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  1. Chap442

    Boat won't start!

    year model of boat? size engine? Always provide details When you say it will not turn over- does that mean the engine turns over and will not start or when you turn the key thee is literally no sound and nothing happens- which one? Always give details you will get faster answers
  2. Chap442

    Sad Day time to say Good Bye

    I go next week for an all day test- -thanks for the well wishes.
  3. As one of the originals on this forum A sad day has come as we are parting with our chap. A couple of years back a health issue had us slow down our boating life. After putting this off another year we have put her up for sale. We have treated her everyday like she was still brand new and she still looks it!. I grew up on the water and this will be a difficult task but one we must do. We will miss her-
  4. https://imgur.com/a/qXQGw
  5. Chap442

    My Extended Swim Platform Install

    click his name in this thread and send him a message
  6. Chap442

    You Don't See This Everyday LOL!

    There is toe in, toe out and then this I think it is called Pigeon toe
  7. Not sure what this proves but being that it is winter ...
  8. Chap442

    Speaker replacement

    I upgraded to marine Clairon and Infiniti speakers best price was on amazon
  9. Chap442

    What persauaded you purchase your Chaparral brand boat

    For Under 40 ft boats Chap is the best buy, design and fit for a boat. Once you own one , drive one in rough waters and compare you will see why Shep's statement is right on the money I always encourage those looking at boats to test drive a Chap before purchasing. The only short fall is they have never been able to explain how I can spend more time on the boat! There is nothing quite like a day on the boat in the water
  10. Welcome to the Chap Family from one of the old timers.
  11. Chap442

    gas tank empty or full for winter storage?

    http://www.boatus.com/pressroom/release.asp?id=842#.VBrGjBbTeSo The real answer is if you could be 100% empty then that tis the answer but one drop above that and should fill the tank
  12. Brick - the forum has really grown since we started - not many of us original guys left on here
  13. Solenoid was the issue- went ahead and replaced both of them - found it easier to pull the complete pump assembly loose for easier access. Ready to go again!
  14. that is what I was thinking - We encountered some rain on the way in and all I wanted to do today was get her undercover and get us dry. Before the problem we were having lunch at an on the water eatery and admiral noted how good the chap looks after almost 9 years. NO complaints just want to get her fixed.