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  1. birdog

    Billy Bowlegs???

    Yep... Headed down on Friday. Should be fun!
  2. birdog

    Billy Bowlegs???

    We will be there. I have a house reserved in Destin. Doing some diving too. I'll be there from Friday to Wednesday. Should be fun!
  3. birdog

    For you picture lovers

    Nice! Thanks for posting.
  4. birdog

    First Houseboat Trip

    Sounds likie a blast. I can't wait to see the pics.
  5. birdog

    New Member...2012 246 - a few questions

    Nice Chap... Welcome!
  6. birdog


    I learned to go SUPER SLOW. I see some guys around the docks that can just whip it around and place her anywere pretty quick. I take my time and things go fine. Also, I try not to switch from looking fowrard to looking back. For some reason it jacks me all up. So I keep looking to the stearn or bow the whole time I'm docking. Goes pretty smooth.
  7. Looks great. Question... now that most of the work has been done and most of the deer have been spent... do you think it would have been cheaper and easier to buy a boat in better shape? Just wondering how the math worked out.
  8. birdog

    Picked up a new tow vehicle!

  9. birdog

    2014 Website - Has the Chap yacht been scrapped?

    Sad to see it go. I think the cheaper boats can water down the brand...but they did not ask me.
  10. birdog

    Spring has hit in South Louisiana...

    I've been out on mine several times so far this year. It was 75 yeasterday. Now it's down to a COLD 55 today...but it'll warm back up!
  11. birdog

    Awoken from her slumber.

    Hey... do your neighbor a favor and tell him he needs a new roof. His is SHOT!!!
  12. birdog

    Billy Bowlegs???

    I plan on going again. It would make 5 in a row for me.
  13. birdog

    New to the Forum - Looking at 2002 230 SSI

    Welcome to the 4M. I'm sure someone who ownes a 230 will chime in soon and give you all the help you could ask for. Congrats on your new home and future boat!
  14. birdog

    Tv installation

    Here is where I put mine.