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  1. I have SeaDek on mine and left it in place and just taped over it to keep the fiberglass and then paint off it while I did the repair. I think the SeaDek is why it stayed together so well.
  2. bheston, I looked at the pictures and it was probably a good move to walk away. It wouldn't surprise me if there weren't deeper problems there. I have a 2008 Sig 270 and I've never seen that kind of cracking or anything close to that. Not sure where you're at but we have our boat up for sale. I think one of the other guys linked to it but just in case here's the link again. Check it out I just added a bunch more photos that I took today. https://www.boattrader.com/boat/2008-chaparral-signature-270-7383025/ Hit me up if you're interested. Greg
  3. Around the engine hatch? Maybe a little spider crack, nothing serious. My daughter did jump down on the hatch that covers the ladder and cracked it pretty good. Luckily, it was on the bottom side and not the non-slip side and was in one piece so I was able to mix up some fiberglass resin, throw in some additional fiberglass mat and actually made it stronger. Painted it with some white paint...better than new.
  4. Albert - it is, but my contract for indoor storage expired so I'm now month to month and I would rather sell it fast and not have the storage fee hit the CC each month. Also, the faster I sell this boat, the faster I can start the search for the next one.........Regal 35 Sport Coupe
  5. None that I have ever seen. Having the closed water cooling is a plus. The boat was a left over 2008 model so I wasn't able to change anything but having the Seacore package was definitely and added benefit. Greg
  6. We have 2 footitus again and are selling our 2008 Signature 270, Check it out on Boat Trader. https://www.boattrader.com/boat/2008-chaparral-signature-270-7383025/ Greg
  7. Wingnut - easy fix this time. Unbolted the remote oil filter adapter, replaced the 2 gasket, screwed it back on, fired it up....no leaks. Easy day. Not a lot of oil dropped out of the line either so the mess wasn't too bad. Greg
  8. Phillbo- I know in my case, we do a lot of longer runs up and down the intercoastal and before I installed one I would have the white chalk up everyone mentions. Installed mine 8-9 years ago and haven't had any white residue since. Maybe it's more common in salt water boating, then it is on a freshwater lake. Greg
  9. Wingnut, Good info as always. Will definitely check the hose connections as I thought they would be inverted flare fittings and the adapter as well for cracks. Will let you know what I find, Greg
  10. MontreAl I did it in the same boat going from west to east when I brought my boat down from Virginia to Sarasota 2 years ago. It can be a little dicey trying to handle both the stern and bow lines but the lock operators were a lot of help. I did have an interesting experience in one of the locks. As I was dropping down, seems like it was 5 or 6 feet, there was a very large yellow jacket nest that had taken up residence in one of the lock wall crevices which I had not noticed when it started. But......as I was being lowered down it came into view right in front of me and because we were still going down there was nothing I could do.....except remain very still!!! Good times. I went thru in August and the lake was covered in green algae that made the water look like anti-freeze, very strange. Have fun, Greg
  11. dh20 - I'm just about to put my 2008 Sig 270 on the market. I purchased it new in 2010 and it has always been stored in high and dry storage since the day we purchased it. Let me know if you're interested. Greg
  12. Was doing some work on the boat and noticed a small amount of oil leaking around where the remote oil filter adapter attaches to the engine block oil filter location. Engine is a 2008 Merc 496. I made sure it wasn't coming from the high pressure line and from what I can see/feel the leak is coming from where the adapter screws into the block. This seems like a pretty easy fix so I ordered up replacement gaskets: Mercury-Mercruiser 26-42077 SEAL & Mercury-Mercruiser 26-862957 SEAL Anyone else have this issue? I plan on changing the gasket when the engine is cold and hasn't run in a while so hopefully most of the oil will have drained back into the oil pan. Anybody have any idea how much oil will still be left in the filter/line? Just changed the oil so I don't want to drain it unless I have too. Greg
  13. Your outlets will only work when hooked up to shore power (110v) or if you have a generator, which I doubt you have on a 21.5ss. Greg
  14. Well, we have 2footitus again, so we have the Sig 270 up for sale. She has served us well for 9 seasons but we need more room and a bigger beam. If you're interested check it out below on Boat Trader. https://www.boattrader.com/boat/2008-chaparral-signature-270-7383025/ Greg "Shark Bait"
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