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  1. Sig 270 2012 5.0 Volvo single eng. flush injector in R/W supply hose installed to flow to out drive. Is this correct or should it be installed to direct to flow to jabsco raw water pump.
  2. Flush and winterize injector installed sending forced injection to the out drive instead towards the jabsco pump on the vibration dampener.am I seeing something wrong?
  3. barry

    Fresh water pump not turing off automatically

    After I installed a new pump I tore the old one apart ,located the manufacture and ordered the rebuild kit for $35.00 bucks. Comes with a new pressure switch diaphragm. The rubber in the esentric and valves deteriorated from chlorine and alcohol antifreeze with in 4 years.
  4. barry


    Chap243 There are two 16 ft 2x6 on 4 brackets on both sides mid way on the bottom of the hull. The 8700# weight is showing deflection in the bunk boards at the 2ed support bracket.the 1' rod that supports from the lift fame to the angle attached to the boards are showing a lot of stress. and pushing. the trailer has 2 sets of boards . there is not enough room to install a second set of boards closer to the keel.. I believe there is to much pressure on the hull at the second bracket on both sides. My original thought is to install a 2x10 at the keel on the lift with V boards to rest the keel and stabilize with the side bunks. As the lift raises (Bow first) the load will be on the 23 ft of the keel.
  5. barry


    My 270 sig is on a Premier boat lift supported by 2 full length bunk boars. This is not sturdy enough to support the hull . What is the Groups opinion on resting the boat on V cut boards under the Keel and assisting with the side mounting bunk boards half way up the bottom?
  6. barry

    pvc 1 1/2 pipe in void

    While mapping a plan to install the new Garmin . I spy a 1 1/2pvc pipe with cap foamed in the void starboard side engine compartment high . any Idea what this is for?
  7. 2012 270 sig Happy to help. Bought it used . Fresh water use only lakes, Smith Mtn Va . Priest lake Tn. I have found and solved a lot of issues since I bought it 2015 dec. I am the 3 rd owner so no warranty coverage from Chaparral. It had 92 hrs now 134. I have on a lift at my slip. Some issues, Engine hatch rubbed the pad on stbd side. I made shims for the hatch hinges to align it. Fwd bilge pump locked up, AC condensate / shower pump never worked. no amps. but 12 vdc current. Hard wired it to the ac 12 dc block.Lift motor for hatch pulled from transom . Mounted a poly board with lags and marine adhesive so the mount lags would not pull out. made a charcoal vent filter for the MSD vent .
  8. My intentions are are the same . I have the same unit that requires a bronze trans to match the dead rise of up to 20 deg. and leave the depth trans in place. I will be able to return to the boat around Apr as time allows . will keep posted when results are positive. May have a machine shop mill out the SST plate to sub mount the monitor. Thanks for the Ideas.
  9. Thanks Perseverance, Yes it does. But the cables are bundled together with nylon wire ties in the run. I was wondering as I read you comment if I could push a 1/2 CPVC pipe in the void to vacuum a string to the console?
  10. I bought a new Garmin 74 navigator and bronze traducer. Any suggestions in pulling the com cable from the engine space to the helm. B Groomes
  11. barry

    Bath/Shower Drain

    Admiral. Thank you for your service . Ret MKC USCG here. Didn't find the source to the Head AC pump. Wired the contained sealed pump to the AC water pump wire block. AC must be activated for pump operation. Tracing the wire for the pump runs behind the Head bulkhead and not up to the dash harness or breakers. I dont believe Chaparral has a very good QA program . Spoiled Coast Guard training I guess. Not ISO 9001 Certified .
  12. barry

    Bath/Shower Drain

    Voltage/ Current issue.
  13. barry

    Bath/Shower Drain

    Shower / Head drain and ac condensate pump. Checking the installed equip for a 2012 27 ft sig . I have found many issues Eng hatch alignment . Forward bilge pump locked up, head drain pump and ac condensate. You have to remove the step to get to the pump plug . removed pump and plugged in to a fan motor plug for the engine room vent. pump works. tested plug for the voltage . 12.4 vdc. plugged in pump and activate float . Nothing. probably bad wire or a loose connection. Checked all accessory switches and connection and breaker connections under and in dash. Does any one know the source of power for this pump feed? I know It has low amp Current . Volts are ok .only option is to feed it from the ac water pump block.