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  1. I missed your previous post. I'll have to try what you are saying, because the last time I tried that approach (years ago) every pic I posted, replaced the previous pic I had uploaded. They must have expanded the image library, because it was very limited in the past. ... so what am I missing? I'm only allowed 500k for attachments in total and each pic for the Gallery must be under 20.4kb per pic? It's so small I can't even attach or upload a pic of the error message. Maybe I could put a thumbnail of it up?
  2. I'll give it a look. Thanks!
  3. OMG, LMAO. It's not that it only attracts a dozen or so, there have been hundreds, if not thousands that have come by only to loose interest because it's so hard to post pics. Storage is cheap! Pony up a little cash Chap, you may be suprised to see what this site could be. They don't have a problem gaining interest, the problem is keeping it.
  4. Problem is Chaparral offers this site to look like they have an online presence to new buyers. But they put heavy handed rules that prevent a used market between members, they spend next to nothing on the site and only allow 50kb for pics. I myself am wondering why I still come back? I guess it is an addiction, but I'm actively looking for an alternative. You know someplace you like to go and share with like-minded folks, which is what this site is. But not being able to share pics easily, and with no classified adds, this site will be useless when Wingnut and Shepherd leave. There are only about a dozen of us here that have been here more than a couple of years.
  5. Its probably ok, you'll know if you start having shifting an/or engagement issues, then I'd replace the fluid. It won't grenadine, it's usually the clutches that act up first.
  6. I use Foremost sold by Farmers agent. For me it's better priced than boat USA and Gieco.
  7. How fast?
  8. I'm a little below average at 48 gps on Mag 5.7L 4bbl with BIII drive at 4500ish RPM.
  9. Why live in such conditions???
  10. That is the single reason this site is almost dead. No picture allowance worth anything!
  11. I'm watching this too, FYI. But haven't decided to commit yet. I'm still stewing over missing the Bimini trip last year. Fortunately the boat has behaved well since then.
  12. That's what it kept saying was that the drone wasn't high enough. By the time I got it up high enough, it was just too high for what I wanted to film.
  13. They fly themselves. From the boat I hand launch and retrieve by hand. Mine has a real flight time of 24-25 minutes. I always bring her in at 30% to ensure I'm able to retrieve her. In heavy winds and waves it can take a little while to retrieve safely, sometimes take several attempts. The blades are really close to Mavic's body, so when rough extra caution is recommended.
  14. Gorgeous area to fly a drone and boat. I've only tried once to use the follow me mode on my Mavic Pro. It didn't work as well on my first and only attempt so far. It kept throwing some kind of error about altitude, so I just flew manually.
  15. Nice video. What drone?