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  1. Instead of removing them, just add the retractor kit to the top mount. http://www.amazon.com/Nauticus-PR500-Trim-Plate-Retractor/dp/B001DU7I2Y My trailer bunks extend a bit past the boat. There were the perfect solution. But you just have to reach under to flip them down after launch. Turn off the boat first!
  2. Start of Season: detailed wash, polish, and wax. And vinyl protector. This is a full day project. Many beers required. We trailer, so I use Meguires Flagship Ultimate Detailer for any algae or water spots after every trip. Exterior wash about once a month, if needed.
  3. Just a follow up post. We're loving the HydraShade! It's very versatile no matter what angle the sun is at.Easy to put up and take down. Which you should only have it up when anchored or beached. The SeaSucker rod holder is rock solid.I feel a lot better keeping the kid on board all day when I can keep him in the shade no matter where he's hanging out.
  4. I gave my wife a simple choice. Learn how to drive the boat on or learn how to back up a trailer. She chose the boat. Just be patient and she'll get it.
  5. The anchorshade seems like an ok option if I didn't have a bimini. The HydraShade can be moved and tilted. Unless someone chimes in with some horror stories, I'll order it and post some pics. It'll be awhile since this Wisconsin winter has no end in sight.
  6. I need more shade in my 220ssi for my boating toddler. The bimini does a great job in the back, but our favorite place to hang out is in the bow. I found this Hydra Shade, which can be used with the Sea Sucker rod holder. Any experience or thoughts on this product and problem?
  7. We split the name on either side of the tow hook. Letters match the hull, blue, so It really pops against the white. The only other space we considered is above the grab bar on the back of the engine compartment, but I thought it would get rubbed more up there. Wife also got us personalized koozies and with the boat name.
  8. Welcome to the 220 Club. I added Sea Dek to the two swim platforms this year. Highly recommended.
  9. I pulled the fuel gauge and I'm not able to perform this test. It's a four pin connection. There's a plastic housing that I can't figure out how to remove. Assuming it even looks like the diagram above It's a Faria guage, it that matters. Any other thoughts?
  10. Those shorties are a great solution. Did you make those yourself? If so, I'm S.O.L. as I'm not that crafty.
  11. I've got a similar issue with my '08 220ssi. When turned off, the needle falls to the right. That seems odd as all other gauges fall to the left. Key in the On position and the needle goes to full (F) and stays there. Even when I know I have only a 1/2 tank. I've replaced the gauge and the sender unit, but same results. What else could it be?
  12. Congratulations! Let me know how you liked the Sister Bay area. I hope to get over there later this season.
  13. We keep her on a trailer at home,but we don't burn through much fuel. We've never gone through more than a 1/4 tank on a trip and it can be 2-3 weeks between outings. It's sad how little time we get with the boat we love. I've never heard of that pre-ignition issue. Thank you for sharing jmiska.
  14. When I originally took delivery of my 220ssi with Mag 350 the dealer told me "it was built to handle 87 grade gas with 10% ethanol". Well after reading about all the trouble ethanol can cause in boats I started adding Marine Sta-bil as a precaution. Now I found a place in my area that carries pure 91. But can my engine handle the higher grade? Is there risk of additional engine damage? I'm willing to pay the extra deer for the 91, but just looking for some community back-up that it's the right choice.
  15. Very nice. Is that something where you bought a kit and installed yourself? I'm referring to the primary roof structure.
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