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  1. Chaparral is not calling Volvo. Your dealer who is is an authorized service center should call Volvo if they cannot find the problem. Volvo makes a good product, your situation is unfortunate. I have and exhaust temp overheating problem that has been going on 6 months. Sometimes things are hard to find plus on the Chap 310 sig service on the starboard engine is difficult.
  2. Sad to say I am rooting for the Pats.
  3. its a plane twin sheet
  4. I time my props because its really no deal to do but nothing in the volvo manual says it needs to be done.
  5. On mine when we first got it the covers would slide down. I went to a fabric sto and got a piece of foam and cut it to size. Get two bigs velco straps to hold it in place. We also have a fitte mattress that covers it and holds it there. I also put a piece of foam by the base of the bed as the bed slopes down. Good luck!
  6. Maybe we should have a day or so in Islmorada than back to key largo than back to miami. This way we make our way home and its a shorter trip on the last day.
  7. My trip was cancelled. I can go anytime. It is about 2.5 hours from me to key largo, which would be a nice first stop. How may day do you want to plan on?
  8. Thats a good deal. I bought a long screwdriver from Harbor freight for 5 bucks and use is with the cylinder for some extra leverage. They are on tight.
  9. The vp prop wrench fits the nut and comes with an accessory to take off the inside fitting. They are not very expensive. I have a puller because no matter how many time change and grease they are tough to get off.
  10. I am at the sandbar and when its windy the cove by oleta. i keep my boat at keystone.....maybe we will hook up one day.
  11. Where are you in Miami?
  12. "I use toilet bowel cleaner from the dollar store. Brush it on, hose it off. Works Great and cheap!" Agreed, I mix a little dawn it, makes it cling better.
  13. Best of luck!
  14. Volvo provided the extended warranties with my 2 last boats. Both bought new. Sad to say, I have had multiple claims paid. I Dont Know what they cost new, but theyhave saved me A lot of money. I have never purchased after the original expired.
  15. Down in S florida we have a lot of no speed zones from Nov till about April. It would be really nice if the signs faced the channel so you could read them. If you got a ticket for doing 7mph in a 5 mph zone, there is only one reason, the officer is a pr##k!