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  1. I want to paint my vinyl cushions on my 2000 216 SSI. They really need a new look but I want to match the rest of the vinyl on the rest of the boat. To look at the available SEM colors on line it is really hard to tell which shade of white it is. Does anyone know the equivalent SEM or Krylon white color?
  2. sixpats

    need new seats

    The "warm" winter we had in New York a couple of years ago ruined my vinyl seats. It was shrink wrapped and there was a clog under the gas tank that blocked drainage and mildew destroyed my seats, etc. No cleaning application has worked and they are done. I want to replace the seats, Chaps seats woud be great but I can't seem to find anyting like them on line. My boat is a 2000 SSI 216 and I would start with the back to back bucket reclining seats. Has anyone replaced their seats or know where to find them?
  3. sixpats

    Vinyl paint for seats

    Last winter we unknowingly had water trapped in the storage area of our 216 SSI. It was shrink wrapped and trapped during a warm winter. We took the wrap off and discovered most of our vinyl was badly mildewed from the inside. No method could clean it up. We tried everything. Short of replacing all of the vinyl has anyone tried painting your seats when the vinyl had just worn out? There are a few products on the market. Has anyone tried this method and what were your results? Thanks, Jim
  4. sixpats

    TRAILER registration

    I am interested in a trailer I found on Craigslist. The seller says he has no papers for the rig. Has anyone got any experience with NYS DMV when the trailer you have or want to buy has no registration or title Thanks, Jim
  5. sixpats

    Windshield popped out of frame

    HI everybody...over the course of last summer the passenger side windshield on my 2000 216 SSI has worked its way out of the frame. Is this just a case of taking the top of the frame off, reseating the winshield into the grooved gasket and screwing the frame back in or should I replace the gasket too? I am assuming the liner is original and not sure I can get a replacement. It looks like it is still in good shape and not dried out.
  6. sixpats

    stiff Gear shift/throttle

    HI , My throttle/gear shift is very stiff. It seems to be more of a chore to get in and out of gear than is should be. What can I do to loosen it up?
  7. sixpats

    Engine shut- off issues

    I had a similar problem that turned out to be an Ethanol issue. Apparently the ethanol gums up the works. We had to have the carb replaced and some gas hauled out. Now add the "blue" additive when fueling and use nothing but 89 octane. No problems since.
  8. sixpats

    navigation lights out

    Thanks everybody ...all answers were very helpful and just what I was looking for...
  9. sixpats

    navigation lights out

    I won't know if it is one lamp or two until I can get it open. That is my dilemma. I don't know the proper way to open up the light. There is one screw on the back which secures the chrome cover. After that I don't know how much force to use to pry open the green/red lens or is it screwed down from underneath in the anchor compartment?
  10. sixpats

    navigation lights out

    We were ready to make our first ride out after sunset and of course the navigation lights wouldn't come on. The toggle switch lights up on the console but no lights. I was afraid to pry the lens off the light for fear of breaking it. Can anyone tell me the proper proceedure for opening it up to replace the lamps? Boat is a 2000 216 SSI Bowrider. Thanks in advance for the advice. Jim
  11. sixpats

    Conked out

    HI everybody I am hoping you can help me. Apparently the float switch on the bilge pump malfunctioned and with all the rain the other night (Long Island) the engine compartment filled with water. My son turned on the bilge pump and emptied the compartment the next day. 2 days later ( first time since the rain) he conked out half way down the canal. This is a 5.0 Mercruiser I/O 8 Cyl. engine. The engine turns over and wants to start but continues to stall. Is this a matter of replacing the fuel filter or something more invasive? Hope someone can give me some advice....Thanks, Jim
  12. sixpats

    Going in today

    HI, We are in and underway!...gets a little breezy out there but last week we had some very nice weather. My son just installed a new Lowrance M68C combo GPS/Depthfinder/Fishfinder and it is terrific...being new to the bay it is indispensable....new boat ( for us) and we are newbies so we're taking taking baby steps first.
  13. sixpats


    I want to thank everyone for their insights....great advice for a newbie, for sure! Jim
  14. sixpats


    Yes ...we get a sea trial and the marina will make sure we know what were are doing. I just don't know how deep they are going to go as far as inspecting the engine. The outdrive is off the boat right now so they have to reinstall probably this week. Here in New York we have had a very quick warm up from a horrible winter and I am sure everyone is chomping at the bit to get the season going but it is only March.
  15. sixpats


    Hi everybody....My son & I will be taking ownership of a 2000 216 SSI, 5.0 Mercruiser, 100 hours, from Blue Marlin Marine in Seaford New York. I want a mechanic to look her over and need to know what should be looked at besides engine compression. Thanks, Jim