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  1. stogietime

    Poor performance 2011 310 signature.

    Thanks everyone. I will tak to the dealer about putting the original props 22.5 back on. And take a look at the other suggestions as well. To answer some questions. Bottom paint yes new every years. No growth under neath. Not a lot of crap on board just towels and a lot of beer. Numbers are with less than 1/2 of tank. Went al the way down to 15% and they didn't change. With full tank top speed was in the hight 30's and time to plain felt like a minute. I do realize its a mercury issue but I keep my boat at the chaparral dealer I bought it from and it's still under warranty. So I am trying to do everything thru the dealer. But that may change soon.
  2. stogietime

    Poor performance 2011 310 signature.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. All numbers are for testing purposes only I do not run the boat that hard. Usually cruise around 34-3500 which is 25-29mph. My concern is the boat does not live up to the numbers posted by chaparral. The boat has less than 90 hours on it. And it just mot running right. So my numbers arwfor informational purposes. All numbers are using GPS and the boats electronic tach. I burning about 6gph more than I feel it should, time to plain is about 15 seconds with out using the trim, WOT is at 4400 /4200 rpm depending on the motor and top speed is about 15% lower that it should be. Just trying to get all the issues worked out so I can go back to a relaxed day on the water.
  3. stogietime

    Poor performance 2011 310 signature.

    Thanks for the replies. I don't run at WOT just used that number for testing. Other 310 owners I've spoken with are at 46mph and burning 41/42gph at WOT. My concern at WOT is the top speed not necessarily the gph. Even at cruise I am burning more fuel then other 310's new 330's At 28mph I am at 3500/3600 RPMs and burning 26gph. This is far worse than what was advertised and promised from my dealer. I'm confused why my port motor always burn more fuel at a lower RPM than my starboard motor even at cruise when the RPMs even out the engine burns 2+ gph more. I also changed the props from the standard to get lower Rpms and better top end but that didn't seem to work. Are there other 310 owners that can share their numbers?
  4. stogietime

    Poor performance 2011 310 signature.

    Hello. I have a 2011 signature 310 and have had nothing but issues since the day I bought it. In the beginning i had electrical issues and the boat would keep shutting off after several months that was resolve and since then I been having issues with the boats performance and fuel economy. Top speed is around 40 mph with less than a half a tank of gas on a good day and fuel consumption is around 45gph at WOT. The port motor (mercruiser 5.0) is always a few hundred RPMs lower than the starboard when accelerating and at WOT. And the port motor is always burning around 2gph more than the starboard. The dealer and chaparral do not seem to know what the issue is. I tried in the beginning of the season changing the props from 22.5 to 24's but all that did was give me slower acceleration. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what the issue may be and how I can fix it. I been living with it for 2 years and quite frustrated. Thanks in advance for any help.