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  1. referee77

    So who's going on this weekend?

    I only took two photos...
  2. referee77

    Let the 2013 season begin !

    This thread had a lot of details on the LEDs as well: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?showtopic=15267&page=1
  3. Let the 2013 Boat Season begin!!

  4. referee77

    Our 2012 Season is officially over

    We have the Shurhold Dual Action Polisher http://shurhold.com/marine/buffing-machines-pads/dual-action-polisher With the Buff Magic for cut-polish http://shurhold.com/marine/buff-magic-22-oz-1-4-lb-can And the Pro Polish Wax for waxing and polishing http://shurhold.com/marine/pro-polish-16-oz
  5. referee77

    Lenco Trim Tabs

    Based on the number of times I cross the border to a head to Bellingham to shop, buy booze, groceries, and fuel...it might as well be a suburb for sure!! :-)
  6. referee77

    Here she is !!!

    And finally, new clamps modified to mount on sun lounger railing for clipping Weaver Stand-off bars to...
  7. referee77

    Here she is !!!

    Now for the Beckson Clips... Drilling holes.... First set done... More holes... Second one done...
  8. referee77

    Here she is !!!

    Some finished product shots...
  9. referee77

    Here she is !!!

    Up next ... Speakers on the stern ... Out with the old, in with the new... Had to drill new holes. Old Sony speakers had a four screw pattern. New Infinity Speakers have a five screw pattern... More holes... And it's in...
  10. referee77

    Here she is !!!

    So did some more modifications to L'Atatude this past week... Some new speakers (replacements...not additional)... Added some Beckson clips to hold the Weaver Stand-Off Bars... Modified some brackets/clamps to mount on the sun lounger railing to attach the stand-off bars to. Here are some photos... Old Speaker Hole New JBL speaker installed...
  11. referee77

    Here she is !!!

    lol ... I think we just rolled past 350 hours...
  12. referee77

    Here she is !!!

    Bump so I can add photos....to follow soon
  13. referee77

    Ice Chest Size

    I would like to know this as well. I hate the Igloo cooler. Might as well not even bother putting ice in it. Melts right away.
  14. referee77

    Whats with all the triple posts !!! ???

    Or...maybe they should start allowing some of the regular users some Moderator status. This way more people can help with cleaning up the forum. Maybe this way we can have some kind of order. In "Boat Talk" there are 16,726 topics. I can guarantee you that most of these topics have been duplicated, triplicated or even more. The Search function on here sucks, and most people never search a topic before posting a new topic...so the number of topics grow and grow and grow. I'll bet there are a lot of good topics that should still be open for conversation or for adding additional information to, but no one can find them cause they are probably on page 400 of all the topics.
  15. P.S. Webby...how come we can no longer embed YouTube Videos directly in the post?