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  1. Ouch, glass is really hard to find on out of production boats. Wish I had more help. However you may try Cecil Marine.
  2. Cool
  3. 20% is high for simply ordering a boat, while that would be the minimum I would put down if financing. In TX by law you have the right to reject the ordered unit or cancel. You don't own it till you take delivery and deposits must be refunded unless otherwise stated in contact. Either way, no point on giving a dealership more than necessary.
  4. I found a hitch that is going to be attached to the frame and pop out under the bumper. It is a bolt-on that I will have welded as well. Ive done my weight and balance and I should be within spec. We will see once it's all rigged up with some local pulls. I have some concerns, but I should be able to get some slow speed test done within the next 3 weeks.
  5. Not this one
  6. Agreed, some would rather watch people have fun, while others seek their own fun!
  7. While I don't use mine in land because no one else does, I do use it when around coastal regions.
  8. I may have missed the Bimini trip this year, and Bimini definitely won't be the same after Irma. But I did have a little fun this summer. The friend that inspired me to get a drone this year put this together from his footage taken on the Knutty Kutty. Enjoy
  9. chaparral 2335

    LKQ supplied me with a reman long block at under 2k for cam'd and setup for marine application. No exchange needed on Marine engines.
  10. chaparral 2335

    Hey, it's an easy upgrade to a 5.7! I replaced mine last year on my 2135. I went with same as I had, but I had a 5.7 to begin with. I thought about going with a high hp 5.7, but in the end I wanted it reliable, so stuck with the 260 hp motor. It pulls like a beast, and tops out around 48mph. I would think a 5.0 may do ok, but I'm sure it was the smallest motor option for that boat. Do you have dual props?
  11. chaparral 2335

    5.0 on a 2335?
  12. It's actually legal in most states to double pull, with most exceptions being the east and west coast states. Of those that allow it, only a few specify the necessity for the first to be a fifth wheel. I've doubled before, years back, as did my father. Now it's not something you do lightly, and requires patience, lots of it. You can't back up more than 5', in optimum conditions. With my dads rig, he didn't even have brakes on either trailer, back in the 70's and 80's. Obviously we took our time and max pull was decided to be 55 mph, of course that was the speed limit back then. His rig was admittedly lighter and shorter, but was stable as a rock, with brakes being the weak point. If the weight and balance works out, it will primarily be for 1-6 hour distances. I don't pull a single trailer much past 60mph, so I'd probably pull doubles at around 55. If unstable, I'll have to buy a second tow vehicle, or pack the forward trailer nose heavy. For local, it's probably easier to pull the loads separately. Unlike my dads boat, I can't lift the tongue and pull the boat to the travel trailers rear hitch. That too is where my weight and balance issue may come from. I'll also have to back the TT under the boat which may get the best of me. Wireless camera would help here. On the TT, my forward fresh water tank adds 350 lbs to the front of the trailers coach. The waste tanks are at the rear and when full may contain as much as 560 lbs. So far, I have towed empty, and loaded with fresh water with empty waste tanks. I can feel the difference in how it pulls. For grins, I filled both waste tanks and emptied the front fresh water. It was still stable although there was more wander when passed by trucks than the earlier test. Only then did I discover I am missing a joint to be able to drain the waste tanks! Doh, waiting on Amazon delivery, so I can drain them. What I don't know, "yet" is what the tongue of the boat weighs nor the actual boat/trailer weight. So once I have those numbers then I'll know if it's even worth mounting a hitch on the TT. Fortunately the TT has the axles pretty far back, so the momentum arm is less in the rear than the front, so a full fresh water tank and empty waste tanks may offset the tonge of the second trailer, especially with 60 lbs of propane on the tonge of the TT. I'm a pilot, and once I have all the actual weights and arm lengths from center of balance, I should be able to determine if my plan will work out on paper to give me 12-15% forward weight on the TT tonge with the boat attached. If I can maintain that and not exceed the TT's gross, then I should be good to go.
  13. Wow did this thread de-rail.... Last week we too became campers as well as boaters. We bought an Artic Fox 22H. It's perfect for us and I'm confident that I may be able to double pull with it, but time will tell. My biggest concern is weight and balance. If I can get the first trailer to balance out with the second without exceeding gross limits, then I'll be in business. Even though I put all new surge brakes on the boat trailer last year, I think I'll remove them from the back axle. I'm going to try electric brakes on the back axle and see which performs better and last the longest. Either way, the electric will make it safer for double pulling, and will aid in keeping the truck from slipping down the ramp at launch.
  14. So sorry for your loss.
  15. Once a year, I hit it with a car wash, being careful no to spray the dash. I use the lower spray setting.