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    Does anyone know where I can get the small igloo cooler that fits on my boat (310 Signature, 2013) I cannot find that size..
  2. jeffk


    CRM, thank you but that is not it, my cooler is smaller. Curt, my cooler is 20 quarts at most, there are no identifying numbers on it. Very generous offer, thank you.
  3. jeffk

    Fresh water boat in the Salt

    When I go to the Bahamas, its a 50 dollar waiver. Curious if you have a VP or a merc. The VP has flush hoses right on the front of the engine, it makes things very simple.
  4. jeffk

    Fresh water boat in the Salt

    I have been running saltwater for 30 years. You do not need freshwater cooling to run in saltwater. Flush your engines. I have freshwater cooling and flush before I take the boat out of the water, I am in hi and dry. I also take CRC and lightly spray the engines down before I put the boat away. Do check with your insurance company as your area of operation may change and require a waiver. Enjoy Florida!
  5. jeffk


    I believe it is a 20 quart. Walmart does not sell them. I think I will replace with a soft cooler
  6. jeffk

    Sea Ray also getting out of the yacht game:

    Here it's Formulas, Azimuts, and Von Dutch ( I think they are hideous) Ferrari's and Lamborghini's are commonplace. If I was the recipient of money like this......I would be ok with it!
  7. jeffk

    Sea Ray also getting out of the yacht game:

    Formula uses my marina to launch and bottom prep boats. Their cruiser and bowrider with the 4 huge outboards hangin off the back is unreal.. The nice thing about boating down here is that everytime you go out, your witness a boat show. There are so many Azimuts, Mangustas, etc, I feel like I am in a dinghy.
  8. jeffk

    Sea Ray also getting out of the yacht game:

    Why the environmentalists have not taken on Ocean Alexander is simple. Look at the town of titusville, with SeaRay downsizing and shutting down, the space program basically shutting down, the town is hurting. Ocean Alexander is providing jobs, which the town needs. Didnt Boating magazine just give SeaRays cruiser with outboards a boat of the year award. We are starting to get the itch for a bigger boat. These cruisers with outboard look interesting.
  9. jeffk

    Sea Ray also getting out of the yacht game:

    Actually if your boat has cooking facilities and a fixed head, interest is deductible as a second home. That would be a shame if the sig line was dropped. There seem to be quite a few of them in S.Florida.
  10. jeffk

    Just ordered my first drone

    Thanks, We are set to do another trip, maybe down to Islamorada this time. I thought Larry already bought a new boat? Best to all.
  11. jeffk

    Interior Seat Repair

    I have used Dr. Vinyl in the past. They come to your boat. They have done a good job twice. There is probably a franchise near you.
  12. jeffk

    Sea Ray also getting out of the yacht game:

    I used to keep my boat at Merritt Island in Florida. Searay closed that plant then opened again. They built a huge facility that the environmentalists had opposed and never opened. They sold that facility to Ocean Alexander. In a small town the effects of the closing are devastating. Curt you have not factored in a tax deduction if you do that and more you get paralysis by analysis. Financing is good for some and not for others. If not for financing, probably half the builders would be gone.
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    Johnny Dangerously
  14. jeffk

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    The forum is only as good as its participants. I talk with a lot of Chaparral owners down in Florida and they do not even know this forum exists. I was a moderator on the Crownline forum years ago...it was strictly monitored. I am sure this one is too s from time to time posts are deleted. I find the forum entertaining, with some good tech knowledge thrown in from time to time. The social aspect, such as getting to meet Jeff and Larry in the Bahamas is a great pus also. Bahamas 2019....Lets do it again!
  15. jeffk

    Chaparral's quality going downhill

    It is interesting that Chaparral lets you complain about their boats on their website. Not every manufacturer would let you do that.
  16. jeffk

    Just ordered my first drone

    It was an inexpensive hubsan drone. For the money it is a great first drone, feature packed and easy to use. i was over water and it just developed a mind of its own an did a header into the ICW . Thankfully it did not hit anybody on the way down.
  17. jeffk

    Just ordered my first drone

    My drone just became a submarine this past weekend!
  18. jeffk

    Overheating at high speed

    When you flush your engines you are forcing water into the engines and the engines are not the pressure of powering the boat. I dont think your transducer has anything to do with it. You could put a heat gun on them to make sure they are overheating, not just a faulty sensor. It is odd for it to happen to both engines at once. Check for blockages
  19. jeffk

    2013 310 fresh water pump

    I can hear the pump on the starboard side in the front. Where exactly is it and how do I access it?
  20. jeffk

    Replacement carpet or seadek?

    I went with Plasteak. Looks great, feels great....would not do it again. I bought the cool teak.......its not cool. It gets real hot, I am in Florida. When you get out of the water on the swim platform, you need to wet it down or it is too hot to stand on.
  21. jeffk

    Keys Trip

    How about we look at some dates. When we get that narrowed down we can pick a destination. We could also have more than one group depending on where people want to go.
  22. jeffk

    330 Signature Davits

    When I lived in New Rochelle Block and Essex were two of my favorite destinations. One year going through Fisher Island sound we saw a sub come up..it was awesome. Have a great summer!
  23. jeffk

    Volvo SX Prop Nut Size

    Call marine parts express, and ask for jd., he will know.
  24. I was just thinking of that.!
  25. jeffk

    2004 Chaparral 330 Signature Hull Color

    I have ordered from spectrum. I gave them the hull# and they supplied the correct color.