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  1. Start out at a slower speed until you pick up a little speed then go full throttle. Full throttle at a dead stop buries the stern and lifts the bow and you will never plane. Most important is load distribution. Unless you want to spend money on new props.
  2. Hello, I saw an old post from you (2018) about some old stock fuel cap PNĀ 99820. Do you still have one of these available by any chance?

    1. bschuster


      yes, I have one left on Craig's list for $75

  3. Oh my I just looked at the date on the post. Guess I'm a little late. LOL!!
  4. Volvo manual states the trim should be up (cylinders extended) when checking the oil level in a sealed system. Milky definitely means water getting in and mixing with oil. Could be as simple as a loose fitting or bad O ring on the fitting.
  5. Oil can works great for filling
  6. Posted our boat on craigslist and boattrader. Received a bunch of garbage offers/scams/crap from craigslist people. Wish people had others things to do other than being a pain. Sold the boat from the boattrader ad in about 6 weeks. Including the 2 weeks to finalize the deal. Received another 9 requests to come look at the boat after I accepted the original offer.
  7. I don't think the refrigerator has any type of drain. Maybe the air conditioner condensation? It's supposed to drain to a sump pump but on mine the drain hose ran over another hose which lifted it higher than the drain pan so it overflowed. I had to reroute the hose.
  8. bschuster

    Sailboat Tow

    Towed in a small power boat with the neighbors sail boat one year. The guys just bought it at a yard sale that day and thought they would take it out on Lake Michigan for a little ride. Not wearing life jackets and none of them knew how to swim.
  9. Guess I should have read the manual closer. I usually turn off the house battery switch along with the motor switches when we leave the boat on Sundays. Figured with the boat on shore-power for the refigerator and battery charger why leave the house battery on. Thanks for the information.
  10. Not all refrigerators switch to DC when unplugged from shore power (AC). Mine just becomes a cooler (no power).
  11. Wired seperately in my boat. Only 1 sensor beeped at a time when high levels or going bad in my boat.
  12. The gas caps were made by Gem Products. I bought the last 2 he had on the shelf last year. We are not supposed to sell stuff on this web site but email me and we can talk off line.
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