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  1. I do not know the best option. I have Lenco trim tabs on my 264, hydraulic. One of the actuators is being rebuilt right now, but not too bad after 9 years of usage I suppose. But other than they they work great.
  2. Nice wrap! I have had my 2009 264 Xtreme for 8 years this month and have been thinking about doing something similar.
  3. Does not sound right to me. Have to ask, did you make sure you put the thrust washers on the proper direction? What kind of drive is it? There should be no play fore and aft as far as I am know. Mine does not have any, and I have replaced the props numerous times when I was testing a bunch of different sets.
  4. As a side note... I went from a 26P 3/3 prop set to, ultimately, a 22.5P 4/3 prop set. Made a world of difference in hole shot and getting up on plane quickly. I also have a 24P 3/3 prop set that is the best all around prop set I tested. Lost 3 MPH on the GPS from the 24P 3/3 to the 22.5P 4/3, but don't care about that. We do a lot of water sports and hole shot was ended up being the most important thing, especially in summer when its 115 degrees or more and you lose a bit of oomph from the engine Sold the original 26P 3/3 prop set.
  5. Good luck with the new props. Mine was over propped and made a huge difference when I changed them. I ultimately went with a 4/3 prop setup after trying out a couple of different sizes of 3/3 and 4/3 props. Better hole shot in general with the 4/3 prop set and that was what I was most looking for (for water sports).
  6. Bad plug causing a misfire or cylinder not firing would be more noticeable that what you are experiencing. You would top out at around 3000 RPM and it would be extremely sluggish and noticeable (speaking from experience on this one - bad/burned plug wire causing a cylinder to not fire). Everyone's advice on WOT RPM is dead on. I am going to guess you are over propped by pitch or two. Was your 46MPH speed GPS or speedo? As for trim tabs... should not be an option, should be standard. They are worth every penny.
  7. I have, now, a 2011 F-150 Platinum with the Max Towing package that I use to tow my 264 Xtreme. Plus electric brakes on the trailer and the integrated brake controller in the truck. No problems towing at all, and my weights are about the same as yours fully loaded (boat has the 496 mag engine). Previously I had a 2009 F-150 FX4 with the Max Towing package and of course no issues there as well.
  8. As important as your tools you keep on the boat, tools and equipment when towing as well. Speaking from personal experience So to all of the above I would add, for the tow vehicle: 1. Heavy duty hydraulic jack (5 ton is what I have) 2. Lug wrench (trailer tires usually are not the the same lug size as trucks). 3. Good socket set and screw drivers. 4. Crowbar and hammer. 5. Chain and extra tie down straps. 6. Fix a flat can. 7. Bearing grease. 8. Extra hitch and locking pin (people do steal these...).
  9. Did they change the size of the dash for the GPS unit in 2014? I believe the 5xx models were the the only options to flush mount correctly in the space provided on the 264. I just upgraded last fall the original, I believe, older 521 to the newer 541S because I wanted the sonar features, as well the as the much better resolution and speed of the 541S. Its been a great upgrade and it slipped in to place with no issues. Just had to add a transducer for the Garmin. Good thing is I get depth from two sources now. Never a bad thing when you lake goes up and down +/-50 feet a year
  10. Agree with everyone else. But on the impeller, given that you have a Merc engine... have your dealer/mechanic do it. It is not a simple process on the Merc. It is not impossible to do yourself, but I think it is worth the convenience fee for the shop to do it
  11. If the 257 has the arch then I would go that route without any hesitation. The 8.1/8.2 would make it an even more no brainier, but you will like the 5.7 regardless. As for price, we are not supposed to comment/discuss pricing. Sorry. As for trim tabs... Why they are optional is beyond me. Should be standard, like a steering wheel. They do make that much of a difference in so many different situations. For a "premium" manufacturer like we all believe Chaparral to be, it should be a standard feature.
  12. You do not mention engines for your two choices. That would help in the opinion department, I think. You also do not mention what tow vehicle you have, if you have one. The 257, as metioned before, really needs the big block. And a tow vehicle with a minimum of 9000 capacity.
  13. I believe legally if a boat's swim platform is part of the hull itself then it is included in LOA. If it is attached to the hull/transom then it is not included in LOA.
  14. Personally, even though the cut in release from Powell will drop Mead about 25 feet this fall as well, I am hoping Mead hits the emergency level that forces water restrictions for AZ and CA. We have been under pretty severe water restrictions here in Las Vegas for 10 years, and you know what? You don't even really notice it after a while. They are not that bad when it comes down to it. And the result is even though Vegas has doubled in size since 2000, we used less water in 2010 than 2000. Not per person, total water. Not bad when you think about it. Just last week one of the major roads in my part of town took out all of the grass on a five mile stretch of road and put in desert landscaping. And it looms better if you ask me. Anyway, hope the drought ends soon but until the communities that use 95% of the lower Colorado water start to actually actively conserve and care for it ending the drought won't matter in the long run.
  15. If your prop is as damaged as you describe it to be, a new prop will also help your handling in reverse. So definitely get the prop replaced or repaired ASAP. As others have said, practice is the best use of time for docking, especially I reverse. You may also want to try different trims on the out drive when practicing in reverse. Sometimes trimming the out drive up will make it handle a bit better in reverse (my old boat was a single prop, and it handled a lot better in reverse when I trimmed it up a bit although this may have been a result of the stupid whale tail thingie the previous owner had installed, which I eventually removed as it was useless).