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  1. Kris - that deal fell through! It was perfect, I hope it comes back on the market but we will see. I am now looking at a Crownline 275 CCR. But I really want to stay with a Chap...
  2. Just great. Now I need to restart my search!
  3. Just by this pic? Looks like it to me. It is on a 2007 Chaparall 275 SSI. Thanks in advance!
  4. Almost makes you want to avoid a covered slip. I feel terrible for anyone that lost a boat here.
  5. From their perspective, you do not want the the truck to be overpowered by the boat in the image. As you can see, the truck still owns the majority of the image. if you had a tall and long curiser it would overshadow what they are really selling, the truck... You can also notice the truck is a lot brighter and has more light effects than the boat... and they are racing away from a storm! Its a nice image!
  6. Just watched your test drive vid and I cannot wait to get my boat!
  7. Yep, boat has lenco tabs already installed and VHS radio. I guess I will keep everything on as is and start using it to see what I need and dont. Thanks for all the advice. I am having it surveyed so I will let you know if anything pops up.
  8. You are right! GMC just picked the sexiest boat! Obviously, they have good taste. Chap had nothing to do with this...
  9. Looks awesome. I had a seadek on my 215 but I think I am going to go add a faux teak one on m next boat too!
  10. Also, the lowrance HDS10, is this something that i could sell? I do not have much of a need for it.
  11. Hi guys, its has taken me over a year to find my next boat but I think I have finally found one that fits my needs, price, power and condition. Here are the specs, anything in specific I should look for? 179 hours Dry stored for most of its life but does have bottom paint from the pervious owner.. Fresh water boat Volvo 8.1 Arch with Lowrance HDS-10 Vacu flush shower power cockpit fridge and other goodies... Let me know your thoughts! Thanks, Phil
  12. If i got that boat, I would have tried to sell it within 18 months or trade it in for a 275. But, I am going to pass on it. 285 is going to fall outside my budget and I prefer to get a newer boat so the 2835 is not in my search. Plus, I do not want a twin engine set-up. I found a nicely equipped 275 yesterday but I believe the drive is the famous XDP...
  13. Looks amazing!
  14. Yea, they made a mistake listing it. I have asked them for more info on the drives. I have a feeling it is or was XDP drives. Hence the low price and warranty replacements...
  15. Yes, the next step from a 215 is a 265 or 275. That is what I am doing but I sold my 215 wayyyy to fast and now I am boatless! If you dont want to make the jump yet do not take a ride on one, like someone mentioned above. You will be hooked in no time, happened to me. I did reach out to the owner of this boat. The price is really low. The broker told me that Volvo just replaced the motor under warranty. No confirmation if the drive is XDP... 40 hours on boat 2 hours on new motor.