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  1. thanks guys. maybe there are 2 faults. One the starboard battery connection - stops the blowers working , and two the helm rocker switch , its not working and is jammed on. Ill let you know.
  2. thanks for responding. are you saying the negative or earth cables are not making good contact. Another thing I am going to try is to spray electrical cleaner into the back of the rocker switch...will head into town tomorrow and get some. Maybe that accounts for why they run continuously on the port battery.
  3. this late post of mine may help everyone. Incidentally I have a 1997 signature 310. I am having a few elec problems after having the boat on the trailer 7 odd years. I was looking at the Chap website and found some answers. The answer to where to set the battery switches is on the Chap web site under owner tell you when and where to set the battery switches for what ever system you have . Mine is a 2 switch 3 battery setup so I can not comment on how the 2 battery set should be but look at the web. Hope that helps everyone.
  4. yes did you get the boat. I have a 1997 signature310 and it sat on the trailer for 7 years. I have almost finished getting it going after replacing all the cooling systems etc. The engines were in good condition and I didn't need to pull them down but as someone posted rebuilt fuel systems and plugs impellers etc. Problem at moment with electrical system . I may be calling out for help soon.
  5. Phillbo. thanks for your reply. I now know I'm not alone down here. at least I have someone to share help with. Incidentally the Sig 31 is named Southern Cross. It has 2 selector switches with 3 batteries. I have read page 3-4c of the Chap owners manual. before I go too far. can you tell me how the blowers are supposed to work. there are 2 blowers in tubes mounted to the stern. Both have yellow wires as per the Chap handbook wiring diagram. There is only one blower helm switch. I assume its for both blowers. Are the blowers only supposed to operate when the helm switch is on . At the moment when the selector switch is set to off they are off. when I set the port selector switch to 1(port battery) they run irrespective of the helm switch. When the port switch is off and the starboard battery is on the blowers do not run. Incidentally where are the fuses. I need to check them. just googled lake powell. looks like a great place.
  6. Its now 2018. the last post was 2010. I have a 97 Signature 31 and I need help sorting out some of the electrics (DC). please reply if you are looking to help. thanks
  7. My Sig 31 is 1997 vintage. I purchased in 2001and used it spasmodically for 10 years till 2011. Since then its been on my trailer but now ive got the bug again and its almost ready to go back in the water. Ive replaced all the manafolds etc ect Merc 5.7 X 2. Now the problem I cant sort out is the blowers. They keep running when ever the battery is connected to port motor (will not switch off) and when battery is connected to starboard they will not run. Ive tried taking a wire (there are 4 )one at a time off the back of the toggle switch but no success. Can someone please remind me how the system works. Thanks. incidentally I'm down under so generally different time zone to most of you.
  8. Have you thought about using what we in Australia call floating floor. It is used in homes and goes over anything except carpet.ikea sell it . it is a sythetic wood dont know what happens if it gets wet underneath but water on top is ok