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    Radar Arch

    Thanks for the replies and the welcome. I am a long time Chaparral owner going from a 90's 19 footer with a 4cyl that I taught my son to ski behind (in Snoopy skis, lol) to the 2004 256 SSI (350 MAG) which we just sold. THe 256 SSX is a boat we have wanted since it was introduced. In addition to the arch, we got the 8.1 and lots of other neat options. While I respect the opinion, I totally disagree with the guy that indicated that he would have chosen the boat based on whether or not it would fit in the shed. I believe you build the shed around the boat. But before we do that, we want to see what other options are available, including the folding option. The clearance deficit is less than 6 inches, so we are also looking at adjusting the trailer bunks, reducing tire sizes and yes raising the roof. Thanks for your opinions!

    Radar Arch

    The boat was inspected and I knew the height exceeded the building entrance. This is primarily due to the aluminum trailer that came with the boat. The freshwater (steel) trailers for the chaparral are slung lower to the ground and use 14" wheels, whereas this trailer is bunked higher and uses 15" wheels. All in all, about a 6" difference in trailered height. This is the boat we wanted, unfortunately it wont clear the entrance we have. I have looked at the pictures of the hinged option on Chaparrals' website, and it appears that it would entail only a slight modification to the arch to enable it to be "hinged" We may alter the entrance of the building, or adjust the bunks on the trailer to allow clearance as well. Just want to see what others think about the hinge modification.

    Radar Arch

    Just purchased a 256 SSX with Arch. Unfortunately, the boat will not fit into my metal building with the arch in place. I notice that Chaparral sells a folding Arch as an option on the new boats. Mine does not have this option, but I would love to have it. My question is, can my stationary arch be converted to one that folds? This way, my boat would easily clear the top of my storage building.