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  1. jeffk

    Improvement of steering

    I thought you wanted to go down to Islamorada...one night on SOBE is plenty
  2. jeffk

    Improvement of steering

    As long as I am home I can change my schedule. It will be a lot of fun. We should plan for a day at the haulover sandbar
  3. jeffk

    Improvement of steering

    My own medicine? I run in the ocean whenever I can. If the chop is uncomfortable I come back in. Hopefully you (hatem) make it down here this year.
  4. jeffk

    Oil Change VP V8-300-C-A

    I have twins and use it. Never had a problem, warm up the oil and pump,it real fast about 25 times and it works. I do have to pump a bit at the end to get the remnants out.
  5. jeffk

    Improvement of steering

    As long as you are in Miami, you should give David Marcus a call at Powerhouse Marine. He is Volvos #1 dealer in Florida. This is not a 2 hour job, I even doubt it works.
  6. jeffk

    2012 310 Carbon Monoxide detector

    No there was some splicing involved. Creeping around the aft cabin at 65, is not as easy as it used to be. WM was the best by about $10 per unit and they are only a few blocks from my home. Actually they match all prices except for ebay. I replaced my freshwater pump and did a search on my phone in the store and they matched the price.
  7. jeffk

    2012 310 Carbon Monoxide detector

    Yes the design changed but they fit in the exact same place. It was funny the one in my aft cabin went off, after I climbed down there the main cabin went off, then by the top bunk all within minutes. West Marine had the best price. It took about an hour to replace all three.
  8. jeffk

    Improvement of steering

    So by not using a second engine it saves you $1500. If you run half a year and average 4 people per trip and 4 trips per day, that 832 people on your boat. So how much are you willing to spend in parts in order to save $1500? Thats assuming you do your own labor. Whats the name of your tour?
  9. jeffk

    Best interior/exterior cleaning products

    I use Boat Bling it is very good.
  10. jeffk

    2012 310 Carbon Monoxide detector

    If you are replacing one because the alarm wont shut off very shortly the same thing will happen to your others. They are only good for so many years. I replaced all three last year on my 310.
  11. jeffk

    Improvement of steering

    So you are one of the guys that runs the unlicensed tours down here? Being that you can easily boat 40 weeks a year $1500 is less than $40 per week. What do you actually expect to save?
  12. jeffk

    310 signature 2012 buying advise.

    One issue with the boat, that i found annoying js sleeping in the front berth. It slopes slightly downward. We put some padding under the mattress to solve.I We recently got a custom mattress that addresses this. The biggest with the boat is servicing the port starboard engine. Very hard to reach the starboard side. Boat rides great. Enjoy and good luck
  13. jeffk

    VacuFlush In-Line Filter

    You may not have a filter. You dont necessarily need one. Follow the exhaust hose from your holding tank,it should be on that. Mine sits right on top of the holding tank.
  14. jeffk

    Adding Fresh Water

    I get this on my 310. Get an old hose and cut off a piece about 3 ft long. Put it down the filler hole and blow hard. You are going to get wet as it will blow back on you. You have an air bubble, the water you are putting in is pushing air faster than it can be released from your tank. Blowing through the hose will break the air pocket.. I make a long hose attachment that I put down the filler hole and do not put the hose high flow.
  15. jeffk

    '07 270 Signature w/ 6.2

    Where are you in florida?