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  1. jeffk

    Stripped VP dipstick hole on drive

    I am not worried , just curious.. Is he famous, a dangerous criminal., should you fesar for your life? Is he so infallable this his posts are gospel. Is Iggy his real name? No fight...just curious. It is actually mid 60's going to mid 70's here today. This is as close to fall as we get. Should be a beautiful day on the boat, ay even stay on the hook!
  2. jeffk

    Stripped VP dipstick hole on drive

    Just who is he talking to?
  3. jeffk

    Underwater lights

    I really dont use them much. Not worth replacing at this time. I will be going down to the miami show to check out brokers. Time is right to sell. Maybe join a boat club, or downsize to a smaller boat with an outboard. We dont go on many overnights anymore.
  4. jeffk

    Underwater lights

    I would have to take a picture first....aint happening!
  5. jeffk

    Underwater lights

    They came with the boat. Chaparral certainly does not make underwater lights. There are no markings on the outside to determine manufacturer I did not use them much, its not a priority to fix
  6. jeffk

    Underwater lights

    I have a 2013 signature 310. One underwater light seems to have burnt out. Does anyone know the make and model number of these? Can you buy one or are they sold in a set?
  7. jeffk

    water getting through snap covers by tower

    Chap does not make your canvas. They are made and designed by Ameritex. There are a few areas in my canvas that I have taken pipe insulation, the foam that has a splice in the middle, and cut it to put in place. It has worked well.
  8. jeffk

    Observed a New Boater - Chaparral Owner

    There is a guy in the marina around the canal from me who has a Magnum. It has surface drives. When he comes through the canal, there are literally waves. If I see him coming out, I pull to the side wall and wait for him to pass and;and the water calm down.
  9. jeffk

    1990 2300ss looking to buy

    He is right on the $!
  10. jeffk

    Oil Change

  11. jeffk

    Penta DP Frozen Prop

    Frozen, take your hand and get it wet. Now put it on the side of your freezer. Wait a few seconds, and see if you can remove it. Its stuck, now you know what stuck is and it will reduce many of your posts...how's that for funny!?
  12. jeffk

    Penta DP Frozen Prop

    Chris, you did great. I use a puller almost evry time, they are tough to get off sometimes.
  13. jeffk

    Penta DP Frozen Prop

    It is rare for the front props to get stuck. Personally I have never seen it. His prop was stuck, sometimes they are just hard to get off. It's good you got the tool It will make your life easier.
  14. jeffk

    Penta DP Frozen Prop

    You may want to rephrase that part about your shaft. Please don't post a picture!
  15. jeffk

    Penta DP Frozen Prop

    Hatem There are you are good at. Reading......not so much! Not getting your props off by hand, is not frozen I rarely get mine off without using a puller,does not mean they are frozen. I think you are spending too much time on this forum! Just busting em! 195 for the puller,that sounds like a good price.