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  1. I've read so many stories about this issue with Chap Signatures. So, I have decided one will not be in my future. Sad because it's always been a dream to have a Chap cruiser. Still may buy a cruiser, but it won't be a Chap. Lately, I've been thinking of keeping it simple with my existing boat and adding an RV to the mix. I think of it as a dream being modified for lower maintenance.
  2. That is going to be expensive! Unless those house boats have thrusters they are not manageable with any kind of wind, unless at speed, and even then they drift. Many rentals are single engine models which makes matters worse. His biggest mistake was taking it in there to begin with. Probably a rental. Where they don't let you depart or return without calling for the rental companies pilot.
  3. When solo I've found for safety it is best to drift in neutral. When I have guests, fender duty falls on them.
  4. Oh my
  5. +1. We want to help. Help us help you Assuming you do indeed need a new motor, there are many options. Myself, I purchased a factory refurbished motor and am happy. I went back full stock. I had ~620 hours on my Merc Mag 350. Fact is A head job would have fixed all but one issue. Unfortunately I had 1 piston that had bad rings. Being lazy, I opted to replace the whole thing and start hours over, hoping to get another 10-15 years out of my paid-for boat.
  6. New Mavic showed up, thanks to DJI Refresh. All test out fine so far.
  7. I understand. I'm trying to figure out when I can sneak in a boat run myself. We've had grandkids for several days while their parents vacation. They are young so wife wouldn't even entertain going to lake with the high summer temps.
  8. Overloading is why I plucked two children out of the drink after firework show.
  9. Pull the prop and verify there are no strands wrapped around the shaft.
  10. Sailboat has the right of way if under sail power. All others except man powered vessels should yield to a sailboat under sail. Sailboat under motorized power is a motorboat.
  11. I've been once for Labor Day back during the drought. Beautiful lake, with plenty to explore. They call their party cove, race cove. It's fun watching the race jetboats showing off their boats. Very deep and clear lake. Plan to go back someday.
  12. 2 legged dear
  13. I love watching racks bouncing up and down as they are worked to the left and then to the right! Oh wrong forum, LOL
  14. I bought a liquid lite a few years back. I'm happy with it and it has twice been drug down the road. Even banged up, it's still bright and water proof. In fact it was part of a group purchase with several people, I think from this forum. I think mine has 8-9 large ultra bright LED's. It's a solid color, green, and shows up well. It was their premium product, at the time.
  15. That's why I've tried to bust mine loose, so I could be sure it was greased up. Mine has lock tight on it!