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  1. Hey it's cold here may hit high 50"s today!
  2. jeffk

    2012 310 template

    There are other materials. If you can get to a boat show, you can see and feel them all and get your questions answered. Also I am in Florida, the sun is a bit hotter here.
  3. jeffk

    2012 310 template

    I did. I used cool teak I used a guy Travis in North Carolina. Do a search on this website, he has a template for your boat. PS I hate it. You can fry an egg on it in the summer
  4. jeffk

    Fuel Pump

    Thats actually a good price.
  5. There are many good polishes and compounds out there. I like polymer products, some like carnauba. Your finish and shine will reflect your prep. I am in florida so every year I use a light compound then a finish coat. I like a product called driven. I have a makita buffer. You van buy a harbor freight buffer, it will do fine. It is heavier and louder. An orbital buffer will probably not help with compounding. A toilet bowl cleaner (i use ine for tanic stains) will not remove your dull spots. Start with a medium compound. There are many youtube videos on how to compound a boat. Hopefully you will not have to wetsand.
  6. jeffk

    310 Sig owners

    For those who have a 310 and the motorized rear seat. How do you clean underneath the seat. No matter what position I put it in I can never reach all the way under. Has to be a better way.
  7. They are Bravo 3's, so they are stainless. This does not have to be so expensive. Any propshop can rework your props. I would advise if you are WOT in the range you are supposed to be...leave them alone. I do a prop tuneup every few years, if you are do for one that would be the time to experiment.
  8. jeffk

    Underwater lights

    If you want I can put you in touch with them and you can give them your thoughts on how a boat shoud be towed. When this incident happened, I called my Volvo rep. Next day I got a call from Volvo in Freeport that they would come out to help. That was very nice, I wanted the boat brought back and fixed here. Volvo was very responsive, even followed up with me a week later.
  9. jeffk

    Underwater lights

    He was side by side all the way. They sent me pics of the trip. It was a beautiful day, that helped them a lot. Haulover inlet on a bad day is very tough ride.
  10. jeffk

    Underwater lights

    There were two people on the trip. It was the only thing I paid for. What the second guy did.....I have no idea
  11. jeffk

    Underwater lights

    No but when you start understanding them....seek professional help!
  12. jeffk

    Underwater lights

    Well they are amusing! I look at them as kind of a crossward puzzle ...see if I can determine what the message is.
  13. jeffk

    Underwater lights

    Bimini is 55 miles offshore. You may run at 30 mph an hour on the way there, but towing a boat back you"re probably running at 7 mph. Because of local laws a local captain took my boat from the slip and met the seatow boat outside the harbor. My boat was totally inoperable on the way back and there was absolutely no reason to start an engine. I am not sure they would do that even if they were running. There were two guys but why would you assume one on my boat? They towed my boat alongside their boat. The boat was delivered with no scratches, some scuff marks which was to be inspected.
  14. jeffk

    Underwater lights

    I have no idea what caused the damage........and either do you.
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