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  1. Guess I should have read the manual closer. I usually turn off the house battery switch along with the motor switches when we leave the boat on Sundays. Figured with the boat on shore-power for the refigerator and battery charger why leave the house battery on. Thanks for the information.
  2. Not all refrigerators switch to DC when unplugged from shore power (AC). Mine just becomes a cooler (no power).
  3. bschuster

    Replacing Carbon monoxide detector

    Wired seperately in my boat. Only 1 sensor beeped at a time when high levels or going bad in my boat.
  4. bschuster

    Gas Cap for 2008 190 SSI

  5. bschuster

    Gas Cap for 2008 190 SSI

    The gas caps were made by Gem Products. I bought the last 2 he had on the shelf last year. We are not supposed to sell stuff on this web site but email me and we can talk off line.
  6. bschuster

    280 Signature

    I would just use a non-skid cleaner on the cockpit area. It's a non-skid surface under the carpeting.
  7. bschuster

    Removing props

    If you heat up the nuts you'll need to replace them. The heat will probably melt the locking rubber inside the nut. If they are that hard to remove I would replace the nuts anyway.
  8. bschuster

    Camper Cover 2003 Sig 260

    Probably have to have it made at your local canvas shop.
  9. bschuster

    Volvo warranties

    Had a simular issue on my Volvo drive. It wound up being a leaking upper seal. When the mechanic pulled the seal you could see where the edge of the seal was rolled a little on one spot when installed at the factory allowing gear lube to pass into the boat. I had a leaking lower seal from picking up some fishing line so when I had that replaced I had the mechanic look at the upper seal. Didn't go back to Volvo for the upper seal because it was only a few more bucks. Can't blame Volvo for fishing line on the lower side. Seal - cheap Labor - not so cheap
  10. bschuster

    2013 VP 4.3 gear oil dipstick location

    Mine is on top of the lower unit. The nut on the top is a dip stick.
  11. bschuster

    Marine Conditions app

    app - NOAA Buoy Reports
  12. bschuster

    Bilge pump question

    I can already hear the dealer "boats are made to get wet." Just no pride in their businesses anymore - just profit minded.
  13. bschuster

    Sierra parts

    Only once years ago. Bought a cap and rotor, first time out both fouled out and melted. Never again. Good thing I kept the old OEM parts on board as spares just in case. Others seemed to have better luck.
  14. bschuster

    My Dog Smells really Bad

    I have heard of tomato juice not sauce.