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  1. Makolab

    Bike rack on 220ssi?

    Sounds like you need a pair of folding bikes. BTW- Mine was a "79 (?) Cadillac Sedan Deville. Amazing how many people you can cram in the back seat.
  2. Makolab

    330 Signature Davits

    Had the same issue with my 260 Sig. Smaller boat but with a large inflatable. Yesterday I came across this on e-bay. It appears to be a simple solution. https://www.ebay.com/i/232764133400?chn=ps Maybe an alternative and for the price.....
  3. Makolab

    4.3 Volvo Penta Question

    Only from my small bit of experience will I share. I just sold my 19 foot bow rider with the V.P. The 200 hp is the 4.3l GX and the 225 is the GXI. All I can say is WOW! I am a fan of maximum hp so you have it when you need it, not when you wish you had it. It was fast, pushed the 19 about 41 mph with 4 adults and about 3/4 tank of gas and it was a champion when we would use the tow behind inflatables. Maintenance is fairly simple and easy to do. The impeller is a piece of cake compared to my Mercruiser. The only issue was (if true) that the fuel pumps are/were painted inside as well as outside and the ethanol fuel could start peeling the paint on the inside. I cant remember something about a high pressure or a low pressure something or another. Use only Rec 90. The fuel pumps are SUPER expensive to replace. Someone with more knowledge could expand on this if they or you would like the information. Only you will know how you are going to use the boat. Enjoy.
  4. Makolab

    Anyone need a small switch panel.

    If your giving one away, Ill claim it. Looks super cool.
  5. Makolab

    replace serpentine belt on the water?

    Im bumping this back up since I am eager to find out from the experienced people on this forum.
  6. Makolab

    replace serpentine belt on the water?

    So, after reading the posts about the belts falling off at speed, it got me thinking. What does happens to a motor when the boat is at cruising speed and the belt falls/shreds off? Is there damage? What is the extent of the damage or is a marine motor designed in such a way the damage is kept at a minimum? I have two boats, one has a 2003 5.7L Mag and the other has a 2007 Volvo Penta 4.3L GXi.
  7. Makolab

    Spark plug confusion

    SSSSSoooo can I use them? I went here: http://www.sparkplug-crossreference.com/convert/NGK_PN/tr55ix I clicked on here: Champion RS12PYP It took me here: http://www.sparkplug-crossreference.com/convert/CHAMP_PN/RS12PYP and towards the bottom, it listed NGK TR55IX as an alternative. It sounds confusing and hopefully the links work. So to sum it up, working in reverse order, it appears that the NGK TR55IX is an alternative to the Champion RS12PYP which is an alternative to the AC DELCO 41-993. Thoughts?
  8. Makolab

    Spark plug confusion

    Hey all. I recently aquired a boat with a 4.3l volvo penta gxi motor and I am in the process of catching up on all of the maintenance that she has yet to receive. I wanted to ask the most confusing question and it has to do with spark plugs. It originally has AC DELCO 41-993 plugs but I would like to know if that is compatible with NGK tr55ix plugs? I did a lot of searching and I came up more confused then ever. If its a match, any recommendations on the gap? I only would like to use the NGK tr55ix plugs because I just happen to have 6 of them already. Thanks for your help.
  9. Makolab

    Clicking noise from impeller housing

    So I just took it apart again, checked out everything, spun the pulley to listen to possible bearing issues and I reinstalled it all. It still clicks but not as much as yesterday. And yes, the noise is coming from the impeller housing, bottom right, front of the engine.
  10. Good day all. I just replaced the impeller of my 2003 5.7l Mercruiser that is in my Signature 260. The job was easier than I thought but I did run into one issue. After I put it all back together, water was coming out from where it is supposed to. Hurray! Unfortunately, there is a loud clicking noise that is coming from the impeller but I have no clue what it is. When I rev up the motor, the clicking gets louder and faster which makes sense since I am revving up the motor and all of the parts are moving faster. It was not doing that before I changed the impeller. Im positive. Before I tear it all apart, does anyone have a clue about what I possibly did wrong? It seemed like a pretty straight forward job with minimal moving parts that are made of metal. Thanks for all of the help.
  11. Makolab

    Underwater LEDs on '07 Chapparral 220 ssi

    Ill be the first to admit it. I have NEVER seen nor read the rules. I hope he comes back with pictures. Y'all just remember "be kind, rewind".
  12. No dude. Its like the others have said, no tire kickers. A test ride would be for serious buyers only. Are you going to re-winterize (TN256s point of posting) your boat after everyone who is interested wants a ride? No way. Check out the boat, bring your mechanic, get your survey, agree on a price, do whatever it is thats necessary first. A test ride would be the last thing and the sale of the boat would be contingent upon the test ride. If things break, buyer gets to walk away or renegotiate, if things go well, sale is complete. I dont know how you like to do things but I know that unless its in writing, there is no deal. Im a firm believer in the contract. If its spelled out that a deposit is needed, then the money is mine when a buyer gets scared and walks away from a deal. Its just reiterating what the others have posted.
  13. Contingent upon sale is a great way to do business. Of course it would be in writing and very detailed about what that means. In the court of law, a mans word is useless but their signature on a contract is binding. For both parties.
  14. Makolab

    Will I ever learn?

    I have seen this same situation with the wind and the issues with backing into a slip. As mentioned before, there is a miracle associated with using spring lines for the job. It looks almost effortless although I know there is alot of practice involved.
  15. Makolab

    LED Replacements

    can you post a pic of the bulb as well as where you bought them from?