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  1. jeffk


    I have turned around in the middle of the inlet. It can get real bad. There are 6 guys Generally if I see whitecaps I stay ICW. The only problem with the ICW going North it is almost all no speed zones. Going south is not bad but nov to april is mostly a no speed zone. Cruising in the ocean is nice, we see turtles, sting rays, dolphins and once in a while flying fish. Today we anchored in a cove on the ICW and a hammerhead shark circled the boat. Next time it is not too windy, I will send my drone out to catch some video.
  2. jeffk


    You think they are going to show you a flat day when everybody is just cruising through? I guess you are one of those guys, "well if I saw it on the internet it must be true!"
  3. jeffk


    Yes someone from nj knows more about my local waters than i do. Check out boats vs haulover on youtube this past saturday. They show a cloudy windy day and rough in the inlet. It was sunny no wind and not even a whitecap in the inlet. The inlet can be rough and dangerous, but if it is a nice day light wind, it should not present a ptoblem.
  4. jeffk


    It was a beautiful day in the ocean Saturday. Went out Haulover which was flat as a mirror.(check youtube boats vs haulover) Have to take advantage of that when you get it.
  5. jeffk


    I think you two need to get a room.
  6. I like to use polymer products. Pro Polish and Driven work very well in the hot Florida sun. I do not use carnauba products. If you like what you use....keep using it or you will have a lot of half bottles laying around. I am thinking of trying one of these ceramic coats next time.
  7. I dont know if this was a party boat but they are becoming a huge problem. A guy buys a used 34 ft boat and rents it out for parties. No insurance and not licensed. Hasn't got a clue how to use his boat. You can tell who they are by the way they anchor. They think the line should be perpendicular and the when they break loose and go over your anchor line they wonder why.,
  8. I had the same boat with twin v6 225 hp and with full gas water and 4 adults..(2 fatties) it planed fairly quick. Try taking the boat out yourself and see how it runs. I actually agree with clops....scary. You may want to have your props tuned. As you are a new owner a full maintenance will give you a baseline. Good luck, this will get fixed and you will enjoy the boat. .
  9. Let me know, maybe we will meet up with you.
  10. We started in merritt island, actually lived in orlando. Knew rob well but lost touch when we moved. We have been down in north miami since beginning of 2017.
  11. I have the mavic air. I like that i can fold it up and put it in a suitcase. I have great shots overseas, that i could not get with a regular camera. If folding it up is not important, there are many choices. If your budget is limited, check out hubsan. I also have one of these a lot of bang for the buck.
  12. What is your problem.....it may not be unique to that boat
  13. Does your pump whine at start of after it gets warm. If it does not whine at start, you probably have a clog and it can be cleaned., Nothing wrong with Volvo quality. The painting of the inside was discontinued years ago.
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