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  1. Kipper

    Sig 290 2011

    Congrats on the new purchase, she will run fine with those engines as we run the old 270 now the 290 on small deisels in the uk, 200hp was the biggest option here, mostly twin 120hp merc deisels. Enjoy
  2. Kipper

    A new (to me) 2003 Sig 280

    Good choice, whilst your polishing it I woulg get a new set of 290 badges from Jo. I put all new badges on my 280 and it really updfated thee look. You will enjoy it they are fantastic boats. Space wise you cant beat that interior for a family on any boat under 34 foot. Happy Days
  3. Kipper

    Sad and Happy Day at the Johnson House

    Hi Joe Very sorry to hear you had to part with your fantastic Chaparral but congratulations on the new arrival, now a Grandad eh. Been without our Chap for a year and a half now for simular reasons, but things are starting to pick up a bit in IT and i now have my first job for 2 years, am already saving for the next Chap but dont think she will be a cruiser. I hope things pick up for you and as you say there are more important things than goods and stuff. All the best Gary
  4. Kipper

    Any Brits

    Yes there is a chap called Kawasaki who appears on the YBW mptotorboat forum who is based in Caenarfon who seems to have a good reputaion, PM me your details and I will pass them on to him if you like. Whats your issue>
  5. Kipper

    Any Brits

    Not sure if anybody is interested but sold my chap 280/90 and have a spare tonue cover, shore power lead(big long thick white one) and a steering wheel or two. email me on garymatthews290@live.co.uk if of use to you. Gary
  6. Kipper

    Storing an outboard motor

    I put an engine bracket in the engine bay by the bulhead and mounted on its side. I didnt want to ruin the lookof my boat by mounting it on the stern. Its simple enough to lift out and put on the dinghy but was out of the way whilst underway.
  7. Kipper

    87 Villain iv restoration

    Just been loking at the gallery pictures of the Villain iv restoration and I would like to congratulate the guy on an incredable job. Dont know what condition it wa before he started but WOW what a finished job. I want one!
  8. Kipper


    What a fantastic restoration and a cracking boat
  9. Kipper

    STOLEN: Truck & Trailer

    Great idea By the way do you have a lot of CCTV around your dock, we have it everywhere here and it has been a great help tracking stolen vehicles. Chin up fella, least you still have that fantastic boat.
  10. Kipper

    And the tower is on!

    Thats a great lookig tower do you mind me asking how many deer?
  11. Kipper

    What's new in this picture?

    Great idea but why did it have to bee so near the waterline, I would think the style would flow better if it was higher up?
  12. Kipper

    Naming the boat....care to share?

    Boats had to be named "Christine" SWIMBO (or she who must be obayed for those who dot know) 's name tho we call her Chris. Not too romantic just bought it without telling her so thought I had better cover my $^&!
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