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  1. Volvo, just replaced my heat exchanger...big ticket. This was right at the end of my warranty period.
  2. jeffk

    4.3 Volvos fresh water cleaning

    Guys with generators should flush also. I just close the seacock and shove hose down there. After a few minutes i put a litttle saltaway in and when the bubbles come out, i shut it down.
  3. jeffk

    Is the hull really not covered?

    I tried magic ezy the result was not worth the effort.
  4. jeffk

    Time for Oil Change

    You know I was just about to post the same thing!
  5. jeffk

    Hull Advice - Disappointed

    Boating needs a lemon law like automobiles.
  6. I put plasdeck on my boat...the absolute worst thing I have ever done. I am in Miami and bought the cool deck. Cool as compare to what? When the boat sits in the sun you cannot walk on it. I have little are rugs I put in the cockpit, and the swim platform you need to hit with the transom shower to walk on it. It does look and feel nice. I used this guy Travis that people on the forum recommended. If you go this route he is very good
  7. jeffk

    277 Overheating Issues

    First of all Chap doesnt build the engines, they open a box and install one any one of a hundred manufactures could have gotten this. I know of no dealer that offers towing. 15 years and never had a problem......never? That being said I do feel your pain. I have had an overheating issue (exhaust riser temp too hot) that took a year finally fix. Ended up have to replace the heat exchanger. They can pressure test your system to check for leaks, are you loosing coolant? While impellors are not warrantied, you should not have been charged. Is there another v/p repair shop in the area. V/P has area reps, find out who yours is and send him an email, they will get involved with the repair center to fix this. I hope you have better luck than I had. jk
  8. jeffk

    Trim tabs and prop removal tool questions....??

    I got my puller used bit over a hundred. I took it to a machine shop to take an eighth of an inch off the tabs. Works perfect
  9. jeffk

    Trim tabs and prop removal tool questions....??

    Depending on when the props were removed last you may need a puller. I remove and grease mine every three months.
  10. jeffk

    Nasty Sewer Smell - Jabsco Manual Pump Head

    Take some very hot water and soak towels in them. Wrap them around the hoses in your boat. When you take them off if they smell, you need to replace the hoses, they are 14 years old so dont be shocked. I would also take a gallon of vinegar and flush it down your toilet , let it sit awhile , then pump it out. Then fill your tank up again with freshwater and pump again. I believe your head uses seawater, you will need to pumpout a bit more often. I dont know what type of holding tank deodorant you use, try not to use anything that contains formaldehyde as it does not break down waste. https://www.amazon.com/Get-Boat-Odors-Peggie-Hall/dp/1892399156/ she is known as the head mistress
  11. jeffk

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    Is that a Sea tow or aaa call?
  12. jeffk

    Generator issue

    I had the same thing happen to me. Take your front endcap off (3 bolts) mine was clogged. Hope it helps.
  13. jeffk

    A/C temporarily stops

    Mine does the same thing, boat before it did the same also.
  14. Nice trip, what marinas did you stay in.
  15. jeffk

    Oil Analysis

    It's a while ago and truthfully I don"t remember, but in florida, I don"t winterize.