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  1. Ladyg2007

    327SSX Mercruiser nightmare

    Seems odd how did the boat get from one mercury dealer to another if not on the power of the second engine. Is one engine still running. Did they do anything to mitigate damage if they though saltwater got in. Seems like that should have been the first step. Still does not make sense that it was not simply a sensor that stopped the engine due to a water pressure drop when the peacock failed. As for water getting into the air intake on the other engine that sounds like pure BS. I had over a foot of water in my engine compartment when my intake hose came off the water pump water everywhere bilge pump kept it down but not completely dry. Bill Chaparral 310 signature.
  2. Ladyg2007

    First Time Boat Owner

    Saltwater boat? at 345 hours you should change the risers and manifolds. Get a tune up done as others have said get a mechanic to go over the boat. Personalizing is nice but mechanicals are far more important than personalization's. Breaking down in a boat is far more serious than breaking down in a car. Bill Lady-g Sig 310/
  3. You should be able to download the owners manual from the chaparral website that should tell you. Bill LadyG SIG 310
  4. Ladyg2007

    First outing

    Congraduations on first run. Bill Lady-G
  5. Ladyg2007

    Chap phasing out large cruisers

    I am sorry that Chap is moving out of the cruiser market. We are very happy with our 2007 SIG 310. it is a far better handling boat than a 32 SR. Fit and finish very good you can believe it ours was heavily damaged in Sandy every component was removed to get to the damage repair people were very impressed with construction and installation of the systems. Bill LadyG Sig 310
  6. Ladyg2007

    Adding Plasteak to my 327

    Looks fantastic. I had it done to deck on 310 last spring love it. Really dresses up the boat. Bill Lady-G 2007 Sig 310
  7. Ladyg2007

    Pontenial 2008 Sunesta 224 newbie ??s

    Volvo engine. What Drive does it have? if it has an XDP walk away from it. See other posting on XDP drives Bill Lady-G Sig 310
  8. Ladyg2007

    Boating with non boat owners

    Usually depends on my mood. We are lucky in that we get to spend alot of time alone on our boat. Weekdays we can spend the entire day on the boat at the dock and not see another person come along. My wife loves entertaining but it tends to be friends from the marina. When we go out we usually go alone or with other boat owners. After some bad experiences with non boaters we got stingy with the invites. Bill Lady-G Sig 310
  9. Ladyg2007

    Winterization Questions and Tarp Suggstions

    if your taking it to the marine mechanic to have engines winterized why not just pay them to do water as well. If there is an issue next spring it will be thier deer that pays the price. It is really simple to do but to do it right you need a few supplies 1. Winterization Kit buy once or make ( all parts can be picked up at a local hardware store). They do make one that can be perminately installed A winterization is simply a piece of tubing that connects to intake on your freshwater pump one fitting and a few feet of hose. pas 2. Hot water By Pass Kit. ( buy once or make your own) SImply a piece of tubng that connects to intake and outake hoses and by passes the hot water heater/ . . Drain the hot water heater and put on by pass kit leave drain open. Drain freshwater tank as said in previous post. (better to purchase by pass kit) Unhook the intake on the fresh water pump. Hook up the winterization kit you bought or made to pump intake. Place other end in bottle of anti freeze.turn on the freshwater pump. I start at faucet furthest away from pump. One side at a time run the faucets until pink antifreeze is flowing. (both hot and cold sides one side at a time). You have a vacuflush toilet it should be pulling water from your freshwater tank simply flush it until pink is running and has gotten into waste pipes and tank. If you have shower with a pump in the drain pour anti-freeze into the drain until shower pump comes on. I do not put antifreeze in my hotwater heater or freshwater tank. It leaves a smell and a taste that takes alot work to get out. If there is a little water in the tank and freezes there should be sufficient room for expansion if you drained the tank. Shrink wrapping is best way to go if storing outside and maybe alot less deer than the cost of inside storage. If your taking the boat to the dealer they usually have shrink wrapping available. Do not get the cheap clear stuff. Use the heavy duty white wrap. Bill Lady-G Sig 310.
  10. Ladyg2007


    Our Dog GIA took a pee on our first boat, Wife and I looked at each other and both Said name of the boat is G-WIZ Bill Lady-G Sig 310
  11. Ladyg2007

    What did you do to/on your boat today?

    Went to pumpout station in Wataugh Park. Some idiot parked at pumpout fishing off pumpout dock. Went over to Freeport to pumpout. Wind coming in from the north and a very low tide. Pumped out the boat. Headed back to Merrick. After going under the meadow brook bridge I hit the thottles boat started to plan out then suddenly lost power stearing and starboard engine over heated (belt came off New lesson learned be sure nothing falls into bilge when you climb out). Started limping back to marina on one engine. Wind blowing and gusting to about 25 mph. Got about 200 yards from the dock and was blown on to a sandbar on southside of the channel and became grounded in the mud. Was towed the last 200 yards to the marina. Learned that I have some very good friends and dockmates they jumped in our ski boat and pulled me to the visitors dock. Bill 2007 SIG 310 1994 Cobalt 201
  12. Ladyg2007

    Docking Issues with Chaparral 240 Signature

    Just my thoughts I would add a windlass if it does not have one with bow/console controls and an Auto inflating vest. Makes anchoring alot safer on a bouncing boat. That would concern me more than tying off a boat at the dock. A 72 year old man on a curved bouncing deck pulling in an anchor would be a dangerous situation. Bill Lady-G Sig 310
  13. Ladyg2007

    outdrive oil misterious leak

    I have same issue for 5 seasons I have drives removed pressure tested and anything that needs replacement gets replaced every year I use about quart for 2 drives a season. I read the same thing about adding drive coolers. I just check it after long trips or running wot for periods of time. So far no issues. First run of the season it will always require topping off as air burps out of lines. Bill Lady-G sig 310
  14. Ladyg2007

    310 and 330 speeds

    I have a 2007 Sig 310 5.0 MPI with Bravo 3's I cruise at about 32 mph and have topped the boat out at 47 mph. Baytest this season came back at 5100 rpm WOT. Formula is a nice boat but a narrower beam. My friends new 370 we had it up to 48 mph bringing it in from he dealer. Bill Lady-G Sig 310
  15. Ladyg2007

    Engine starts but won't stay running

    On mine engines when the IAC went bad it would stall when you throttle down. the IAC also made a noise sounds like air bleeding out of something if you throttle down rapidly. Bill Lady-G Sig 310