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  1. Re Load Horn.  I've got a sig 240, 2004.  No VHF radio, use a HX870.  So where exactly did you mount your horns and what type?  I can yell louder than my horn and yes I do have a hand held air horn for serious issues.

  2. If the worst mistake you make is setting your boat in the wrong slip, consider yourself very lucky. Any boater who says he/she hasn't made a few mistakes, at least, is going to start growing a very long nose soon! Enjoy the season. Hy
  3. I'm assuming you have an I/O. Have you checked the fluid level in your power steering? If it's low, fill and find the leak. If it's OK, then check elsewhere. That doesn't sound like a gimbal bearing problem; that sounds like a steering cylinder or control valve problem, much cheaper. Have someone turn the wheel while you watch how the steering reacts in the engine bay. Hy
  4. Heated indoor storage is just about non-existent here on Long Island, NY. I started removing the shrinkwrap the other day and will finish that job tomorrow, putting up all the canvas. This year I decided to hire a detailer to clean and wax the boat, something I always did myself. This old body isn't up to washing, compounding and waxing a 33' anything anymore. I'm really looking forward to this season, having had to cancel last year's season because of cervical/spinal surgery. Have a great season, all. Hy
  5. Congratulations. Enjoy your new toy. Take a boating course and get a free safety inspection of the boat. Make sure you have insurance to protect yourself, especially 'liability insurance.' Take it slow the first time out until you learn how the boat responds. You'll make some mistakes, but that's part of the learning curve. Don't forget to put in the rear drain plug before you launch! All of us have done that at some time; embarrasing. Hy
  6. Wife and I went to the local shopping mall. It 'warmed' to 30 degrees today! She found a ring she loved. Perfect! Our 46th anniversary is in four weeks. Our boat's shrinkwrapped and frozen. Another 10" of snow is due tomorrow night; the 18th or so snowstorm this season. Stay warm, my friends. Hy
  7. You might consider replacing it with a high-torque starter. They are lighter, smaller, easier to install, and seem to hold up better. Whatever you decide, remember to use only the correct starter bolts. They have a knurled section to keep the starter aligned properly. Depending on the engine installation in your boat, you may have to remove a few hoses, or even the exhaust manifold, to get enough room to work down by the starter. The white towel to catch fallen parts is a good idea. It saves trying to retrieve the bolts as you drop them. Unfortunately, the positions you have to get into to pul
  8. How do you get TV channels? Did you have to replace the antenna or add a box, as well? Our boat came with an old analog TV and antenna system. I tried replacing the TV with one of the flatscreen sets from home, but got no reception. I think the antenna works, but I don't know how to test it. I assume it's an analog antenna, if there is such a thing. The local marine store is no help. They only know details of what they sell, not what works. Hy
  9. I know how you feel. I'm down here on Long Island. The weather's been absolutely lousy. Today it's 'warming' to 40, with a cold wind. Tonight it's going down to zero again. I had planned on going to the marina this afternoon to replace the shrinkwrap door which had blown off in the big storm we had a few weeks ago. Before I left, I wanted to give our little dog a bath. Surprise - no hot water!! I check the oil burner and find that the 'thud' sound we heard last night was the air damper blowing off the metal chimney flue. So now I have to wait at home for the oil burner technician to come and f
  10. I was just reading some old posts and came across this one. I had the same problem and questions for the 2013 season, except that i was the one not allowed to even go on a boat, including our daughter's and son-in-law's 46' cruiser! I had had necl/spinal fusion in May (C3-C4) and was warned that sudden movement could snap my neck. Luckily our marina let me out of our contract for the season and changed it to on-land storage, at a much reduced cost. I had to figure out the steps for a long-term layup, until April, 2014. Hopefully, the Admiral is on the mend and this season will be a great one f
  11. Correction and apology. I just found yesterday's post on page 2. Hy
  12. Did I do something wrong? I had posted a reply to this thread yeaterday and now it seems to be gone. Anyway, I suggest you contact Chaparral by phone and registered mail, return receipt. Keep a folder with all details and contacts. Contact your insurance company, again, by phone and mail. Get two written evaluations, with photos, by fiberglass experts. Get a witten evaluation by a licensed marine surveyor. Contact the American Boat Builders Association to report the incident. I also suggest you contact the Coast Guard to notify them of a possible safety/sinking hazard for other Chaparrals buil
  13. On our 2000 Sig 240, the AM/FM antenna was a simple wire with an antenna plug (plugged in) lieing on the shelf behind the radio. Reception varied from OK to solid static, especially on the two AM stations. You can buy a regular marine vertical antenna or a marine antenna which sticks to the inside of a window, similar to the one which is probably on your car. Regardless of whether you upgrade or not, AM/FM reception is often spotty, depending on your location. Hy
  14. I'd suggest that you contact Chaparral (phone and certified mail, return receipt). Keep records. Call your insurance company. Keep records.Get written evaluation from fiberglass experts and from an experienced surveyor. Keep records. Contact American Boat Builder's Association. Keep records. Notify Coast Guard of possible safety hazard for boats built by Chaparral during that same time period. Give Chaparral and ABBA 30 days for response. If none done to your satisfaction, contact attorney. Let him/her take it from there. Good luck. Hy
  15. Your shrinkwrap should have vents cut into it. That will alow some rain, etc. to get in, but it will also also airflow, which is very important. I hang three dampness absorbers and have two counter-top absorbers and check them every week or two. Our marina doesn't allow plug-in heaters or fans. As a matter of fact, the four marinas I've dealt with on Long Island have the same resrtriction. Leave your portholes open for air circulation. I don't like leaving the cabin door open to prevent little critters wanting to make the boat their winter home. I did have the experience of having squirrels ma
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