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  1. 1.garmin 2.garmin 3. Garmin you willl find more garmin certified techs, than any other brand. if you live near a big west marine, you can see most on display
  2. Walk around your marina and ask what people use. I always liked an ablative but in some areas that may not be an option.
  3. Christ of the deep is in John Pennencamp
  4. I really dont want to spend much more than a day travelling to meet up. Key largo is about 55 miles from me, I could probably make islmorada in a day trip.
  5. I like the snorkeling in Key Largo. Christ of the Deep statue is pretty cool. Years ago there was a dolphin habitat and you could swim with the dolphins, it was pretty cool. Tell your wife no Ocean!
  6. Water is nice in Miami also...bit windy recently
  7. How about we look at some dates. When we get that narrowed down we can pick a destination. We could also have more than one group depending on where people want to go.
  8. I live in Miami....not much of a trip. If I were driving down, there are some decisions to be made. How far do you want to go....remember you have to drive back! What do you want to see, and do. Personally I like the upper keys better. I dont like key west and that would be a haul for me, take me two days by boat to get down there. Larry, there are plenty of hotels by the marinas. If we do key largo, dont stay at john pennekamp as you will be a walking mosquito bite if you go out at night. If you guys do key west and dt, maybe I will drive down and meet you guys one night.
  9. Happy this ended well for you.
  10. I am in for the keys. The run to dry tortugas is not for me, I am not carrying fuel on a swim platform. A lot depends on you guys that drive a long distance where you want to put in. Do you want to spend the day mostly cruising or anchored up with each other swimming eating and enjoying the scenery....drinking too! Maybe a new folder and we can start with some dates?
  11. On extended warranty I had covered. 1Fuel pump 1 Coil 2 Water pumps Seal in outdrive. When I bought my boat in 2013, the 5 year warranty came at no extra charge. It will bring you some piece of mind, is it worth the price? Only you know that.
  12. You can buy a Volvo Penta puller on line. I bought mine used for $75 I take off both props grease shafts and replace in less than an hour. The wood block is essential, makes your life easier. Cyclops...i think you may need a little tightening!
  13. Unfortunately I have had to use my extended warranty a few times this year. The service from my vp dealer was great and they covered everything they were supposed too. Do not confuse these with insurance, these are regulated as discounted service contracts, not insurance. Who you buy it from is important. If you are looking into a third party ask your repair shop if they except it.
  14. Volvo aftermarket parts are a bit harder to find than merc. I used glm and one failed, take it with a grain of salt. I used Barr also, I believe they make them for volvo. also try marine parts express, shop around try iboats also. Good luck!
  15. Jeff,Larry It would be nice if we can all get together again. The company is more important than the location. I am good with a trip into the keys if you guys are into it. Jeff, you can tell Lisa we wont be in the ocean......much! Right now a new boat is way on the horizon...liking and buying are two very different things!