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  1. I have gotten the overvoltage message at startup. I just cleared the fault and it ran fine. I do agree get yours repaired.
  2. jeffk

    Looking to buy

    I have had merc's and currently have a volvo set up. The one that will give you the most positive experience is the one you can get serviced. When I lived in NY in my area there was one vp guy. My service shop in Florida does both. If you ask him which is better he will say VP uses more current technology but not a huge difference. I dont understand people who say they cannot get VP parts. I have never waited more than a couple of days for parts. There are much more Merc aftermarket parts available to help keep down the cost of repairs. I never heard someone say they have too much hp. This is rich "I never had to replace a non maintenance part". What about all the B3's that rotted from corrosion? Volvo had their famous composite drives. They both have skeletons in their closets. Good Luck
  3. I dont tie up with anyone but I see it all the time. Large boats with their gennys going. I would think you want them throwing water away from each other, not all the time possible. If they are throwing water on each other that channel between the boats is full of fumes.
  4. If you are closed cooled check your heat exchanger. I had this problem a year before it was diagnosed.
  5. Stayed on the hook Sat night in Biscayne Bay. Temp was well over 90 degrees. My cabin was 72 degrees. I use some earplugs and sleep like a baby. When there is a nice breeze all you need is a fan. It is nice to get up in the morning turn on the genny and recharge
  6. I have a Kohler in my 310 sig. I have had numerous problems but I changed mechanics and for the past year has been flawless. I use it every week and flush it with freshwater prioe to putting the boat away. I would be very careful of switching brands, will it fit and do you need different wiring. I dont think Kohler makes gas powered gennys anymore.
  7. jeffk

    Volvo 4.3?

    I had a 2003 sig 280, which became the 290. I had twin vp each rated at 225 hp. The boat popped on plane well with 4 adults full gas, water and provisions. Top speed was 43 mph.
  8. It could be something minor.....good news is that it is not your problem to fix.
  9. I have cool teak....looks cool doesn't feel cool! It is not hard to clean. I get on my hands and knees and use a magic sponge. I have had some minor stains which I have lightly sanded out. I can honestly say it is the one purchase I regret the most. If I could rip it up and throw it out I would, cleaning up the residual adhesive is much to much work.
  10. jeffk

    Pink seats

    303 is a great product but offers no protection from pinking. The inside of your canvas should have a fabric piece sewn in to protect the canvas from touching your vinyl. Dont put your boat away wet and keep the canvas off the vinyl and you will minimize the pinking.
  11. jeffk

    Pink seats

    This is not covered by warranty. Google pinking marine upholstery, you will find plenty. Leave it out in the sun and they will go away. Dont buy a miracle cure.....they dont work
  12. jeffk

    Propane Grill

    I have a Kuma going on three years and very happen with it
  13. jeffk

    Selling a boat

    We would love to go again. Just finding the time, plus we bought a condo in Portugaland want to go there more often. I am really liking this 26 regal cruiser with an outboard. The only powerchoice is Yamaha and for service reasons, I would rather go with a Mercury
  14. jeffk

    Selling a boat

    Who said it does not make me happy?
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