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  1. dsmacey

    206 SSi

    Do you a battery switch to turn off the main (only) battery? And if so, are you turning it to "Off" before you put her away for the evening? Your battery is draining over night. Low battery causes a lot not to work, not just the radio. There was just enough juice to power up the radio. When you turned on the blowers you went below what was needed to run the radio. So now the task is to figure our what is draining your battery overnight. If you have a master battery switch and you leave it "On" that would probably do it overnight. If you are turning it "Off" then something is s
  2. New I/O's you can for sure, as some are designed for it. The new Chaparral surf models have Surf Gates and the new Volvo forward drive:
  3. dsmacey


    Not to question your mechanic... But, what exactly has gone wrong with it that it needs to replaced? Is the canister showing low pressure? What exactly do they want to replace? It is true, the blowers will not work if the fireboy system is not wired properly. So at a minimum I would: 1. Check the halon canister gauge and see what it says about the status of the canister. 2. Check the wiring on the system (where the canister is) and make sure it is all connected and free of any corrosion. Good, clean connections. 3. Check the status of the fireboy panel light,
  4. I cannot help with the codes, but thank you for the information and feedback. I have been thinking about adding VesselView Mobile to my engine as well. Thanks!
  5. It is most likely 1 1/2 inch as that is the standard size on all Chaparrals I have ever seen or heard of, on here or elsewhere.
  6. Do you trailer the boat or is it in a slip in the water? Even if you trailer it, always a good idea to make sure the thru-hull sensor is clean and flush. Mine thru-hull is intermittent above 30 MPH all the way to 50 MPH, probably works 80% of the time though. My transom mounted transducer works fairly well up to about 40 before it goes completely off the rails.
  7. Since I live in Vegas, it may be appropriate to start prop bets on what you will lose overboard this season now
  8. That shelf is a nice handy spot to store stuff and unless you stick your head down in there you would never know its there
  9. This is what I use, a Digger Anchor. But I generally anchor from the stern. 20+ MPH wind not uncommon on Lake Mead. And much easier to pull it up from the swim platform anyway. https://www.diggeranchor.com/summer-line 15 Pound Fresh Water Anchor Ideal for 40 foot boats, pontoons, sailboats. The world class "Digger" boat and pontoon anchor gets the job done right the first time. Not only will this
  10. Do you have a finger on each side of your boat or just on one side? And if not, is there a piling or pole between the two spots instead of a finger?
  11. You can use what the original poster (Ronbill) used: http://www.sternmate.com
  12. Cyclops is right as is your instinct. You need to lower it. I get pretty good readings on mine at speed below 40. Above 40, not so much. When on the hook, it can be hit or miss if it is rough out. My swim platform does not have a vent, so it captures an air pocket and when it slaps down the air pocket can sometimes go under the transducer causing it to freak out. If it is very rough it generally flakes out 75% of the time while on the hook. Granted, I anchor from the stern a lot which is the major cause of this since the waves are hitting the rear of the swim platform and causin
  13. Yes, that is what others have done. Google "Chaparral 276 arch speakers" and you should get a return with some of the threads. I might as well just do it quick for you though
  14. Thats too bad. I like the power option No the cooler cutout... that's nice. I will have to look at doing that myself. Doesn't look to hard as a DIY project.
  15. dsmacey

    Tiny Pic

    imgbb.com No ads, works great. Or use the image galleries available on here. For your post above, this is all I see: No picture, just a link. Links to external images only work if they end in .jpg, .gif, .png, .jpeg I believe.
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