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  1. jeffk

    Why water goes in here

    A ski locker is exactly what it is.
  2. jeffk

    Water Dawg History

    "But at the marina when I'm coming I and it's windy and I'm solo, I'll just call in "Hawthore Brewer, is Owen of any of the other handsome deck lads there? This is Hatem at slip 3A could really use a hand with the lines and this wind." Then I always get an answer "Hatem, we'll be waiting for you at 3A over and out". Good stuff. Oh and BTW, one of the local harbor masters is actually an acquaintance (I wouldn't call him a friend) but he recognizes my voice and boat name all the time and is the first to always offer assistance if needed. Great, great guy!" When you come to Florida...I will teach you how to dock! I couldn't resist. When the wind catches your boat, it doesnt matter how good you are, it is tough. I envy these joysticks any idiot could dock in adverse conditions!
  3. jeffk

    Filling Carpet Snap Holes

    I caulked mine, you could also use something like marine tex.
  4. jeffk

    Operating 8.2 Merc on muffs - gut check

    Unfortunately this is too true. People walk around a marina washing their boat....shut the wrong hose and youre toast. Years ago I was overnighting on the boat and someone pulled my powercord . People do strange stuff.
  5. jeffk

    I put her up for sale!

    Good luck Jeff!
  6. jeffk

    Sea Ray vs Chapparal

    Based on what...this forum. It represents about 2% chaps sold. If an owner has a problem, he jumps on an owners website and bitches. Most owners you never hear from. Even most problems on the forum are equipment related. Have you been the factory and witnessed how boats are made? is chap perfect, of course not but neither is anyone else. they make a good moderately priced boat. pretty nice of them to provide a free forum for you to knock them, dont ya think?
  7. jeffk

    for your viewing pleasure

    Depending when you go i may be able to meet you. Why dont you have your wife fly down an meet you?
  8. jeffk

    for your viewing pleasure

    you see it piled up on the beaches, it's nasty. it's not going away either, they says it will get worse
  9. jeffk

    for your viewing pleasure

    Well I don"t... No red tide at all. We have a lot of sargassem..kind of a weed. It gets nasty at times. The genny also sucks it up and shuts down
  10. jeffk

    for your viewing pleasure

    Your loss
  11. jeffk

    for your viewing pleasure

    https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNtZhHiDC8K0XKNsii-_YM58JoF-oIJsGpwAmFA My home away from home
  12. jeffk

    2008 290 signature

    Zeno in ft Lauderdale will make you a custom mattress for a reasonably good price. They did a great job on my 310, even sloped the mattress so the bed is level in the water
  13. Nice boat 50 is a pipe dream. You may get. 45-47....still pretty good. enjoy your new ride!
  14. jeffk

    Cleaning hull and bottom newbie.

    Just go to your local dollar store and get tub and tile cleaner. Use gloves and wipe it on. let it sit a few minutes and hose it off. 2 bottles will do your boat.
  15. I have a 5.0 gxi ce. My engine does not start when its humid or rains. I have done a full tuneup, wiring harness coil replacement and it just spins. Great spark, it's getting fuel but no start. Yes it should be simple but it isnt. Volvo is sending a factory rep to look at it.