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  1. For many years on my 420, I have noticed a build up of water collecting in the outboard stringer in the engine room. I first noticed it when an engine belt shredded and found it was wet because of this water build up. After searching for the source, I noticed if you spray water on the boat, it runs along the topside walkway and over the side right above the vents of the engine room. I found that the way the structure was made in that area, the water adheres to the side and flows in the vents. I attached some plastic strips above the vents to diver the water away and it seems to prevent the
  2. I had water in the bilge on my 2011 420 for over a year. Chaparral found a hole in the liner where the thru hull was for the Volvo sensor. After fixing it all dry but water was still collecting in the engine compartment. I found that rain water was being funneled into the engine compartment through the engine compartment vents. water would run down the side and adhere to the curve covering the vent and into the vent hole. I put a lip on that curve and redirected the water far enough away to keep it from getting below. If you have a way for water to come in the engine compartment vents an
  3. Beason nailed it. We are here now and other than a few turns on the ferry wheel near the marina at Seabrook and a round of golf, bars and beach is it.
  4. Thank you Chaparral team!
  5. I'm trying to decide on a tender for the boat and don't want to buy one that is too heavy?
  6. Does anyone know the max weight load is for a 20111 420 stationary swim platform?
  7. nichol ray

    XDP Drives

    DPS-A is another option for me.
  8. nichol ray

    XDP Drives

    Is this a warranty that covers the XDP drives?
  9. nichol ray

    XDP Drives

    I did not know about the 4 year warranty on a new drive and I am going to ask about a proven DPS replacement. Where is all the inforamtion about the people who got this done for free? I would love to try to get in on that deal.
  10. nichol ray

    XDP Drives

    Anyone with the XDP drives should watch gear oil levels very carefully and routinely have them serviced. I suggest every 75-100 hours or in advance of a big change in temperature. The composite drive is impacted by temperature and leads to gear tolerance problems that shave material off and cut seals that lead to leaks. With water in the system, heating increases and failures will occur. I have enganged VP for over a year and finally this deal showed up. I found the letter that led met the refit program on this sites blog. I agree we should stop taling about it but for those of us who h
  11. I read somewhere that it will freeze. I would look for a manual on them on the website becuase I think it discussed draining the lines as well. I have heaters in the engine compartment so freezing is not an issue for me.
  12. Thank you fll_dude. I ordered the tank I needed at the link you provided. It looks like it will work. I think mine also developed a leak in the same spot. Thanks again.
  13. Does anyone have any inforamtion about where to get Neutra Salt System replacement parts? I need a new reservoir.
  14. Right on both accounts - My 5.7L Volvo is basically the old 350 chevy motor - the outdrives are a whole different story.
  15. Kris, I talked with Jason tonight. Great rates, good guy to talk with and his shop is 4 miles from where the boat is in Georgia. I must have been by his shop a hundred times and never knew he had a transport business. Thanks a boat load!
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