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  1. jeffk

    What to do if I suffer mechanical failure....

    On our trip to Bimini...which seems like eons ago, I broke down. SeaTow went and got me, towed me home to North Miami.....no charge. Best return on money (membership fee) I will ever get.
  2. jeffk

    What to do if I suffer mechanical failure....

    Check out sea-tow or boatus. The memberships are cheap enough. Remember their billing startz when they answer the phone.
  3. jeffk

    PSA: Buy the correct batteries for your boat!

    Well at least you have some beautiful weather to enjoy your boat.! I also have a 310, I am sure you will love it.
  4. jeffk

    Key Largo - Key West

    from jensen beach to melbourne is a nice run. A long no speed zone in ft pierce and a short one in vero. It is pretty scenic. A lot of places to go off the channel and drop an anchor. FT. Pierce inlet is nice and wide. St. Lucie and Sebastian you really need to pay attention to the weather. I always go by, I would rather be on land wishing I was on the boat rather than being on the boat wishing I was on land. Using that practice I have never had any problems in Sebastian or St Lucie.
  5. jeffk

    Signature 330 Holding Tank

    These are pressurized and i would not put any chemical in other than what the owners manual says. Getting someone to come service these units is not easy or cheap.
  6. jeffk

    Signature 330 Holding Tank

    when i come in to the marina sunday night i fill the bowl with hot water and flush. I am not sure if if helps but i never have an odor.
  7. jeffk

    Impeller Part Number

    If you need part and schematics marine parts express has all vp engines. If you call them ask for jd. He will be able to help you. You can also call powerhouse marine in north miami and ask for david marcus the owner. Either one of these guys can get you a part number and ship the part.
  8. jeffk

    Key Largo - Key West

    There are some very long speed zones that start in new smyrna and go through daytona. I went from daytona to st augustine years ago and my recollection is that it took about 4 hours. It is probably 45 miles so there are some no speed along the way.
  9. jeffk

    Key Largo - Key West

    When i kept the boat in Canaveral we went to merrit island all the time. Some very nice anchorages just south. Ft Pierce and Sebastian were also great to drop an anchor.
  10. jeffk

    Key Largo - Key West

    Up the east coast, I am in North Miami. If you are coming in the area drop me an email.
  11. I use a sevylor compressor pump. it pumps my paddleboard up to 15 psi it does not deflate though
  12. I have the cool deck version.....it ain't cool! As far as wear and tear it does not look any different from the day it was installed 3-4 years ago. I clean it with a magic sponge, it takes about 15 minutes.
  13. jeffk

    Holding Tank Question - NEW

    Being that it is a signature, I would assume it is a 310 smart (_i_)!
  14. jeffk

    Signature 330 Holding Tank

    If the exhaust line is clogged, you probably are not getting a full pumpout and that is why your tank is overflowing. Start with the simple fix first.
  15. jeffk

    Mercs Winterized - Need Advice on A/C and Genset

    If you closed the seacock to the genny and poured a/f into the strainer ad shut down when you saw it coming out the boat wouldn't that work? Same for the a/c.