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  1. jeffk

    Just ordered my first drone

    Let me explain something to you. Life is about expectations. I have no expectation the Giants will be competitive, so losing badly to any team does not bother me. At least the owner isn't looking for a happy ending at a message parlor or they sign accused rapists. Antonio Brown is a nut job and may never take the field for the Pats. The one thing about the Pats that has kept them on top for years is no prima donna's (even brady) This will change the dynamics of the team and hurt them long term. Other than that I hope you are recovering.
  2. jeffk

    Just ordered my first drone

    I land mine on the hardtop. I know you were upset that I did not comment on your post after tagging me. A little late but......................PUTZ! You asked for it, looks like you will survive!
  3. jeffk

    Wife wants to sell Sunesta 252 "her boat"

    Isn't a boats top end more or less dictated by the hull design? I dont believe that hulll was ever designed to do 65 mph. But good luck!
  4. jeffk


    There actually is a replacement. Igloo now makes 25 quart that will fit in the compartment. I used to go to Baton Rouge a lot. Bluebonnet Drive. There is a market Maternes, I used to bring a lot of stuff home from there.
  5. jeffk

    VP Heat Exchangers

    Please explain how you flush them directly
  6. jeffk

    VP Heat Exchangers

    You cannot directly flush the heat exchanger. It will get flushed as you flush your engine. I just replaced one Big $ ouch! Now I plan on taking them off every two years and having them serviced. You can take the end caps off and pull stuff out. May sure you change your zincs. Use two wrenches, one holds the fitting, the other loosens the zinc
  7. jeffk

    Active trim, GPS retro fit, stereo

    I dont set it and forget it, because trimming your drives out is part of captaining a boat. I want maximumum efficiency at cruise, and when planing out it want them set tucked in as much as possible. At docking I like them nuetral, some like them tucked in. I dont believe pushing a button (2) ia a hardship while boating. Being in control and reacting faster is more important to me than being automatic.
  8. jeffk

    Active trim, GPS retro fit, stereo

    I have the drive trim option on my boat. I used it once.
  9. jeffk

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    We dont need no stinkin monitors!
  10. jeffk

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    You Boston guys should get a room. I will bet one of you has an autographed picture of Plax and Eli, maybe Mookie Wilson too! Go watch the football game!
  11. jeffk

    2005 310 Signature

    There is no way that boat does 50mph on a gps. 43-45 tops is reasonable. Fuel is a good place to start, it would be odd for something mechanical to effect both engines at the same time. I assume the bottom of your boat is clean.
  12. jeffk

    Removing Engine in 2010+ 310 Signature

    I have the same boat. I do not believe the engine will slide over and lift out. It will take about 3 hours to remove the back quarter. It will make it easier to get out and reinstall. You will also do less damage to your boat.
  13. jeffk

    Removing Engine in 2010+ 310 Signature

    You are going to have to remove the back quarter deck. Mark the wires for your shore power plug.
  14. I had a check engine warning come on and go into limp mode. It seemed everything was fine. I dropped anchor, shut the engine down and shut the batteries. I had lunch and started it up and ran fine. I brought it in and was told it registered a check engine but nothing seemed to be wrong. I think some of these electronics a sometimes too sensitive.