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  1. I'm a little below average at 48 gps on Mag 5.7L 4bbl with BIII drive at 4500ish RPM.
  2. Why live in such conditions???
  3. That is the single reason this site is almost dead. No picture allowance worth anything!
  4. I'm watching this too, FYI. But haven't decided to commit yet. I'm still stewing over missing the Bimini trip last year. Fortunately the boat has behaved well since then.
  5. That's what it kept saying was that the drone wasn't high enough. By the time I got it up high enough, it was just too high for what I wanted to film.
  6. They fly themselves. From the boat I hand launch and retrieve by hand. Mine has a real flight time of 24-25 minutes. I always bring her in at 30% to ensure I'm able to retrieve her. In heavy winds and waves it can take a little while to retrieve safely, sometimes take several attempts. The blades are really close to Mavic's body, so when rough extra caution is recommended.
  7. Gorgeous area to fly a drone and boat. I've only tried once to use the follow me mode on my Mavic Pro. It didn't work as well on my first and only attempt so far. It kept throwing some kind of error about altitude, so I just flew manually.
  8. Nice video. What drone?
  9. I give?
  10. Nice
  11. The 2330 is a fine boat. If it has not been left outside and is as clean as you say, it would be a boat I'd be interested in. But my top dollar would be somewhere around 13,000. I bought my '95 2135 in 2010 for 9.5, and afterwards felt like I paid too much, due to some issues I ran into that weren't obvious to me. That said, Since then I've doubled my investment to make it mine. While my max on GPS is 48mph, its plenty fast, and has no trouble pulling the biggest guys out of the water. The 5.7 is a good motor for the 21-23 series boat.
  12. If you like the 2330, and it's in good condition, then offer him your price. He will never get 20k for it, unless he finds a sucker!
  13. Price is too high for the 2330. I'd be willing to only pay between 8 and 12k depending on condition. But I guarantee it is not. 55mph boat, more like 50.
  14. Should be no adjustments side to side.
  15. I've got '95 2135ss with 5.7L 4bbl carb. I get 48mph at 4400 rpm with 24p bravo III. i think you need a little steeper pitch with a 4-blade prop. 5 blades don't do well at speed, and you get good grip with 4 blades out of the hole.