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  1. cut the heads off your old bolts and screw them in. Put your manifolds over them and replace 1 bolt at a time, this will make your job much easier. I did twin engines,, took a day and a half. Not real difficult work
  2. jeffk

    Is an Optima battery worth it?

    The Florida heat is hard on batteries. I had trojans.....lasted two years. I replaced them with West marine and they lasted over 5 years. Now I have Deka, time will tell.
  3. jeffk

    31 Signature 2014 performance numbers

    I lived in New rochelle. Used to go up the sound and cross to block through the race. Last time we went as we passed fishers island a sub came up about a quarter of a mile from us.
  4. jeffk

    31 Signature 2014 performance numbers

    Down in South florida, I run the Benny all night. Nice boat i have a 2013 with vp 5.0 The best top end i ever got 47. When are you doing block island?
  5. jeffk

    Pronautic 1240P Battery charger Failure

    Did you check your fuses. Last year I thought my charger was toast. I disconnected the power and rebooted it up, replaced the fuses and it,s been fine. Worth a shot
  6. jeffk

    Sig 270 bilge water (ongoing issue)

    I always have some some water in there. I use my boat every weekend. I don't think it is something to concern yourself with
  7. jeffk


    A little marine te x and it will look new
  8. jeffk

    sig 260 canvas

    Its the thought that counts.
  9. jeffk


    That kind of fits, the door on my boat will not close...nice job though
  10. jeffk

    sig 260 canvas

    Look up ameritex website, they probably made the original top
  11. jeffk

    sig 260 canvas

    Bikinis always look good from the rear
  12. jeffk

    Boat purchase

    There are a lot more mercs on the water. Very true. I have volvos because the service in my area was more accessible.
  13. jeffk


    If you hit something, I would think you would see a mark on the outdrive casing or a bent prop. If you hit something real hard the drive should have popped up. I would try a different shop. It cant hurt to call your insurance company, but don't get your hopes up
  14. jeffk

    Grilling at the dock?

    Hatem....you live in Boston,no lobster?