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  1. SterndriveEd

    power steering pump line cap

    You could make up a "cap" by using a 2 inch long piece of power steering hose and a one inch long bolt pushed into one end. You should also use two new hose clamps. One clamp seals the new hose to the power steering pump. One clamp holds the bolt in place inside the other end of the hose. Make sure the bolt fits perfectly inside the hose. Probably a 3/8 inch diameter bolt inside a 3/8 inch inside diameter ( I.D.) hose.
  2. SterndriveEd

    Drive Position

    That's the reason I trim all the way Down BEFORE I start up. In the summer, my boat lives on a lift, well out of Lake Huron. I usually like to trim Up into the trailer zone - keeping the outdrive from taking hits from any wave action. When we're ready to take her out, I lower her down almost, but not, free floating off the lift. I then trim the outdrive Down fully which keeps the u-joints from working at much of an angle. Once she's running, and warmed up, we get aboard and lower the lift the rest of the way to float off.
  3. SterndriveEd

    H20 Fuel Vent Fix/Problem

    I have the one hole to fill and one hole to vent on my 1993 205 SL Cuddy. The vent hose has the loop that is above the thru hull vent fitting. That way, any sea water splashed near the vent fitting has no chance if getting into the fuel system. However, after having diffficulty filling at the gas dock, I discovered a completely kinked loop on the vent hose. I had no vent! During the off-season I redid the vent loop with some brass pipe - now it's basically a 90 degree un-kink able loop. She fills up perfectly at the gas dock now!
  4. SterndriveEd

    Sailboat Tow

    Good point. To keep the webbed tow strap away from the prop, two fenders come in real handy. Tie the fenders on to the tow strap, in line, one on each side of the center connection. That way if the anchor line connected to the disabled vessel goes limp, nothing gets into the prop.
  5. SterndriveEd

    Dashboard Gremlins

    Look for a loose ground connection that is affecting all those individual items. I would start with the fuel gauge. With the key on, watch the fuel gauge as you or a helper wiggle one wire or connection at a time behind the dash. When the fuel gauge changes, you have found the trouble. Tighten that connection or wire and you'll probably also fix all the other items.
  6. SterndriveEd

    Intermittent sputtering, then conking out

    How old was the fuel in the tank before the marina "topped it off in December"? I bought a used boat that had fuel that was five years old. I pumped it all out with a 12 volt automotive fuel pump and started off with fresh non-ethanol fuel. No issues.
  7. SterndriveEd

    Instrument panel gauge lights

    Try testing the ground side of the bulb sockets for a solid ground path. You can touch the DVOM to both connections in the bulb socket, or touch the positive lead to power and touch the negative lead to the ground side of the bulb socket. You should see battery voltage on the meter. Either way, this test will confirm a solid ground path at the bulb socket, which will allow the bulbs to glow as bright as possible.
  8. SterndriveEd

    Sailboat Tow

    I've used my 100 foot anchor line twice to give a tow to stranded boaters in our bay in Lake Huron. First, I remove the anchor and the short chain of course. The attachment is to my two tie downs in the stern. I use an automotive tow strap that has snap hooks on each end. I also have put an oval - shaped repair link in the center of the 20 foot long tow strap. The anchor line is tied to the link. This equalizes the pull on both tie downs.
  9. SterndriveEd

    Boat Maintenance Kit

    I use a brass transom drain plug. Important to use teflon tape on the threads. Just three wraps around it in a clockwise direction as you look at the end of the plug. Don't over tighten it! The teflon tape allows you to easily remove it after the boating season ends. If you skip the teflon tape, the brass will likely seize inside the female garboard threads.
  10. SterndriveEd

    Help! Battery Cables Swapped. Need Troubleshooting Advice.

    Safety Note: Be sure to DISCONNECT all the Negative Battery Cables from all Batteries whenever you are working on the electrical system. Especially when changing the 90 amp fuse at the positive connection of the starter solenoid. We don't need another blown fuse or worse!
  11. SterndriveEd

    Lights doing crazy things

    I've got a suggestion to test for a poor ground between the truck and trailer. Use a jumper wire or even a jumper cable connected from a clean metal surface on the truck to a clean metal surface on the trailer. If the lights behave normally with the jumper in place, there is a ground issue between the truck and trailer. The test wire is completing the ground path back to the truck.
  12. SterndriveEd

    18 month old fuel advice

    I faced a similar situation when I purchased my Chap from the original owner. He stored it with a half full tank of fuel, but it was a couple of years old. I chose to pump all the fuel out and then I used it in my TrailBlazer as a blend with pump gas 50 / 50 till it was all used up. Never had a problem. To pump it out I used an electric fuel pump that I connected to the tank line leading to the fuel filter. I then ran the hose thru the transom drain hole into my gas cans. Have a fire extinguisher near of course. I had lots of gas cans that got filled up!
  13. SterndriveEd

    Milky oil after water pump impeller change

    This is exactly why most repair folks would agree that changing the oil as part of winter lay-up is the way to go. The contamination, whether it is water in your case or just normal combustion by products, will attack and corrode the precision metal components inside the engine all winter during off season storage.
  14. SterndriveEd

    Villain iii starting problems.

    Can you describe the carb.? Is it a Weber or a Quadrajet? When it was rebuilt were the floats checked for having a hole in them? A problem with the floats inside the carb could have been causing your issues. If they are not buoyant and leak free, floats can't regulate the fuel level inside the carb. They work pretty much the same way a toilet float works inside most toilet tanks.
  15. SterndriveEd


    We troll in Lake Huron for Walleye. Our 205 SL has a decent gunwale flat surface to attach the flat base for a Tite-Lok system. We use a Triple Rod Holder on each side and fish 6 rods with planer boards. The P.O. made up a pretty cool raised flat board above the rear swim platform. It is as wide as the boat and sits about 18 inches above the platform. There are 4 single rod holders on that flat board. When reeling in or netting, we often use those rod holders to place a non-needed rod. If we're not fishing, the flat base mounted on the gunwale doesn't interfere with any activities.