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  1. mckayj

    Removing seat in aft stateroom

    Thanks for the response TRIPC. I am trying to help a friend on his Sig 33 remove that seat cushion. He tells me he has pulled it every which way. Do you know how it's attached? Velcro? Clips? He wants to find out if there is any usable storage underneath that seat.
  2. mckayj

    Removing seat in aft stateroom

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the seat cushion in the aft stateroom of a 33 ft. Signature?
  3. mckayj

    Premier 400 Owners

    My buddy has a Sig 330 and is considering trading up to a low hour Premier 400 with Twin Volvo IPS pods Diesel (500). A beautiful ride, but expensive. Are these the right engines for a Premier? He knows nothing about pod drives. Looking for comments - good, bad and ugly. Please share your experience. Thanks...
  4. mckayj

    Premier 400

    My buddy owns a Sig 330 and is considering trading up to a Premier 400 with Twin Volvo IPS pods Diesel (500). A beautiful boat, but an expensive move up. I am looking for feedback from Premier owners with positive/negative comments.
  5. mckayj

    Mercruiser Drain Plug

    Thank you Whalersailor for the tip on removing my block drain plug. I heated up the end of a short stubby screwdriver with a propane torch and reaching way down to the base of the engine block jammed the screwdriver in the hole in what was left of my the blue drain plug. Left it there to cool for a minute and then turned the remaining plug out with no problem. Replaced it with a new plug and also replaced the other plugs. They tend to become brittle with age.
  6. mckayj

    Mercruiser Drain Plug

    I was winterizing our 350 Mag MPI yesterday and reached down to unscrew the lower blue drain plug and the next thing I know I am holding the butterfly top of the plastic plug in my hand. It just twisted off with the plug in the drain hole. A new plug is about 31/2 deer at West Marine but the question remains as to how to unscrew the blue plastic plug in the hole. Access is limited in my 2130 SS. Any ideas?
  7. mckayj

    Clip Tip

    I just spent the past week on a Chap 330 cruising down the Chesapeake from Charlestown, MD to Tilghman Island with stops along the way. With 4 of us onboard towel drying is a challenge. Make a visit to your local Harbor Freight and purchase about 8 of their smaller black, plastic spring clamps (99 cents ea. - a bargain), We stack them clipped to the windshield support on the port side as you go down the hatch. They are great to clip your bath towel to the bow rail to dry or towels to the overhead canvas to block out the sun. They also come in handy to dry the towel you use to wipe down the boat. or the towel you have at the helm station in heavy seas to suck up water coming through the canvas. I was surprised at their gripping power. A must for anyone looking to dry a towel and not have it blow away.
  8. I was just talking with my friend who raised the hatch on his Sig 330 to take a look and tells me their is a layer of insulation covering the bottom of his hatch with a couple of holes for wires. Not sure if this is easily removable for access to the seat backs. TXTwin is your hatch not insulated? His is a 2005 330. Suggestions?
  9. Thanks TXTwin. I didn't realize there was access from down there. The next time I am onboard with the engines cooled down I will take a look.
  10. I was on a friends 05 Chap 330 this weekend and he showed me how the bolt securing the seat back on the starboard side right as you enter through the center transom door was loose with no nut and lock washer. We opened the rear starbard hatch that holds the shore power cords and removed the round hatch cover to gain access to the fiberglass that forms the seats. I was able to reach in and barely touch the bolt. There was no way I was going to be able to thread a nut on this bolt which was also moving. Any ideas how to secure this seat back? How Chap was able to get back there with a nut i will never know. Options????
  11. mckayj

    Sig 330 Underwater Lights

    Here is a photo of the three Ocean underwater lights my buddy just mounted on the stern of his 330. They have both green and blue in each light. The two outside lights are wired together on one switch and the middle is on its own switch. The two toggle switches on the dash allow toggling between green and blue. A 1/2 inch hole was drilled for each light. The project took about 4 hours. He is anxious to launch and see the result in the upper chesapeake where he boats. And Yes, those are new Volvo Ocean X drives that replaced his XDPs last August.
  12. mckayj

    2130 ss "Sport" letters

    Since I started this post, I wanted to finish it. Sheperd's last post that "the Sport logos should be available from a local Chaparral dealer" got me thinking when I saw that his picture has them on a newer SSI and he knows Chaparrals. I have been asking for logos for my 97 2130 SS and have been told that they are no longer available. I thought I would then ask some other Chaparral dealers and went on this site where you search dealers by zipcode and punched in zip codes in my area sending an e-mail about my search. I also randomly sent an e-mail to a few zipcodes in Florida. The next day I received an e-mail from Ashley, a sales Associate at Indian Springs Marina, a Chap dealer in Largo, Florida. She did not have the logos, but was going to be talking with corporate later that day and would inquire as to their availability. A later e-mail from her informs me that they are available at $15 plus tax and shipping. Pictures attached. Thank you Ashley! The bottom-line here is that they can be ordered from your dealer. I also need to inform you that this is a custom font. Where your current Sport letters might look tired and worn on your boat (see Sheperd's picture) with a hole at the bottom of the "S", they really are not. This was the design of the logo. Thanks for all your advice and comments. This Forum is a great source of information.
  13. mckayj

    2130 ss "Sport" letters

    Thanks for the reply Menwa. I will let you know what happens. I did a tracing of the letters on the boat. Since some of the "t" is missing I don't have an exact copy. I then took a picture of the "Sport" and have tried to size this to the tracing. I have come close but because the "Sport" is on a curve it is tough to obtain an exact copy. I am going to take this to a sign company and see what they can do for me. Even if it's a little off, I think I can remove the letters and compound and lightly wetsand the area so the old letter placement will not be visible under the new. I have looked at fonts but can't find anything close to the "Sport" script that Chap used.
  14. mckayj

    2130 ss "Sport" letters

    It's time to replace the red script "Sport" letters on both sides of my 97 2130 ss. 14 years of boating have taken their toll. Parts of individual letters are gone and I have no idea of the font used or whether this is a custom logo that Chap created. Joe at CM couldn't help me. Before I take a picture of the letters, try to size them and visit a sign company, I thought I would see if someone on this Forum has already "been there and done that". Even a clear picture of the full "Sport" name would help. Are there any sign guys out there with this "Sport" decal/logo in their database? Thanks!
  15. mckayj

    Foam turning to powder above engine compartment

    Rich and I are on the same page. When the black foam insulation under the rear bench engine lid was disintegrating all over the engine on our 97 2130 SS, it was time to replace it. Not wanting to spend alot on replacement sound deadening material, I found a roll of the foil faced insulation (foil on both sides)that Rich pictures that was wide enough to cover the inside of the engine cover (backrest and deck) for about 40 deer. I removed the deck lid, cleaned off the old insulation and marked the location of the 1 1/4 inch holes in the lid that let the lid breath. I cut the foil to fit and used contact cement to secure it to the lid. I then found some plastic gray 1/1/4 inch adapters in the electrical department at Lowes that were the perfect fit for these air holes. I think there were about 7 holes. I cut an X in the insulation and glued them in place. From a distance with the lid up the new foil looks great.