raw water pump started spewing. Well it is a boat, at least that will be an easy fix.
  2. krmartonik


    The brackets are custom fabricated also.
  3. krmartonik

    Super Bowl 50!

    Just doesn't seem right that the Seahawks are not there. So I will be for DENVER! Payton needs 1 more before retirement. I think Denver will out smart Carolina GO HAWKS!!
  4. We generally boat in the south sound. Have been everywhere from Seattle to Olympia. The sound is generally nicer boating than Lake Washington FYI.
  5. Try to never stop, this year been too busy for winter boating though. Love your boat, looks like my big brother.
  6. The best boating is in salt! If everything checks out, you will be fine
  7. They do have 6 to 8 pin adapters if you do not want to re wire everything FYI.
  8. Cut out tennis ball is what I do also, works great
  9. He is a stud! And his caddy is from my home town!
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