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  1. What offseason....down in Fl this is the best time of the year!
  2. if you want to OD on oil information:
  3. I connect to the hose attachment on the dipstick tube. Then i take one of the attachments and put it down the tube, it pretty much goes to the bottom. There is always some residual oil you never get. I change twice a year year regardless of hours and dont worry about residual oil
  4. I have been using the Hot Sauce products. For polishing I use a product called Driven it is a polish with very little abrasive and a high shine. If I need a polishing I use Wizards finish cut.
  5. If your boat is truly cracked, why would somebody buy it? It is more than likely a scrape or a spider crack in the gelcoat. If it is not visible to the naked eye, it is doubtfual pic will be of much value
  6. I have the ocean x drives boat is 4 years old and the drive look new. I fresh water flush before the boat is pulled, when I overnight I do not flush.
  7. When my gen works it cools down the cabin pretty quick. I do not use it when running. I called a kohler service tech and got put on a list......and its long!
  8. Has anybody had this problem, I keep spinning the hubs on the impellors. While it is not a big cost to replace, it should not keep happening.
  9. Chaparral is no better or worse than other manufacturers.( I am not commending Chaparral)) They push all the service on to the dealer. So as mentioned on a previous thread a dealer does not like servicing boats bought elsewhere.
  10. I have only boated in saltwater. It is a lot of work to keep up with it. I flush everytime before my boat is pulled. I dont see a lot of people doing that. I would ask for a visual inspection of the cooling system rather than take someones word for it.
  11. The the genny ran perfectly today. Until I shut it down, waited two hours and will not restart. I know nothing about these units and really have no time, calling in a kohler repair tech
  12. Everything is installed correctly. My impellors last about a month than the hub spins.
  13. I bought my first Chap from Pennybridge in 2004. There were two guys were always very helpful( actually they all were), does JD or Matt still work there? I believe Steve and Rick , previous owners retired.
  14. I live in N.Miami We left town and headed to Brandon about 10 miles east of Tampa. So the storm changes direction. We leave Brandon and head to Orlando to stay with friends, this worked out ok. We came home Wed and the condo was dry( I live half a block from the ICW). The boat was still in its rack. We had no power, so we grabbed a flight to Illinois to visit the grandkids. We got back yesterday, I cleaned the boat up today and tomorrow we cruise!
  15. ???Huh? So it's not just me
  16. jeff sorry to hike this thread. we have left brandon and are now with friends in orlando. it actually looks like will not be as bad as once thought. maybe i will have a boat when i finally get home. to all floridians be safe!
  17. I have lost ridiculous amounts of money trading up for newer boats.... and I am a financial consultant. i was speaking to a group of advisors years ago and one told me i was a fool. i then opened a file and showed him dozens of pictures of my grandaughter having the time of her life on the boat. this doesnt even take into account my wife and I taking annual boatrips. so i asked him to calculate the rate of return on the quality of my lifeowning a boat. its not always about the money. enjoy.. i need to continue hurricane prep
  18. If his 13 year old boat has less than 100 hrs? Like i said whatever makes you happy....if you are looking for a rational decision....probably would never have bought a boat. I
  19. As far as seems you are a bit taller than myself. What's good for me may not be for you. I would not trade my rear lounger that turns into a sunpad! If your wife aint happy.....I would go with that! There are plenty of boats out there to look at
  20. I have owned vp power since 2004 never had either one of those problems.
  21. If you have 4 adults that is most likely how you will sit. A viewpoint that doesnt do it justice......what does that mean?
  22. Tell me about it...been in that business for 30 years. My only risk is deductibles...financially that is.
  23. Duct tape all over,closed all sea cocks, removed cushions and top. Took all personal stuff off the boat. In reality....if we have 150 mph winds whatever I did wont mean s##t!
  24. Its still a 13 year old boat...but if it makes you happy,go for it