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  1. I did as suggested but still not quite right. Firstly I have twin motors and tachos. Both were playing up so I did the screw thing. One is fixed. the other sits on 1000rpm when the ignition is off then slowly returns to zero when the ignition is on. It seems to register about right when the engines idle on muffs BUT that is only a guess. How do I check that the gauge is showing the correct rpm and what do I do to get the gauge to read zero when the key is off. Thanks. Incidentally enjoy your summer, its winter her in Aus.
  2. Must be the year. My 1997 sig 31 also has a cracked cup holder...possibly the same. What about the single cup holders? mine have gone an awful yellow colour from the ultra violet sunlight.
  3. October your dealer did all the work. Next day its in storage....I would have it back to the dealer as he has messed you around. Incidentally the invoice in October possibly shows the hours...(like the speedo reading). It should be the same now.
  4. If you mean motor spins as starter motor the problem is the solenoid. Pull starter motor off and bench test. Go to you tube and watch how to do it.
  5. I am sure many of us will be interested in the survey. Nice if you share it later. Maybe we could post whether we would purchase boat (or not) based on the survey . Then tell us what you did.
  6. I have 1997 signature 31 same engines and drive. I am 2nd owner purchased 2003. Done same hours 400. I have boat in fresh water. Did a major service recently and main issue was heat exchanger manifolds etc. The motors were great. But spend money on a GOOD survey. Get them to concentrate on the engines and drive. You can check out the rest yourself.
  7. The funnel shape could represent a steering wheel.
  8. Spot on. Can't even tap it. It is enclosed in a timber surround.
  9. I had problems with draining. Used air compressor to blow through plumbing. Blew debris out.
  10. My sig 31 came from the factory in 97 probably with its current Electric HWS (also with heat exchanger). I have the installation/operating instructions but there is little detail. Has anyone with this unit done any maintenance. On a separate note how do I know how much water is in my fresh water tank. THanks
  11. I am not a mechanic. I learn from this forum and YouTube. I recently removed both trim pump units from boat and completely disassembled. Cleaned everything with electronic cleaner. Put all back together and works great. Easy to do. Also read the mercruiser service manual. Problems also could be the sensors on the leg. Check they are not corroded. Hope this helps.
  12. I have the exact same boat together with all manuals. Mine was built late 96. I have the wiring diagrams etc. send me email to pikeridge1@bigpond.com and ill reply by emailing back to you. Bow spot light can be confusing. you need to press down the toggle to get it to operate . CD player...mine has cassette JVC brand. There are 2 power connections. 1 through the main switchboard and a memory that stays active. don't know much else. With the fuel gauges could be a dirty connection either end.
  13. My numbers are also on the front of the manuals.
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