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  1. Duane2135

    Power for 227 SSX

    I thought the new Mercury motors were aluminum too?
  2. Is trickling when they use air from below surface? If so I’ve seen videos of it working but as the ice grows close and it keeps getting colder...makes me cringe at the thought.
  3. I’m the same, boat all winter here. But less frequently on nice days. Typically for us is 5-6 hard freeze warnings and 1 or 2 may actually do harm. I tried to buy a boat from a guy that thought winterizing consisted of just pulling the blue plastic tabs, then he wrapped the engine with a sleeping bag, threw cover on and set in open yard. He got by with that for the winters of ‘06-09, but 2010, 3 weeks prior to me looking at the boat, we had a 3-4 day snap that lasted 4 days with a high of 27 deg. It broke my heart. I wanted that boat. I’d still take it over mine today. So sexy. Sorry, I digress. i realize it will be harder, but this is doable even if having to modify an engine that is already in the boat. Mine was not when I modified my setup. I got some black and red heater hose from auto part house. And brass nipples to fit them in the same size as the plug that came out of the engine, I don’t recall but I do remember one was bigger than the other. Then went to hardware store and picked up brass ball valves with same size as hose and nipplesadded a brass barb and a Y and now I have bilge hot running water, nice for rinsing down the bilge. But also one valve drains the block on both sides. Pull the blue manifold drains and lower your lower unit. I have added t- lines to the pre and post fresh water pump, these are black, telling me cold water. once everything is open I give engine a turnover or two, with lanyard pulled to prevent engine start. Now pump is dry enough. Before I would actually pull the hose off the recirculating pump and drop it to bottom of bilge. I also got rid of the hinges on my doghouse now. I lift the whole thing away for access. Old way took a good 25-30 minutes. New setup, takes 30 seconds. Now I go to the lake with no dread in the winter.
  4. Duane2135

    Power for 227 SSX

    Let me start by saying our boats are very different but should be about the same weight they’re close to the same length. So there are some similarities. My boat rides deeper and has a true V all the way to the transom which requires more hp. Your boat has I believe the wide tech hull which has a flat spot on the bottom at the transom giving you more lift Which requires less power. My boat is stubby, yours is slimmer with same girth and another foot or so in length. Stubbier needs more power. Mine has a curry, which is heavy, but also helps balance weight better than a lite open bow. You get the point. my boat is 2135 cuddy with 250hp 5.7L MAG 4bbl v8. your boat, 227 bow with 250hp 4.5L lite weight all aluminum engine with MPFI. i don’t know the tourqe either make, but I’m thinking we would be pretty even taking it all in. Although I personally prefer a v8. But it’s such a premium that I would give pause. Because the V8 they offer is tiny and heavy and old. New tech is desirable if properly proven. I do 47.8 mph with a tower. Prior to the tower I could break 50mph. I can pull anything and anyone’s arms off, even fully loaded. However I rarely have a guest want to slalom, but if memory serves it never struggled. I’d bet your boat will out perform mine, with your longer length, lite and wide tech hull combined with the new 250hp. I’d think you’d be a happy boater.Would I like a big block. Yea! But I’d be buying it just to have it. I don’t think Chap under-powered their boats like many value series brands.
  5. Duane2135

    Bravo 3 side to side slop

    I’ve had to fix one. It was back when I used to let other men touch my lady under the bonnet. I know, and yes I’m still ashamed. Plus it put me back 2.7 herd. ...two years later the engine had to come back out for a “minor underwater strike” a few weeks earlier, that was 4.3 herds. Bout now, I got to thinking that fella was sure spending a lot of time in her bonnet. Gave me pause. I finely got wind. The gig was up! But it was too late, at only 100 hours since the last engine pull. I lost another coupler. For the third time in 5 year period the engine was again needed his hands all up in her bonnet. I put my foot down. It was my turn to give it a whyrl. No man shall ever have his hands in her bonnet again but me. Unless I sell her this spring. oh did I mention I had the engine pulled. Water leak was my concern too. I knew that the shortcut method would haunt me. I didn’t want that at the back of my mind when out late at night with a gal and a brew...or two
  6. Duane2135

    Silent choice exhaust systems

    I’d say you are making a good decision, even though I have CChoice it’s only because it was already on the boat. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, but I also like a whisper quite boat sometimes, and once you have CChoice, it’s never whispering. Dont worry too much, your boat will find many places for which to spend your money.
  7. Duane2135

    Ever witness a boating accident?

    I was wrong, the captain was rescued, here’s the article: https://www.dallasnews.com/news/news/2015/08/11/womans-body-recovered-after-boating-accident-on-eagle-mountain-lake
  8. Duane2135

    Swedish Coastguard Police Chase.

    They are indeed on plane. The fact that the stern waive pulls away from the stern means it’s on plane.
  9. Duane2135

    To sell or not?

  10. Duane2135

    Just ordered my first drone

    Funny you ask. We had an Arctic Fox 22H that was involved in an accident over Labor Day and totaled. A speeder cut us off to catch a passing exit. My reaction didn’t end well. While, I didn’t hit anything, and somehow no one hit us; the trailer got sideways and almost rolled. I’m pretty sure it got on Two wheels. I was shocked that we didn’t loose the whole rig. Unfortunately, it bent the frame and the trailer was twisted like a twizzler. We replaced it with a 2017 Winnie 2401RG that I was already buying to use as a rental. This weekend will be our fourth trip in the new one, and we rent it out for week-long journeys except in the winter. I’m the only one using it in the Winter. I’ll have it paid off this year, with or without rentals, then it will be dedicated to just the family. Then, I plan to buy a Class C to rent out. Once it’s paid off, I’ll buy another, and keep going until I have a fleet and income that supports a location and staff. Or I’ll be selling RV’s if they don’t rent, lol.
  11. Duane2135

    To sell or not?

    By August? If I don’t splash by then, it will be because it’s sold, lol.
  12. Duane2135

    Boat purchase showing protocol question

    Agree with the sentiment above. No way would I spend money for a survey, without knowing the basics.
  13. Duane2135

    To sell or not?

    I’m on the fence about whether or not I should do another season with the Chap. I love boating but my needs or desires are changing. I’m wanting a simple rig, with an outboard motor. But on the other hand the Chap is paid for. I actually wrestled with this all last summer. I really should get off the fence.
  14. Duane2135

    Just ordered my first drone

    I’d love to. We did a lot of RVING over the summer, and less boating.